A night in the woods

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This was written for a writing contest;came 3rd:')

Submitted: May 04, 2013

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Submitted: May 04, 2013




It was a dark night. The small group of friends sat around a blazing fire. They'd been told a myth that happened in these woods. Apparently, on the third night every June, a mysterious beast would come out of hiding, and terrorises anyone in the woods. 

They were nibbling on their dinner, when they heard a strange growl from the bushes behind them. Lily grabbed Liam's hand, he blushed a dark crimson red. 'What was that?' Lily whispered quietly. Liam shrugged. Jake put his arm around Chloe and pulled her into his chest.

'Perhaps we should go inside the tent.' Lily whispered. They all agreed and walked into the large tent. Lily kept hold of Jake's hand. Suddenly, a tear formed on the side of the tent, the group screamed, and huddled close together.

'You should go check it out, Jake.' Liam stated. Jake nodded, Lily squeezed his hand gently as he parted from the small group. Lily, Liam and Chloe watched as Jake left their tent, they kept close together.

Suddenly they heard a high pitched shriek. Lily shot up and ran out of the tent, Jake was no where in sight. 

'Jake!' She yelled, but got no reply. She clambered back into the tent, tears beginning to form in her eyes.

'Where is he?' Chloe asked, worry filling her eyes. Lily couldn't stop the tears, Liam pulled her into a hug.

'Let's go looking for him.' Liam suggested. The girls nodded. They got out and began walking through the woods. 

Liam, Chloe and Lily walked for hours, when Chloe felt teeth grab her leg, she screamed, but had been dragged away before Lily and Liam could turn around. Liam clutched onto Lily's hand, she squeezed it tightly. Ahead of them, Liam could see a dark shack. He and Lily walked closer to it. 

'Liam, I don't want to go in there.' Lily stated. Liam pulled her closer to him.

'We need to help our friends, and the boy you're in love with.' Liam couldn't see her face, but it was obvious she was bright red. Lily nodded and followed Liam into the dark cabin. The door creaked loudly, sending spine breaking shivers down their backs. Lily's grip tightened around his hand. 

'Ow, you're hurting me.' Liam whispered. 

'Sorry.' She smiled, loosening her grip slightly. The walked down some creaky stairs, into a dark, damp room. In the corner, they could see their friends, Lily let go of Liam's hand and ran forwards. Neither Jake or Chloe were moving.

'Please don't be dead.' Lily sobbed, into Jake's chest. A tear hit his damp shirt, he began fidgeting, soon enough, both Jake and Chloe were awake. Lily helped them both up, and pulled Jake into a big hug.

'I love you.' She smiled.

'I love you too.' He replied, looking into her eyes. Liam hugged Chloe tightly.

The friends managed to sneak past the creature and back to their car. 

'I guess the myth is real.' They all laughed.

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