How do People Pick out Heaps of Plastic

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A process analysis of picking out a video game console.

Submitted: May 18, 2014

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Submitted: May 18, 2014



The process of picking out a video game console can be difficult for the unationaited and the hardcore gamers who have trouble determing reality. You might ask how could this be? They are just heaps of plastic that babysit and if anyone is going to know which one to get it’s the gamers. You might be right, but the choice can still be perplexing and cause you to change your mind. Not only that the process can happen in different ways for each individual. This will be a look at the process of picking out a console.

First to consider what each console platform has. For example the PlayStation 3 has the exclusive games God of War 3, Uncharted 2, and Fat Princess. Examples of their competitor Xbox 360 are Halo 3, Fable 3, and Gears of War 3. Exclusives don’t just stop at full games either. There are exclusives in mult-platform games. An example of this would be the ability to play as the Joker in Batman Arkham Asylum. The console shopper must come to a decision on what exclusive they want.

The step in this example will be the price of the heaps of plastic. For example the Xbox One is 499.99 and the PlayStation 4 is 3.99, both being the newest major consoles. The shopper could wait for a price drop and then buy one, or the shopper could buy the cheaper one. The shopper could then use the saved money to buy games. The choice again falls to the consumer as to what they want.

The next step in the process we will look at is services. The examples we will use are Xbox Live and PlayStation plus. Both of these services are extra on each of the newsiest consoles. PlayStation plus offers free games that are yours to keep as long as you keep a subscription. Whereas Xbox live gives free games that you are allowed to keep if you are no longer a subscriber. The tradeoff is PlayStation plus is currently releasing newer games than Xbox Live. So this factor a console consumer may want to consider when there in the process of shopping for a new console.

Another factor one may look at in the process of consoles networks or their online reputation. For example Sony was hacked; would you trust them with your personal information after this. Another factor could be a consoles reputation as a good platform for online gaming. One console may have a better reputation over the other. Although this is subjective it could effect a consumer choice when picking out a console.

The next factors we will look at are hardware and features, as they go together in some aspects. The examples we will use for comparison is the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. The Xbox One is bundled with a Kinect in every box. Whereas the PlayStation 4 is not. Although exceptions may exist as you can get the PlayStation equlivent of Kinect probably bundled together somewhere. The difference is the xboxone is focused on it whereas the PlayStation 4 is not. Because of this features on the Xbox One are more prominent to the device like snapping multiple items to the screen and features like voice commands and auto sign in while avabable on the ps4 are always included when you buy a Xbox One.

Also the difference in hardware may affect how games run on the device. The gernal consensus so far is the ps4 is the more powerful machine. This has been shown with games avaveable n both platforms have higher resolutions on ps4 and in the case of one game in particular a higher fps (frames per second). These are factors a console shopper may consider important, as they might want the “best” versions of multiplatform games. Another example of hardware differences is the blu-ray drive in the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 not having one. This means the ps3 can play blu-rays movies and the Xbox 360 cannot. This might be a factor a potential console shopper may consider.

Two more factors that may enter into the console shopping process are a shoppers friends and their own “fanboyism” (basically brand loyalty). If a console shopper has always bought PlayStation products they may be more inclined to do so in the future, some for any console company. Friends play a role in the process because they may influence your decision or you may wish to play with them. So to play with them you purchase the same console as them.

In conclusion there are many factors that a person may consider when picking a console. For example friends, games, features, services, hardware, brand loyalty, etc…. A person can consider however many of these factors as they want or any order they want. The process may vary from person to person, and could include factors not listed in this paper. 

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