She sleeps in the ash

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Laying in the charred reamains of her home, a woman yearns for something to fill the void in her life. She sets out to roam the roads for someone to make her whole again.

Submitted: March 30, 2016

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Submitted: March 30, 2016



She sleeps in the ash.

She lay in the ash, staring up past the charred remains of her homes roof and out into the clod starry night, it was her final resting place. Her emerald eyes pierced the darkness, searching for a meaning in the stars.

Her blood red hair brushed the ash on the ground with every passing gust of wind. Her dress shone like a beacon of brilliant white light, never dulled or sullied by the ash and dust and charcoal that littered her home. The love she felt for this place was more powerful than anything else in her world and she knew nothing could take this place from her or her from it.

Restlessness filled every inch of her being, something was missing, she felt it like a hole in her soul, something special, something important but she couldn’t remember what. It had been so long since her home had burnt down that all she could remember was this place.

As she slowly sat up the world began to spin around her, a swirl of blacks and greys and as it started to settle into place she once again felt the need for someone, anyone, for some kind of contact to try and fill the void deep within her

. She stood up swiftly and the ash danced around her feet. She moved to where her front door used to be, stepping over the large blackened beam that had once belonged to the roof of her home.Her movements were elegant almost as though she was floating along the floor with her dress just kissing the floor as it dragged behind her.

The fields surrounding her house were covered in sunflowers, tall and strong but she felt as though the closer she got to them the more they appeared to weaken and die before her eyes. A trick of the eyes in this dark she assured herself. The fields rolled on for what felt like hours until she reached the forest edge. Trees towered over her, with their shade casting a shadow even darker than the night, but still she carried on into the forest.

Twigs snapped under her naked feet breaking the deafening silence of the forest. As she emerged out of the trees she could once again see the stars lighting up the nights sky, she stood and starred up at them for a while at the side of the narrow road that lay before her feet.

A noise took her attention from the stars, and made her look to her right. The road stretched on into the distance and she could just make out in the darkness the outline of a deer slowly crossing the hard tarmac.As she peered into the distance another hour passed by, it had been silent and peaceful but she was awoken from her daze by the emergence of a light. It was just a mist of orange far into the distance, but it was moving closer slowly. She edged towards the roadside so the tips of her toes were touching the cold tarmac. The car grew larger and the headlights shone bright as it approached, she hoped that it had seen her, she yearned for someone to notice her, to talk to her, to touch her.

The car slowed to a crawl almost as if the driver was struggling to make out what they were seeing. It stopped. She walked to the car as the window slowly slid down with a quiet buzz. The man driving was young, with short brown hair and the bluest eyes she had ever seen. He reminded her of someone, someone she knew or had known but she could not remember. The man started to talk, her ears focused on him but it sounded muffled to her as if he was talking through ice. He finished talking and she smiled and nodded at him, never taking her eyes off of his. Her dress scraped along the road as she moved around the car to the passengers side door and she opened it with a sharp click.

Inside the car were smells she had long forgotten, smells of life and people. Her eyes stayed glued to the young man as he started talking again, this time his voice was clear and crisp, it made her wince slightly. How long had it been since she heard the voice of another person?

‘are you ok? What on earth are you doing out in the middle of nowhere at this time? You must be frozen!’ he exclaimed. She looked down at her pale skin, at the Goosebumps on her skin. She didnt feel cold, but she didn’t feel anything if she thought about it. ‘where do you need to go? You must have people worried sick about you. Are you from the town down at the end of this road?’ he asked. She just nodded, she didn’t mind where he took her she just wanted to move. ‘ok, no problem. Lets get you home.’ He put the car into drive and set off slowly.They drove half an hour down the road surrounded by forest on both sides. The man spoke a lot on the drive, turning to glance at her every so often, giving her a gentle Smile as he did.

She never took her eyes off of him. Sat Silently she studied him, watching his lips as he spoke, his voice was now a dull drone in the background of her mind. He smelled sublime, a mix of sweat and something she did not recognise, it was sweet and sharp in her nose. The car navigated round a sharp bend and onto a straight stretch of road that seemed never ending in the distance. She twisted in her seat, never taking her eyes off of him, he was starting to become uncomfortable , perhaps he was asking her questions but She didn’t care. The smell of burning filled her nostrils and her insides started to itch. She looked down at her dress and it was glowing orange. It was burning. The embers rose past her knees leaving only ash behind covering her legs. The man turned and saw it, a panic leapt into his eyes but before he could do anything she had lunged at him and placed both hands on his face. She stared into his eyes and willed him not to brake, the man became still as if he was paralyzed and the car picked up speed. Her dress had gone, just ash left behind on her naked skin. The man screamed as her hands burnt his flesh, the smell of it filled the car. Her hands became like burnt wood, black and cracked as she moved her thumbs to cover the mans eyes. Her thumbs pushed into his eye sockets busting his eyes one at a time. Screams punched though the air as blood gushed down his bubbling flesh. She leant in and lapped it up like a cat with milk. Her left hand pulled away from the burnt face of the screaming man and she felt her stomach, it was swelling, larger and larger until blood gushed from between her legs, deflating it again. She gave an almighty scream and threw her head backwards, the screech shattered every window in the car. The mans screaming had Stopped and Her right hand pulled his face toward her own and she bit into the burnt flesh, filling her mouth with boiling blood and she swallowed the chunk whole. The car had reached the end of the road and was speeding towards the forest trees. She let go of the mans face and as she wept, ash rose from her body, swirling around the car in the wind until she had disappeared in a cloud of grey.

He did not fill the hole in her. She gently cried as she lay again on the ash, starring at the stars through the charred remains of her home, her final resting place.

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