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It is a morning of all engineering students

Submitted: September 04, 2009

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Submitted: September 04, 2009



It may be a short story or a long story bit here we can see a man running with his brain to avoid all deadly conditions. He will become a question mark in the reader’s mind during the way of his life. It is staring from an old house with all facilities but not have a particular extraordinary presence. Here a small light of hope is present in various hopes. Hopes lead the man to various dangers which are above than his brain’s expectation.
He is not a master but he want to survive through this all situations in his own life’s ugly path. He will face actions, thrills, money, food and all a common man necessary wants. Oh I forget to introduce him during this busy typing. Sorry reader. His name is John Shanon. It may be your name also replaced on it. I can understand your mind now that you are thinking about what am go to say to you in the presence or absence of the sun light. It is a common phrase which came to my talking from one of my friends. Hey you are starting with a morning. The sun is going to hit the endless sky. An alaram is making a high noise inside the Malcolm Villa. It is about 5.45AM. I think some of you never see this time if you are a college student. Especially if you are an engineering student. Malcolm Villa is completely shaking with the sound of the small 5cm diameter Westend alarm. Kreeeeeeeeeeeeeee……
A dark and brown mixed colored shall is removing from a huge body. Can you see that body? I can judge that it is a body with 90 kg with no exercising purposes. Leave it. It is that hero or man or the emperor of the Malcolm Villa. The great and greatest and some thing John Shanon. According to the John he is a student with lot of tension about his lots of study materials which lies around him makes him very fear. So he kept all books safely in an old nonworking fridge. He use it as any thing you can call it as an safe without a LOCK….
One side of the wall is full of posters and some bits of papers to notice about various assignments,project reports, library book return dates, celebration days, test paper details and various other things that I can’n also understand. I think thatr you may like him. Actually he is a lazy person studying his last year professional education course in a big Engineering College(according to his aspects and survey done by juniors). John wake up with a mouth full yawning and pray for a while. The prayer is translated by the God as :-No class today,no questioning today, cruel teacher must not come today and etc(etc cannot translated by God also he he….). He come out from his room and jump to the reading room for the news paper for the holyday news. The news paper is still not arrived. He coursed himself and the alarm in all aspects and sat at the sofa and statrt to think about the today special on college.
The readers must be aware that he is final year student and now his batch is the most rare and dangerous batch in the collge.

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