Chained to a Soldier

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just wrote this the other day... no real back story behind it.

Submitted: October 17, 2012

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Submitted: October 17, 2012



There’s a lot that fills us, but right now I’m hollow
There’s not a drop of life left in me
I’m just down on my knees, crying for mercy
And still my heart you managed to hurt
Life’s on repeat, a broken record

Because you’d build me up and show me your world
Fascinate me and shower me with lust
You’d be in my dreams, as I would walk I’d smell you
But now I’m lost in the streets with no one to trust
All you did was chain me down
Your words would roll around
Attached to your lips I’d start to drown
But now I must escape this town
There’s so much that I don’t know
But I know your heart can be as cold as snow
And even though I’d try to fight
You’d always seem to kill the light
I only think of all the promises we made
They cross my mind everyday
And I have no choice but to keep them, every last one
Because they will keep me when there’s none
Trust me; I know your heart is in many places
Mine is pounding as I leave the train station
There’s one promise I made I can never forget
Before you fly off to a rebellion nation
You asked me to be there to say good-bye
I said that I would and try not to cry
Me saying that follows me wherever I go
Like when you called me an angel, wings white as snow
Or kissed me and kept me warm from the storm outside
Or held my hand and looked in my eyes
I don’t understand what happened to us
I just plead out to no one because I feel like I must
Maybe it was me
Is it too late to apologize?
You know there’s nothing left of me
You can see it in my eyes
All I ever did was love you
Unconditionally and true
All you ever did was put on a show
Then threw my heart out the window
It’s time for me to escape this town
Before I do, I still must try
To keep just one promise made
To remind you my love won’t just fade
And it’s so hard to hold onto the fight
And wait for the strength of morning light
Yet when it comes to you, I don’t know why
It seems like I don’t have to try
If you’re anything, you are a soldier
And I’m just watching as you hold her
Telling her you’ll be okay
That he’ll be back in a few months from today
As she turns and walks away
When she’s gone I just call your name
And stand as you turn and see my face
Before I can even say good-bye
You kiss my lips and start to cry
Of course I remembered after all this time
And as you hold me you whisper of all your pain
And how loving her just isn’t the same
Ad that you just ask for my love again
And that war our love can never claim
Because we’re two lovers in the night
Waiting for the sun to rise
Passing ships into the night
Under different skies
But you just whisper what you said one last time
I could have sworn I heard you say, “you are mine.”

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