Johnny and the monster teacher

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JOhnny learns that speaking while the teacher is giving a lesson, is wrong

Submitted: August 03, 2011

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Submitted: August 03, 2011



Johnny looked up at the blackboard as Miss Erica wrote down all the names of the previous presidents that the whole class had to learn for the test next week. Miss Erica with her huge mole on her lip turned around and said in a high pitch voice that could shatter glass into a million pieces “Don’t forget to learn all these names off by heart, because if you do not you’ll have to do a months load of detention here…in my class”. Johnny turned to his best friend Sipho and said “please, as if…” “ as if what, Johnny” Miss Erica was standing right next to him and looked as if she was ready to explode. You see, no one is suppose to talk in Miss Erica’s class, it was one of her pet peeves, and rumors had always gone around about what would happen if she caught anyone speaking out of turn. Some students said she would explode; others spoke of stories that sent fear down the spines of every student that ever had class with her.  There were stories of something that I could never tell or it would scare you forever. “Johnny Jones are you speaking in my class without permission” “no” Johnny spoke back to Miss Erica and turned back to continue his conversation with Sipho, who looked as if he had seen a ghost, he was pale and could barely utter a single word. He nervously pointed to the back of Johnny while trying to say something “What are you saying, buddy” Sipho got up and ran out of the class along with every other student except for Johnny who still was trying to figure out what Sipho was trying to say.

When he saw that everyone was gone he turned around and as if out of a scary movie thick clouds started circling around Miss Erica’s head. The windows of the classroom blew open with a bang and the whole room filled with a hazy fog that made it almost impossible to see. Miss Erica seemed to be going through a transformation. What used to be her perfectly painted finger nails now looked more like the claws of a monster that could slash you in two. Her hair now stood straight up as if she had been struck by lightning and her dark brown eyes turned into a scary bright shade of red. Johnny got up from his seat and ran to the door, but Miss Erica in her newly transformed appearance followed him. Johnny tripped over one of the students bags as the monster teacher was getting closer, he got up and ran to the door, but just as he was about to reach for the door knob a loud gust of wind slammed the door shut. The monster teacher was now standing right behind Johnny. “I thought I said no talking in my class!!!” she cackled like a witch. Johnny again tried to reach for the door but the monster teacher grabbed his hand as he was about to.

“I’m sorry” he cried, the fear now filled his body that he could barely think. His stomach felt like it was doubled knotted and as if all the butterflies in the world were in his stomach. His heart was beating so fast and so loud you could almost hear it on the other side of the class. “Sorry for what” screeched the monster teacher “sorry for speaking in class when I’m not suppose to” Johnny wriggled and squirmed as his teacher was tightening her grip on his hand.

“Johnny are you alright” Said Miss Erica as the whole class was looking on from their seats in the class. Johnny had imagined the whole thing. All Miss Erica was going to do was take him to the principal’s office. “Johnny!” said the teacher. “I’ll never do it again, please don’t eat me” said Johnny still unaware of the situation. “Johnny I do not want to…eat you, Ill give you a warning this time, now go and have a seat” Johnny very quickly became aware of the fact that there was no monster teacher, fog or blown open window as he made his way back to his seat. As he sat down Sipho poked him and said “Dude, are you ok”, but Johnny did not say a word. He had learnt his lesson. Talking in class while his teacher is speaking is not good manners and is very rude. Johnny went to Miss Erica after class and apologized for not doing as he was told and for being disrespectful to her.


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