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I wrote this story for my 10 year old cousin. It's about her adventure to Neverland. Not the Peter Pan wonder world however. This is the place of imagination that was part of a game we used to play. The underlying message I tried to put across is to be caring, helpful and always kind... Similar to the brownie code (which she and I were members of at separate times).

Submitted: August 04, 2009

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Submitted: August 04, 2009



Isabel, or Issy as she prefers, is an unusual girl. She's not unusual on the outside of course - She looks like any other, extremely pretty, ten year old girl. Neither did she look unusual on the inside. She looks, and is, a regular human being. Not an alien. (In case you're wondering) She does, however, have the unusual ability to talk to mermaids. It is because of this ability that she can also turn into a mermaid as this makes it easier for her and the merfolk, who wish to remain unknown to the rest of the world.

Issy has a brother and sister - Twins - Called Ethan and Jenny. They are the only two people she can trust to know about her gift because they also have gifts. Together the three of on adventures to 'Neverland'. Neverland is a wonderful place, full of endless green meadows that are always covered with the most beautiful flowers that the seasons could allow. The waters were just as beautiful, and if not possibly more so, that the meadows. Crystal clear, with a hint of aquamarine blue, and they always sparkled. Issy said that the waters always sparkled because of the merpeople living in them. She should know because when living in, or visiting Neverland, she controlled the waters. The only thing more magical, than the meadows or waters, would be the sky in Neverland. It was not blue with white fluffy clouds and it was never, ever grey. Instead, it was a magical assortment of purples, pinks, blues, greens, in fact; if contained all of the colours in the world, in one way or another.
This story is about Issy and the Water's of Neverland
You can only enter Neverland when you sleep, so it's possible that many people have been there, however only the specially selected few are allowed to remember the details, so many people may not remember the trip. Issy, of course, always remembers. This night, when Issy feel asleep, she heard the familiar bell jingles and she knew what to expect. However, instead of going to the spring fields in the centre of Neverland, she was transported somewhere else. Instead of the scent of pine, fresh cut grass and blossoming glowers; followed by the sights and sounds of the spring meadows, all Issy could smell was cold water, like a bath or a swimming pool.
Issy felt weightless and she didn't know what to think. All she saw was blue, dark blue, and it did not sparkle. She guessed where she was heading and was not surprised to find herself at the shell palace of the King and Queen of the merpeople. However, although she knew where she was, it was all unfamiliar. The waters should be clear and sparkling with merfolk. Not cold and dark. The shell palace should be white with pink, blue, purple and green tints, and with silver doors. But it was stone. Grey, rough, cold, hard stone. Issy was scared. She entered through the unwelcoming doors to the Grand all, where the King and Queen say on their thrones.
The King and Queen are very majestic indeed. Unlike most societies, it was not a title that was passed on through families, but a royal couple are born every one thousand years. Usually to different families then those already in power. What defines a King or Queen, because merfolk are generally all amazing, is their tails. Other merfolk have different shades on one colour on their fins with one sparkle that separates their fins at the bottom of their tails however the King and Queen will have nothing but the sparkles that the other merfolk have. It also makes them multicoloured so they're easy to pick out. When the royal couple come of age, they are married and then crowned. The King and Queen of the merpeople are born to different families because they live in a fair and just society where everyone has the same chance.
What was unusual about this couple was that the King looked old. 'But merpeople don't age' Issy thought to herself. "What is going on here?" Issy started. "Everything seems so wrong."
"Welcome Isabel." The King announced, with one breath that seemed to draw on forever.
"My name is Issy." Issy pointed out.
"Very well." The seemingly old man coughed. Issy stayed quiet. She knew all of this felt so wrong. "I suppose." The King wheezed. "I suppose you want to know why you are here." The old King looked like he was falling asleep. The Queen nudged him. "Someone has talked all the Sparkles. From everyone’s tails." He gasped
"But that means no magic! And that means..." Issy stopped and gasped. She realised what was wrong. Everyone was dying. Issy knew what she had to do. "I'll get the Sparkles back." She proclaimed.
"Could you please. Try and hurry." The old King sounded so out of breath.
Issy already had her tail. As soon as she had touched the water she had changed and now her tail was the only one not fading., Issy nodded and swam back to the gates to start her quest.
Issy knew exactly where to go and who would have the Sparkles. The Sea Witch. She was a cold hearted monster, incapable of loving and yet insanely jealous of all who were more beautiful than she. Issy had to be careful. The Sea Witch was cunning. She always wanted the Mermaid’s sparkles and now Issy would have to be cunning to get them back. Issy realised she could challenge the Sea Witch to a game. Issy would bargain with her that if the Sea Witch won, Issy would hand over her own sparkles. If Issy won, the sparkles should all be returned to their original owners.
But what game could Issy challenge the Sea Witch to? Whatever it was the Sea Witch would cheat if she could so Issy had to choose something where this was impossible. How did the Sea Witch steal the sparkles anyway? Surely people would have noticed her sneaking from cave to cave in order to get them? Issy then had a brilliant idea. She raced to the Sea Witch’s lair and stopped just outside the entrance.
The cave was quiet and eerie, until a shrill voice screeched put from the depths within it. “Well don’t stand in my doorway! Get in!” A brief tremble of fear grasped Issy and it also seemed to shake her surroundings. Issy shook off the fear and swam proud and tall. “What do you want human?” The Sea Witch shrieked. “To reclaim the sparkles from the mermaids’ tails and return them to their rightful owners.” Issy replied calmly. The Sea Witch stood there and cackled. “How do you intend to do that, shrimp? They’re mine fair and square!”
“Perhaps I could play a game with you for them?” Issy inquired.
“Go on.” The Sea Witch listened.
“If I can correctly guess how you won the sparkles, then I win and all the sparkles are returned. If my guess is wrong, you win and you get to keep my sparkle.” Issy explained
“Hmm.” The Witch thought long and hard. “Okay. But, you only have one chance to guess the answer. So go on. Guess.” The Sea Witch commanded.
“A woman came to you and bargained with you. She requested that you use magic to make her unborn child royalty in exchange for sparkles. However she did not realise how clever you are and she did not specify whose sparkles you were allowed to claim. Nor did she specify how many. So her daughter became royalty and you claimed all the sparkles except her as your prize.” When Issy finished, the Sea Witch’s smirk turned into a frown. “Tell me, clever child, how do you know such things? Are you a witch?”
“No.” Issy replied firmly. “I noticed that the King was old and grey but the Queen was young and radiant, even without her sparkles. That would only have happened to someone who didn’t belong. Someone like me.” Issy added sadly. The Sea Witch through a hateful look at Issy because she had got the answer correct, but then her hatred softened with pity. “You belong here well enough child. You are clever, beautiful and well-meaning. You are a mermaid at heart.” The Sea Witch said gently.
“Why are you being so nice?” Issy wondered.
“I know it’s not nice to belong. I can’t let someone else feel and think like it. Besides, no one is as heartless as I pretend to be. Especially me. But, as no one will accept me, I’ve always pretended as though I didn’t care and didn’t like anyone anyway. It’s not true and I can’t let you become like me.” The Sea Witch explained. She sighed deeply. “Now get out before I change my mind.” She snapped. Issy saw through the bully image and saw a beautiful but lonely woman. Issy hugged the witch. “I’ll visit you.” Issy told her. The Sea Witch stiffened at first but then she relaxed and hugged Issy back. A warm glow spread throughout the waters and the colour returned. “Goodbye.” Issy whispered and, smiling, she swam back to the Palace.
Issy was greeted by colour, cheers and applause. The King was young and shining and the rightful Queen was beautiful and loving towards him. They both swam to Issy and hugged her in thanks for her acheievemnt.  “What will happen to the old mermaid and her daughter?” Issy asked.
“No one can be responsible for their parentes actions except the parents. The old woman has shown remorse. She did not know what she was doing. She will not be punished. Living with the thought of almost destroying our race is harsh enough. I cannot punish a mother’s love.” The Queen gracefully announced. Issy was happy. She hadn’t wanted the old woman or her daughter to be promised for a simple, however selfish, mistake. “What would you like for a reward Issy?” The King emphasized her name to make it obvious that he had remembered what she likes to be called. “For the Sea Witch to live here with the other mermaids.” Issy declared. A gasp came from the audience.
“But Issy, the Sea Witch is the cause of all our distress! She took our sparkles.” The King reminded her. “She’s lonely.” Issy argued. “Accept her and you’ll see she’s not as heartless as she pretends to be.”
“Fine.” The King replied. “She will live here and all will be well.” The confused crowd shrugged, but cheered none-the-less. Though they may have been annoyed at first, by the King’s command, he knew what was best, and they trusted Issy.
When Issy awoke, she was comforted by the knowledge that the merfolk of Neverland were united and peaceful, including the Sea Witch. She also found a note of ‘Thanks’ under her pillow with a beautiful shell carving of herself, the Sea Witch and the merfolk King and Queen in Neverland.
The End.

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