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jake loves visiting his granma as excitement and magic are never far away.

Submitted: December 13, 2011

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Submitted: December 13, 2011



Jake couldn’t wait  to get to his granma’s house to start his next adventure.


Jake sat on his booster cushion in the car peering out of the window at all the people whizzing past he wondered where they were all going today in the rain he thought it was much nicer to be inside where it was cosy.

 On his journeys jake liked to look out for cars, jake liked cars and had lots of favourites, each day a new car seemed more special a smarter colour and a speedier shape, jake often imagined himself driving many of the cars to the garage or to get some sweets.

 today his daddy was driving and his mummy was sat in front of him, jake swang his legs forward and back thinking of what treats his granma had in store , every trip to granmas brought some magic and lots of excitement , jake loved his granma.

Granma didn’t own a car granma walked to get to places or caught the bus, jake loved walking with granma they would walk to town through the park it was a long way but it was always lots of fun, and although jake loved walking he loved catching the bus with granma more,  jake would run up to the top of the stairs and sit at the front of the bus looking out of the window. from his seat a the the top of the bus jake imagined he was driving the bus and liked it best when the bus turned a corner  as jake would have to grab the rail as he slid along the seat until the bus went straight again , this always made jake laugh and that made granma laugh too , sometimes other passengers laughed it was very funny. Jake and granma always thanked the bus driver as they got off the bus because it was nice to do so and once in town an adventure was never far away.


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