Alvin And The Three Fairy Tales

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Submitted: March 24, 2016

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Submitted: March 24, 2016



Alvin and the Three Fairy Tales

By: Canon Guffey


Once Upon a time there were these three fairy tales that new everything and theycould not wait for Valentines. There names were Alvin, Theodore, and Simon they all are brothers that love to help people that are struggling. On Valentine's day the fairy tales help people that got there hearts broken or just had a bad day these fairy tales here to make you happy and love each and one other. But something really bad happens on Valentine's day and they don't no what to do. There is this witch that Theodore, Simon, and Alvin don't like and he is the problem. They can’thelp people if the witch is there because the witch will take them and will hurt them, the witch is evil and we are good. So on Valentines the fairy tales don't no what to do because of the witch is going to be there. One more day until it's valentine's, said Alvin.


The next day the brothers were all excited and they were all running around like kids on sugar.

So they got dressed and went outside and Simon said “I'm hungry.”

Alvin said “Fine let's go eat”. It was a beautiful day out in New York they went to go eat at these restaurant it was free because they were so small and no one could see them.

Alvin said “You know what time it is” and started to go to the candy first , simion went to the hamburgers because he was hungry, Theodore just sat back and read the newspaper.  Alvin smelled something really gross and he didn't know what it was but all a sudden the witch came in and that was the smell Alvin was smelling the whole time. Alvin had seen the witch. Alvin and his brothers had to go save New York.


They went around and there was a lot of depressed people and Simon said “This is going to take for ever.”

They all pulled out there fancy wands and did a magical spell and they all said “MAKE THE WORLD HAPPY,” boom. All of sudden a lot of people were so happy.

Theodore said “This is going to be a long day.” They have made so many people happy they only had a couple towns to do. The witch was following them the whole time and the fairy tales did not know. The witch made them drop their wand in the lake. Simion said what do we do now! The witch pulled out his big wand and tried a spell on the fairy tales.


Theodore said to all of his brothers “This is the end of us, just to let you guys know I love you brothers.”Simon said
“Where is Alvin?”

BANG Alvin hits the witch with his wand and he said “Let's go save this City loud and proud.” Theodore thought we were going to die but not today. They had one more town to do.

So Theodore said, “This is actually the end.”

The brothers said “Yes.” Next thing you know everyone is in love and they are all happy. The fairy tales are all happy and they couldn't wait until the fireworks that came out with heart designs.

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