(Crazy Poem)

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Crazy Poem
on January 14. © All rights reserved

Submitted: January 15, 2008

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Submitted: January 15, 2008




Crazy Poem
on January 14.  © All rights reserved

One fine noon
in the middle
of the night,
a cat chased
a dog, while
the dog chased
a mouse. The
cat said to the
mouse slow down
so I can eat you,
and the cat to
the dog why are
you trying to
kill me too.
This went on
for days in
a year, or was
it like months
in a day. They
weren't hungry
at all, for many
times the three
stopped to gnaw
on a lamb at the
locally feed bin.
Exhausted they
were not, for
they slept while
running. And
to take a drink
from the owner
of the lambs
water spicket.
branch less
trees and empty
bog's they did
so play,till the
middle of the
night, in a
bright sunny day.

They end



up best friends

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