Note To A Friend

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For all those that have been hurt by a guy and the guy seems not to care...

Submitted: November 06, 2011

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Submitted: November 06, 2011



She’s the stereotype of perfection, how can’t he love her? She’s kind and caring, lovable and fun, outgoing and always happy, honest and respectful, beautiful and doesn’t care for anyone but him. HOW can’t he love her? She’s shown him she’ll be there for as long as life lets her, but he doesn’t seem to care. What else can a man want?

He shows he wants her, or doesn't he? He plays around with her feelings and she stays strong before him, while inside is desperate on either letting him go or keeping him in. Now, she doesn’t know if she’s better off without him or with him, she's tired and stressed, she doesn’t know weather it was best meeting him or not. She’s so confused she doesn’t know whether she hates him or not, but deep down inside she knows she loves him deeply, more than ever imagined.

Well here’s my advise to you, my friend. Keep your head up high; don’t let him see you down, because you are worth more than all the money, gems and so-called important things in the world. If he doesn’t see the beauty that is in your inside and outside, it’s his loss. I know it hurts, I’ve lived it before but I will never feel the same way you do.

And my advise to you, the one that owns the heart of my fiend, you either take it or fu** off, ‘cause you’re hurting and playing around. You see a chance and want to have it? Then TAKE IT. See a chance and don’t want it? YOUR BAD, leave. Oh, and have a nice day (:


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