It Could Have Been a Love Story (Part 2)

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Part 2. It wouldn't fit in one. :))
"White Love Story - As One"
I hope you're listening while reading. Thanks! :)

Submitted: April 29, 2010

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Submitted: April 29, 2010



“Would you like to try and guess where we’re going?” Migi teased as he drove on in his convertible. Elora, who was sitting beside him on the front seat of his car, shook her head.
“No idea. Are we going with your friends?” she asked eagerly. Migi laughed.
“My friends wouldn’t go there with me for the world.”
Elora looked surprised.
“Why is that?”
“Those guys are party animals, and that place is not a party place. It has more of a quaint feel to it.” Migi explained. “I just thought you might like it there.”
Elora smiled. “Thank you, Migi.”
He laughed again.
“It’s not yet time to thank me. Thank me when we get there.”
“If you say so then.” Elora turned her eyes back on the road. Migi sneaked a glance at her. She was wearing a green low-cut sundress with a full, swinging skirt which reached up to her knees. Her long, taupe hair was tied back in a ponytail, and a silver heart necklace adorned her neck. Her skin glowed in the pale yellow light of the traffic light.
“I never knew a girl could be so beautiful by the mere glow of a streetlight.” He commented as he slowed down at an intersection. Elora blushed and looked down. Migi chuckled.
“You are really different from other girls. They would’ve squealed out of joy if they heard that from me. But no, you just have to blush and look down at your shoes.”
“Of course I’m different.” Elora gave him a wry smile. “I have cancer. They don’t.”
She forced a pained laugh at her own joke. Migi remained silent and decided to change the subject.
“Get ready. We’ll be there in a minute.” Migi said. “I’m sure you’ll like it there.”
Elora smiled to herself and turned her eyes back on the road.
“We’re here.” Migi pulled up at the driveway of an old diner, turned off the engine, got off the car and helped Elora out. She looked around in awe as they made their way to the diner.
“I didn’t know that there was such a charming place as this in town.” Elora exclaimed over the spaghetti she ordered. Migi smiled as she looked around the diner, with its ancient paintings and pictures of the previous owners hanging from the wall, and the antique junk from the ‘70s which littered the place, giving it a warm, homey feel. Elora giggled happily as she watched the waitresses garbed in these cute little sailor uniforms with rollerblades on their feet glide from one table to another, taking orders from customers. Most of them seemed to be couples, but Elora was in her happy place and didn’t notice.
“I’m glad you like it here as much as I do. This is my favorite place.” Migi said, smiling, as he observed Elora’s happy face. “Not to mention that there are many legs around here.”
He waggled his eyebrows as a waitress skidded by with a notepad in her hand. Elora looked at Migi in surprise. “Are you really obsessed with legs that much?”
He only smiled. “Let’s just say I have a fetish for really nice legs.”
Elora stared at him in surprise and horror. Migi laughed.
“Oh please. Don’t look at me like that. I’m not a maniac, sheesh. I just like to look at nice legs. I find them attractive.” Migi said as he stowed the final bite of the clubhouse sandwich he ordered inside his mouth. “Anyway, why aren’t you touching your food?”
Elora looked down on the plate of spaghetti she ordered. “I was just so excited that I forgot to eat.”
Migi smiled. “Well, eat up now, because there’s still somewhere else we have to go to.”
She looked at him again in shock. “Somewhere else?”
Migi watched Elora’s face light up in wonder as a shower of fireworks exploded and colored the dark night sky. He smiled as he saw her smile and clap her hands wildly.
“It’s so beautiful, Migi!” she exclaimed, and tugged on his shirt sleeve while pointing at the sky.
“It’s a really beautiful sight. I’m so glad you’re enjoying yourself, Elora.”
Elora nodded cheerfully and continued watching the sky as the fireworks erupted and flashed a beautiful rose pattern in the sky. They were sitting on concrete benches on the rooftop of the diner, watching the traditional Friday night fireworks display. Other couples sat on the other benches which were strewn around the park-like rooftop square, and the air was nothing but romantic. But Elora was, again, in her happy place that she still didn’t notice.
“Um, Migi?” she suddenly said uncertainly out of the blue. Migi tore his eyes from the fireworks display and turned them to her.
“Is there something wrong?” he asked, concern lacing his voice at the sudden change in her tone. Elora shook her head.
“N-no, nothing’s wrong.” Elora gave a small smile. “It’s just… I was wondering why you’re doing this. I mean, we just met a few days ago and now we’re here.”
Migi laughed. “I just wanted to be your friend. You interested me so much that I wanted to get to know you better. You are different from all the girls I’ve dated, and I want to find out what makes you unique.”
Elora smiled, and turned back to watching the fireworks display.
“Thank you so much, Migi.”
“Thank you for such a wonderful evening out, Migi.”
Migi smiled at Elora and waved off her thanks. “That’s what friends are for.”
She also smiled at him.
Elora looked around the hospital lobby in an attempt to find something to say. “Um… so…”
“You’d better rest now.”
Elora nodded, the smile still plastered on her face. “Okay. Good night, Migi.”
With that, she turned around and walked towards the elevator. She pressed the ‘up’ button and waited for the box to come down to the ground floor. In the meantime, she cast smiling looks back at Migi, who was still standing by the nurse’s station. Once the box got down, she got into it and waved as the doors closed. Migi waved, and turned around in the direction of the parking lot, where his convertible was waiting.
The night that I took you out was the start of our wonderful friendship. I passed the attraction I felt towards you as plain friendship. I never thought of it as anything else.
As time passed, we grew closer to each other and you were finally able to see the real me. You began to see me as someone else, not just the resident playboy in Brocklehurst Academy. I also came to know you better. The sweet, happy-go-lucky and helpful girl I met at the hospital that day wasn’t all that there was to you. I found out that you can also be stubborn at times, and a fighter. You never wanted to be pitied on by the people around you; rather, you wanted to be seen as a strong girl who can stand up for herself, as a heroine who doesn’t need her prince. And for that, I respect your courage.
Soon enough, Kaylee got out of the hospital. Her arm was already set, and she ran out of reasons to remain there. Nevertheless, I continued visiting you in the hospital, though whenever I do, I always remember the words you said back in the hospital rooftop: But it must be nice to have friends who are there for you until the end, right? I thought that now since I am visiting only you in the hospital, it would make you happy to know that you have a friend in me. But I never voiced that thought out to you. I never asked if you were happy that we became friends. I was afraid that you’d take my question the wrong way. I never wanted to offend your feelings.
I also remember the day you shared your Bible with me. You told me that you shared it with no one else, because you said no one listens to you. But I listened well that day, didn’t I? You couldn’t say that anymore now. I accepted Christ in my heart as readily as you would’ve done, though I know that you had done this already countless times. I did it because I believed in what you said: Salvation. You wanted that for my sake, didn’t you? You wanted me to be saved, and I wanted that too, and so I did. You must be really happy that day, weren’t you?
“That’s great!” Elora exclaimed, dropping her Bible in surprise and delight. Migi grinned. “So you’re now going to Germany to study?”
“Yes. And it’s a scholarship to one of the prestigious universities there.” He said excitedly. Elora stood up from the concrete bench and gave Migi a bear hug.
“That’s really great! Now you can become a doctor, and you can still play tennis!” she said happily. Migi pulled away and sat her back down on bench.
“And when I graduate, the first one I’ll treat will be you.”
Elora smiled sadly. “Of course.”
“Is something the matter? Did I say anything wrong?” Migi asked, worried.
Elora shook her head. “Oh no. I just realized that we’ll be far apart, and that you can’t visit anymore. Then I’ll be lonely.” She forced a laugh.
“I’ll call often. It’ll still be the same. We’ll still be friends even though we’re far apart, right?”
“Of course.” Elora smiled. “Forever and always.”
But, of course, life doesn’t always run smoothly. When I got offered a sports scholarship by a good university in Germany, you were the first to hear the news. You had become my best friend ever, one that I could confide in everything that boggles my mind. You were happy that day. Never could I forget the smile you wore. It was the smile of perfect happiness. I was sure that that’s what you really felt at that moment. And even when you reminded me that we’ll be apart for a few years while I go to college, you still had the same smile on your face.
You reassured me that everything between us will not change, that we’ll still be friends even though we’re far apart. You promised to wait for my return. I clung on to that promise through those years. And now, I’ve returned. Forgive me, my dearest Elora. I didn’t make it in time to even say goodbye. I wanted to tell you of my real feelings, but I was too late.
Migi looked up from his laptop and at Alex Weller, who was standing by Migi’s rolled down car window.
“We’re here.”
Migi forced a smile and nodded. “I’ll just finish up. I’ll follow you inside once I’m done.”
Alex nodded, and gave Migi a soft squeeze on his shoulder. He then walked away without another word.
“The celebration of life, huh.” Migi said as he turned back to his laptop monitor.
For now, my dearest friend, I sincerely hope for your happiness. I know you will be, since this had been what you wanted the most, right? Though I could’ve appreciated it better if you waited before you made that decision. I must delay my proposal of marriage until forever, then. I never knew if you also felt the same way about me, but I don’t care. What I do know is that we cared for each other so much those years when we were together that it became a mutual feeling between us, that we don’t need a commitment to stay close to each other. And that, for me, is enough.
After you have read this letter, I am now sure that you already figured out by now what I felt about you. I never realized what these feelings were, and I assumed they must be feelings of deep attachment. Friendship. It was because I wasn’t attracted to you the way I was attracted to the girls I’ve dated before. I thought the regard I felt for them was love. But yours was something else, and I thought of it as plain friendship. I was foolish then. Forgive me, because I let all the times pass between us as only friends. But now, I realize that I truly love you so much, dearest Elora. I love you so much that I just want you to be happy. And I know you are happy with your decision.
I’ll love you forever and always, Elora. Never forget that wherever you might be.
Your best friend,
Miguel Sterling
“Took you long enough.”
Migi scratched his head sheepishly and took a seat beside Alex. The two watched eagerly as the light dimmed and a movie started to play.
Migi blinked in surprise as a girl came into focus in the movie. She was wearing a yellow parka, a cream miniskirt which displayed her legs to their greatest advantage, and an infectious smile. Although all her hair had already fallen off due to chemotherapy, Migi recognized her.
The girl waved at the camera again, and started with her messages to her loved ones.
“…Papa, don’t forget to take your medicine. And take care of Mama too. I love you both so much. I know you’ll both be okay without me around.” She finished five minutes later. She then stopped and contemplated something for a while.
Migi cast a glance over at Elora’s parents, who were seated at another table. Mrs. Darcy was sobbing quietly while her husband comforted her. He, too, was trying hard not to cry. He noticed Migi looking over at them and gave him a sad smile, and the thumbs-up sign. Migi smiled back, and turned his attention back to the video.
“Migi. I know you’re going to be watching this, so listen carefully.” The Elora in the video forced a smile. “I know what you’re thinking of right now.”
Migi was taken by surprise at being addressed by the Elora in the video. The relatives all turned to look at him.
“I know that you’re blaming me that it all turned out like this. I’m sorry if I cannot wait for your return.” She continued. Migi noticed that her eyes were moist.
“I know you’ll become a great doctor someday. And a great tennis player. You’ve always dreamed of that, didn’t you?” she forced a smile. “Do your best, Migi.”
She paused for while as she dried her tears.
“I’ve never told you this before, but I really do love you as more than a friend.” Elora resumed. “Though I never really had the courage to tell you straight, because I saw that you only wanted to be friends with me. Plus there are prettier girls out there who might deserve you more.”
Migi felt a lump in his throat. Alex cast him a smile, and he tried to smile in return.
“And I was contented with the idea that we loved each other that we didn’t need a commitment to stay close. Those are mostly the reasons why we only remained friends. But you probably have a girlfriend by now, since German beauties are abundant in your school.” She gave a laugh. “But that aside, you were the best friend I’ve ever had, Migi, and I thank you for that. I’ll definitely watch over you from up there.” She pointed at the ceiling. “I’ll love you, until the moment I finally close my eyes and rest.”
She stood up from the leather seat she was sitting on and blew a flying kiss. “Don’t worry, my loves, we’ll all see each other again in His presence.”
The video ended. Migi cast a glance around the room, and sure enough, everyone was crying. Alex had his hands on his forehead, covering his eyes, but Migi could tell that he was crying too. He laughed, and two thick, pearly tears fell down from his eyes. He hadn’t realized that they were all crying.
Migi placed the bouquet of fresh Siberian irises on top of Elora’s grave, and sighed. He traced the carvings on her tombstone, which contained her name, date of birth, and a loving message from her family. The celebration of Elora’s life and the funeral service in the church had finished an hour ago, but Migi waited for the time when he can finally be alone with Elora. He stood up from his crouched position and stared at the tombstone for while.
So that’s how it was, he thought. I understand everything now.
He pulled out a simple pink envelope from his coat pocket, and placed it under the flowers. It was the letter he had written prior to the funeral, and he had just printed from his laptop. Elora hated his messy schoolboy handwriting. Migi chuckled at the memory.
It’s goodbye now, Elora. You may not be able to read my letter for now, but I’ll tell you its contents when we meet again.
Migi looked up at the sky and saw a star twinkling happily in the sunset.
Someday, definitely.

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