The Equalizer

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Pollyanna is called Spoilt Polly because that's what she is. However, somewhere "out there" someone finds this spoiltness objectionable ...

Submitted: April 19, 2010

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Submitted: April 19, 2010



All too often we can't have everything our way, but one important group of society, i.e. the children, expects just that. They don't really understand the word "No!" which to them most often is meaningless. Sometimes they are right as the word actually changes its meaning when they have hammered on it for at while. For instance by screaming, kicking and sulking.
Such a screaming-kicking-sulking child was Spoilt Polly whose real name was Pollyanna. She didn't have any siblings to bring balance to her life with parents who doted upon her. To Spoilt Polly "no" was another word for "yes" and in 99% of the cases she ended up having her way. Somehow the grown-ups didn't even mind giving in to her because she was so adorable. Yes, a real cutie with auburn hair, large, blue eyes shaded by long, black lashes. What was not visible, but far more important was her brave soul because a side effect to being spoilt was being confident that she would win any fight she might stumble into. 
To her everything was very simple: If she wanted it then it was good and if she didn't want it then it was no good or maybe even bad. Everything started and ended in herself and her own wishes. However, one day this misbelief was challenged by a stranger.
Spoilt Polly was sitting in her private cove outside the windows of the kitchen of her parents' house. It was pinned in between the wall of the house and a large tree and it was built by her and her very best friend Stan who, by the way, was anything but spoilt. If it wasn't raining or there was a storm then it was a perfect place to sit by herself or with Stan. That's why she considered her cove a very private place and she didn't like to see the head of an old lady in strange clothes pop in. Her frisky "Hello!" seemed quite out of character for an old lady and Spoilt Polly objected to it at once, but her surprise at the sight of the old, wrinkled babyish face made her keep quiet. Something which  was very unusual for her.
"Well, I thought to myself," the stranger said, "that this is a cosy cove, right size for a nice, young lady like yourself and that it may even hold me."
"You are too big," Spoilt Polly said, looking very harsh.
"Oh, you're right, but you see I can be smaller," the lady said and in a moment she shrank to the size of a child of 7. THAT made Spoilt Polly gape with surprise as it would anybody.
"How - how did you do that?" she asked.
"I just told my body to shrink," the lady answered. "It's quite easy and is done in a whiff."
"Why can't I do it then?"
"I'm not too sure about what you can do," the lady said, looking very worried. "By the way, I'm Petra, and I'm one of the winged ones ...."
"Winged ones?"
"Yes, and I can fly right up into the air whenever I like to."
Spoilt Polly just stared at her then she said, full of disbelief: "I don't believe you even though you shrunk at will. You are no angel ..."
"I never said so," the lady said, "and no, an angel I'm not ..."
They looked hard at each other and a strange glint in the eyes of the old woman made Spoilt Polly think twice before hitting her over the head as actually had been her plan.
"OK, no angel, but what are you then?"
"It's difficult to explain," she said as she bent forward to put her chin into her hand as if she needed an extra support of her all too busy head. "Make a guess, Pollyanna."
"An actor from the movie about elves and trolls ..."
The lady laughed and again there was the warning glint in her eyes. "No, but I can do a lot of what they did by tricks. However, they can't do much of what I can ..."
By now Spoilt Polly felt a vague fear of this creature who could change from big to small at will. However, she being what she was, she decided to conceal her fear with friskiness. "Ok, cool, but who are you and what are you doing here? My parents will not like to hear about you being here."
"I said "make a guess"," the lady said, smiling a rather stiff smile which didn't make it to her  eyes.
"Oh, no angel, but with wings. OK, you're an insect of a hitherto unknown breed ...."
"Hahaha - very funny indeed, and not even far from the truth."
Spoilt Polly saw that the glint was back in the lady's eyes and also that she seemed to have grown a little. "I'm neither an angel nor an insect, but something else." Her voice sounded forced and she knew she had annoyed her, but she also had the feeling that doing that might be the way out of this strange situation.
"Hmmm," then you're simply a hallucination ..." she said, but before she could finish the sentence the old lady grew back to her first size in one second. Spoilt Polly let out a cry of surprise and rose to her feet in an instance.
"And you ... you are nothing but a spoilt brat, not worthy of all the gifts you get." she grabbed Spoilt Polly by her hair and lifted her from the ground as easy as had she been a leaf of the tree right in front of them. Then she shook her so she dangled back and forth from her hand, howling in pain. Had her mother or father been at home they would have come running, but alas, they were out shopping for her forthcoming birthday.
However, her screams were heard by Stan who was on his way to see her and he ran as fast as he could. When he arrived he at once tried to free her from the hands of the old lady, but in vain. Quick as a lightening bolt she grabbed him with her other hand and lifted him too. Both children let out loud screams while they tried to free themselves from the old, wrinkled, but very strong hands.
"Ah, a knight out to save his lady, that's cute," she said, now dangling him too. "But what can I do to teach you how to behave? You are too deep into this spoilt one."
"Who are you?" shouted Spoilt Polly. "Your name, your name?"
"Spoilt brat, don't even know me," the lady said.
"I know you," Stan said, "you are the Equalizer, the one who goes for everyone being the same ..."
"Bravo!" The old lady said and dropped him to the ground. "How did you know?"
"I've seen pictures of you and my grandmother has told me about you. Eh', warned me against you ..."
The lady laughed at this and put down Spoilt Polly who was so shocked by this treatment by a stranger that she simply stayed in a sitting position on the ground. Stan on the other hand kept on his feet, looking the Equalizer straight into the eyes.
"It's my job," she said, "if you know of me then you also know that I'm out to teach Miss Super-spoilt Brat a lesson so that she may mend her ways ..."
"Not her fault that everyone dotes on her. She simply is adored by everybody."
"Not my fault at all," Spoilt Polly said beneath her breath.
The lady shrugged at her and then said: "We are supposed to think of others and  to be considerate of their needs, but you don't think of anybody but yourself."
"She can't help that when everyone tells her that she is wonderful and never is mistaken. To be spoilt means that somebody spoilt you, not that you did it yourself."
"Hmmmmm - that I didn't think of, but I know that she is a very selfish girl and that she badly needs a doze of equalization."
"No-no, not that," Stan yelled whereas Polly looked bewildered. "She is not that bad."
"I like the way you stand up for your friend," the Equalizer said, "but she really needs to be pulled down 4-5 pegs."
"Why doesn she do this?" Spoilt Polly asked Stan.
"She is the helper of some unknown power - maybe the Devil, maybe God, who knows - and she is to make everybody equal. You shouldn't be this lovely when many aren't so she may rob you of some of your charms and give them to someone else."
The Equalizer nodded at this and smiled benignantly at him. "Yes, I'm to take back the beauties of your hair, smile and eyes and give them to some quite plain girls I know."
"But ... but ... I didn't make those so-called beauties myself ..." Spoilt Polly said in a quiwering voice.
"No, but you sure know how to use them - eh', to abuse and misuse them ..."
"OK," Stan said, "but what about yourself? You have wings, we haven't ..."
"Eh'," the Equalizer stuttered with surprise, "of course I have wings, I need them."
"So do we - hand over at once."
The Equalizer's wings swirped out from her back and without answering she set off from the ground, looking very angry, but also thoughtful.
"Oh Stan, thanks for helping me out," Spoilt Polly said. "Without you ..."
"Don't mention it," he said, "actually, it's my late grandmother you should give thanks because she is the one who told me about this demon and also suggested how to curb her. They met when she was a child and she was robbed of her curls and her smile."
"But Stan, she might have given you some of what I have. My rich family for instance ..."
He laughed out loud and then he said: "I shall have that anyway when I marry you some time in the future ..."
Spoilt Polly looked askance up at him. At first she didn't speak, but only smile. Then she said: "Tsk-tsk-tsk, you tease ..."

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