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Sunlight slowly starts to light up the room she quickly gets out of bed to close the curtains, the door slowly opens.

“oh you’re up.” Lucy says.

“yeah I just woke up a minute ago now would you get out so I can get ready for school” Rose replies while pushing lucy out the door.

“ok well I’l-” Rose closes the door.

“see you for breakfast” Lucy finishes. She runs to her closet “ugh what to wear what to wear” she continues to look “this one” she puts a big smile on her face she grabs her favorite red and black dress with her matching red and black choker as she quickly changes. She was a bit shorter than most girls her age. Her black hair reached her shoulders in shiny spikes,she looks into the mirror again to see her dark brown eyes staring back.

“ROSE HURRY UP OR YOU’RE GOING TO BE LATE FOR YOUR FIRST DAY!”lucy yells from the downstairs.  

“OK I'LL BE DOWN IN A MINUTE!” Rose yells back,”where is it?” Rose says as she looks around her room “ahh there it is” she takes the sunblock and rubs it on her arms, legs, and face then heads downstairs. Because of her pale skin, she had to take extra precautions to protect herself. Lucy gets up from the kitchen table with her plate and heads to the sink,”uh Lucy?” Rose says “it’s in the freezer” Lucy replies. She opens the freezer and grabs the pack, she opens the cupboard and takes a cup she opens the pack and pours it into the cup and puts it in the microwave and looks at the time ”Lucy was it really necessary for you to lie to me” Rose says “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Lucy replies with a smile. ”You told me to hurry or I'm going to be late, and its not even 7:40 yet.” Rose says heading towards the microwave

“well how else am I supposed to make you eat breakfast?”Lucy replies.

“Bring it up to my room” Rose mumbles

“What’s that?”says Lucy “nothing”Rose says as she grabs her cup and heads towards the door “stop right there did you remember to put sunblock on?”asked Lucy, Rose laughs”why do you ask? am I getting a tan?” Rose says as she grabs her backpack Lucy shakes her head with a smile on her face and Rose walks out the door. Andy, her best friend, was waiting at the sidewalk ”What took you so long?”asked Andy “sorry had breakfast” Rose says pointing at her cup as she walks towards him“must have been a good breakfast”says Andy ”yeah it was” Rose replied ”I can tell you have some of it on your face” Andy replied Rose wipes the side of her mouth with her finger, Andy continues to walk”well are you coming” Andy says with a smile on his face Roses smiles as she continues walking. Andy was taller than Rose, by a good half a foot. His blue eyes shone with humor as he continues to make fun of his friend. His long black hair covers most of his face, but his eyes always peeked through the black curtain.

Samson High School was once a church, but the church has been deserted since the mid-1700s there was some sort of horrific accident but no one knew what happened two hundred years later some businessman bought the property and turned it to what is now Samson J. High School.As they were walking up the steps “Andy!” Nate Johnson called out. Rose sighed “go,” she says, “I’ll be right back I promise.” Andy says as he makes his way to his friend. “Why are you hanging with her? she is a freak” Nate whispers, Rose overhears while looking at Andy with tears in her eyes and runs into the school and bumps into Audrey “well well well look who we have here”Audrey says Rose turns around and walks away “where are you going goth girl?”Audrey says while grabbing her backpack pulling her back “i’m not done with you yet”Audrey says while slamming Rose against a locker,she clenches her fist and punches Rose in the stomach.

”HEY!”Andy yells while running over to them Audrey lets go of Rose and runs away.

”Rose are you ok?”Andy says with tears in his eyes. It pained him to see that happen to her.

“Y-yeah I’m fine.” Rose says as she sits up with her hands over her stomach. ”are you sure?”

“yeah” Rose replies as Andy helps Rose up

”come on we have to get to class now.”

”wait I don’t know what class i’m in”

“you’re in geometry with me”Andy says smiling and handing a paper to Rose

“now come on or we are going to be late” they head towards Mr.Corzett’s class.As they arrive to the class Rose sees Audrey staring at her with a smirk on her face,Rose backs up “whats wrong?”Andy asks

“oh..nothing”Rose says

“you’re something else Rose” Andy says with the same smile he made when they first met.

A year ago on Halloween Rose was headed to a Halloween dance at the school gym, Rose was wearing a black and red dress it was corset tight on top and flowing on the botton it draped Rose’s legs perfectly, it was the perfect dress for Rose, she looked beautiful. Rose walked into the dance only to be met by Audrey, her bully”Hey there freak.” Rose didn't even look at Audrey when she walked away, Rose felt a hand grab her wrist tightly as she tried to pull away however it only tightened.

”where do you think your going Rose”

“I don’t want any trouble Audrey just leave me alone”

“trouble? what trouble I just want to talk” Audrey says with a smirk pulling Rose to the hallway

“what do you want”Rose says


“like I said I want to talk”she says as she slammed Rose against the locker.

“Hey Andy where are you going, the party is over here” Brittany said.

“I just want to go to the bathroom, i’ll be right back”. As Andy walked down the halls he saw Audrey beating up Rose.

“ HEY LEAVE HER ALONE” Andy said. Then he pushed Audrey off of Rose, which made Audrey hit a lock and pass out.

“ Are you ok “ Andy said.

“ Yeah i’m fine thanks “ Rose said. Rose tried to stand but fell down.

“ Here i’ll take you home, where do you live?” Andy said.

“ Henry drive 4617” she said.

“Why does everyone bully you” Andy said.

“I don’t know maybe because i’m different” Rose said.

“But different is good “ he said with a smile. After that night Rose and Andy were inseparable.

After class  Rose started to head home she then suddenly felt her hand being jerked. “ Hey freak I wasn’t done with you, now we won’t be interrupted” Audrey said. Suddenly Rose was pushed to the floor and kicked.

“ Alright Andy i’ll see you tomorrow“ Nate said.

“ok see ya ” he replied he then heard a scream, he didn’t even have time to think he just started to run.

“ ROSE!” He thought.

He then saw audrey on the floor with blood on her face, arms, and hands Rose was standing there looking at her with blood on her hands and blood red eyes

“Rose...” Andy said

“I..I..” Rose said  she started to cry then ran off

“ROSE!” He yelled.

“ Hey welcome ho- ROSE what happened” lucy asked

“ I don’t know I..I just lost myself’ she said.

“ I-It’s...it’s happening” lucy said

“What’s happening?” Rose asked.

“ You’re becoming an adult it happens to lots of fledglings your age, soon you won’t be able to quench your thirst” Lucy said.

“Ok Andy calm down what you saw back there was just the sun playing tricks on your eyes he thought but it all seemed so real he thought, I’ll just ask her tomorrow “ he said to himself,later that night it was hard for Rose to sleep because of her thirst, but all of the pints of blood she had wouldn’t quench her thirst. I really wish Andy didn’t see that, I wish I could erase his memory “but I might go too far ugh what do I do” she thought.

“ Rose” Andy called out to her window

“ROSE!” he said

“ Andy? what are you doing here” she said looking out her window

“ We need to talk, can you come down?” he asked

“ Sure ” she replied as she jumped out of the window

“ Rose what happened today” he said

“ Well....I..I...” she said

“Please Rose be honest with me I thought we never kept secrets from each other” Andy said. “ Alright but i’ll just show you instead, promise me you won’t freak out “ Rose asked

“ I promise” he said.

Rose started to glow then she got deathly pale and her eyes became blood red then her fangs grew.

“ I’m a vampire” she said

“Rose why didn’t you tell me “ he asked

“ I was afraid you wouldn’t accept me or get scared and never talk to me again” she said

“ You should know I would never do that, you’re too beautiful to ignore” he said as he sat down on the curb

“ You think i’m beautiful “ she said blushing

“ Yeah I do ever since I first met you I’ve had a crush on you but I was afraid you would reject me” he said

“ I feel the same way” she said.

“ Awwww how cute, I HATE CUTE” the mysterious girl said

“ who are you” Rose said

“ Oh Rosie i’m hurt that you don’t remember me” she said

“I’ve never seen you in my life” Rose says as the mysterious girl steps closer.





Submitted: January 29, 2014

© Copyright 2022 Capn Flipper . All rights reserved.

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Joe Morgun

I liked the story. I suggest you introduce the mysterious girl into the proceedings a little better.

Fri, October 27th, 2017 7:02am


Absolutely loved it

Tue, October 31st, 2017 5:34pm

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