The Beach Is Home.

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Submitted: February 24, 2017

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Submitted: February 24, 2017



 Hannah sat in her car just soaking in the view of the beach and the never ending horizon, waves crashed against the rocks and she could hear them, even over the engine of her little fiat. She turned the engine off and removed the keys. A sigh escaped her mouth as she smiled, never had the world seemed so wonderful.

It had been a lazy summer, the best kind she thought. Work had gotten her down the past couple of months and this was just what she needed to get away from it all. Was she weird for going away on her own? Hannah thought it was perfect, exactly what she needed.

Hannah stepped out of her car on to the sandy tarmac, closed her door and started walking for the small set of cobblestone steps that led down onto the beach. As she reached the first step, Hannah pressed the button on her keys and she heard the car give a satisfying clunk.

Hannah followed the path down to the last step, where she took off her sandals and threw them to one side. She closed her eyes as the sea slowly covered her naked feet and smiled.  

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