The other 20%

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every moment with no smile is a lost one...

Submitted: July 26, 2011

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Submitted: July 26, 2011



The other 20%


…Watching people walking, people crossing the street

Through the window of my restaurant, while eating my meat

When suddenly charmed me a wonderful song

The voice of an angel, so sweet so strong:


Sir? May I ask you” she said, “why you seem so sad?

Is that you’re feeling void, or you suffered so bad?!” …


I can’t deny she confused me, I know not what to say  

But the beauty of here eyes, was leading my way…


Than she asked: “If you’d have to take a look to your mind,

What percentage would you give for the happiness you find???”


I replied: “what happiness? Don’t you know that sadness is the key for joy!

Cause pain is a curse, a bless

It’s a truth, you should confess…

When pain you accept it! You can heal your wounds,

Then, only then, you’ll find the happiness you seek & tranquility around…”

“But to answer your question I shall say, I’m happy as for 80 percent

& to be always happy? That’s what I intend

But… Pain is a curse, Pain is a bless

Pain is a truth no more no less…

So my friend, being happy to 80 percent ?

I should say it’s a real success.”


With a sad smile, the angel replied:

“What about the 20 percent, the other 20 you hide?

Is it all pain & tiers?

Is it plenty of fear?

Do you mean that with every light,

You spend about five hours of misery & fight?

That’s heavy enough to cut the way

For love for fun, for painting the grey

For changing the absence in a part we play…

80 looks big enough to hide problems, & yet too small for living a day…”

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