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"I" am mysteriously stalked by an evasive, dark entity..

Submitted: June 24, 2010

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Submitted: June 24, 2010



I stopped under the lamp post.

The air hung heavy with silence. I clenched my fists, shoulders tightening with the tension hanging from them like heavy rice bags.

Letting out a slow breath, I turned my head a few inches to the left, hoping to get a glimpse of whatever was following me. I was disappointed. Whoever, or whatever, was following me obviously was determined to remain in the shadows.

I forced the tension from my body and continued walking.

I tried to take my mind away from certain disturbing thoughts, watching my shadows lengthening, shortening, and then lengthening again in repeated cycles. I mused to myself how excellent it would be if I had the ability to control all matter like it was shadow. I could morph myself into anything I liked. The world would be literally putty at my hands. "Shadow-master", I would call myself. I lingered on that thought, smiling sardonically to myself.

Then I heard it again. I stopped under another lamp post, my shadow quietly watching.

I took a deep breath, and knowing it was useless to turn, continued walking. The sounds continued to occur, more loudly and less concealed the faster I walked. Worst thing was, the sounds seemed to be closing in on me. Desperate, menacing, hungry. I started to run.

On and on I went. My entire being was focused onto putting one step in front of the other, and again, and again, and again. I knew I could never falter, because once I did, the monster would catch me. And tear me apart, limb from limb, tendon from tendon, until my existence dissolved in a world of eternal pain. I could never let that happen.

And then, of all things, I fell.

My hands outstretched, my legs continuing to flail uselessly in the air. I knew that I was doomed. Nothing could save me now.

I landed hard on the ground, and suddenly, it was no more. I was hanging from nowhere, my arms cuffed and tied. Everything was dark around me. I could hear the drip, drip of water close by. I wondered at that.

And suddenly, I did not need to wonder any more.

The monster reared in front of me, teeth clicking away, making sharp, ominous sounds that pounded and drilled into my head. Its lone eye was fixated on my small, struggling form. The dripping sound earlier haed been from its acidid saliva falling from its greedy mouth into the deep beyond below. Tentacle-like tongues teasingly wrapped themselves around me before releasing me again.

I was no more than a play toy to this thing.

A gong sounded in the distance. The monster stopped its play immediately, like how a dog would stand at attention to its master's whistle. I fantasized at that. How nice it would be, if I could get hold of that whistle. Then this dog would be barking at my command, ripping the world apart with its canines, the very representation of chaos.

The fantasy didn't last long. The monster came back to life in an instant, but with a drastic change. While before, it had been greedy and playful, now it was dark and menacing.

Its eye burst into flames.


The very last thing I saw was its fangs closing down on me. Then everything went dark.

I went to work the next day, as though nothing was wrong.

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