The unknown moments

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

This just came to me at 2:07pm (I am aware of grammatical errors)

Intro - It’s 5:37 sunday morning. Jesus’ day.


I find myself wandering through the woods.Without a clue of how i got here or how last night could have come to happen.


there are blocks in my memory. I thought it was a bad dream, but when i looked in my reflection, I realised it was real.


i came to realise that this must be an act of jesus. a miracle.


I do not understand how anything is possible anymore. what is real?


‘’ hey, what are we going to with her’’ i hear one man say as i'm trying to breath in the trunk of a car that i do not remember being put in nor do i remember getting into it.

‘’we’re going to kill her’’ i hear a woman say.

a woman? i don't remember being with a woman last night. I don't remember being with anyone.

I can’t move, and the vehicle has stopped moving.


All of a sudden i'm blinded by light and then everything is black.


I’m near a river, its quite  serene. If i weren’t tied up and if my face didn't feel like it had been kissed by a flame, i could probably enjoy this place.


In front of me there’s a beautiful stream of water, glistening in the early sunlight. water. i need water.


on the other side of the river, there’s purple flowers and a large empty field with the brightest green grass i had ever seen.


This would be a beautiful place, to die if i am to die today I am grateful that I have seen this place.


‘’she’s awake’’ a different voice? i could have sworn that there were only two people before

‘’let’s begin,eh?’’ Another unfamiliar voice, but also familiar all at the same time.

I hear a click. Could it be a gun? A branch? Knowing my luck, it’s a gun.


I close my eyes, not wanting to come face to face with death. There’s someone walking around me for what seems like an eternity. I open my eye curious of what is going on around me.


i take a peek at the ground first and there is what i presume to be a man stood in front of me, size 10 feet. i look up his body. 5ft8, aged 19, he’s still just a boy. Light brown hair, i can’t see the color of his eyes because he has sunglasses on. I presume they’re green. He has well manicured hands and a tattoo on his left hand in between his index finger a thumb, a It’s a tear. How generic.


I look at his sunglasses and see my reflection, my instant reaction is to touch my swollen, bleeding face. But i cant.


I shut my eyes again, for what also seems like forever. I know that i am going to die any minute now. I think about my family, my friends all the words that i wish i said and all the words i wish i hadn’t. Everything i wish i could change and now cant. I would like to tell my parents sorry for getting in trouble all the time and i’d like to thank them for putting up with me for all these years.


I open my eyes and he is still standing there, looking at me, i can’t tell his expression. If he wants to kill me why can’t he get it over with?


‘’how do you keep doing that?’’ he asked

I wait for a reply but no one answered him. he then kicks my shin lightly.  ‘’You, I’m talking to you’’

doing what?

‘’I’m not doing anything’’

‘’with the time. Yes you are’’ what on earth is he on about

‘’If you’re going to kill me get it over with’’

‘’very well’’ he says

I look at him hoping that he wouldn’t shoot, before he gets the gun ready, he takes his glasses off and hangs them on his shirt. He does have green eyes.


The gun is now pointed at my head. I'm bored, these are the last minutes of my life and i am genuinely feeling boredom. He’s taking too long. I never thought that in my last moments of life that i would be feeling bored, i thought that my life should be flashing before my eyes, or maybe i should have a sudden realisation, but nothing. I'm just staring at him, my heart isn’t racing, my palms aren’t sweaty. If death is meant to be peaceful then so be it.


Nothing is going through my head right now’ and then a gunshot. Something does go through my head. But i'm conscious. I felt it. I definitely felt it, he shot me, in the head. WHY AM I STILL HERE. I'm still staring at him, and he at he. He looks frightened. Shocked even. If he’s shocked he should know how i’m feeling right now! Ive been shot in the head but I'm still here. What on earth is wrong with me?


He shoots again.


What are you doing! Does he not realise how much that hurts? I look in his sunglasses and i see my self. I should definitely be dead right now. he looks behind me and has tears in his eyes. I get shot again. I begin to feel anger.


‘’will you stop that!’’ I demand.

He ignores me and says ‘’she won’t die’’ he sounds panicked. heck, id be feeling panicked too!

‘’will you please untie me?’’ I ask,and he does.


I don't know why but i feel like if i go on the other side of the river i’ll be safe. If I’m with all the violet flowers and beautiful soft grass I’ll be fine. i stand up, realising how good it feels to walk and i get into the clear water. I sit and close my eyes for a while. I clean my face and wash my hair in the water, when i open my eyes the boys gone, and so is the person he was with. Actually theres no trace of anyone being there. Ever.I do not dwell on it, my mind wonders. I feel healthy, better than i had ever felt before, i feel strong. I’m not dehydrated anymore, even though i’ve not had a drop to drink yet. I get up and look at the water i was just sitting in, there’s no blood. Nothing is there. So i walk into the enchanting field.


Submitted: December 24, 2014

© Copyright 2021 capenny. All rights reserved.

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