Father And Mother.

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Submitted: April 15, 2018

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Submitted: April 15, 2018



He celestially slept in her Godly lap for marathon hours; when the brilliantly flamboyant Sun peaked full throttle in the sky,
While to be hoisted high and handsome in euphoric air; all that he had to do was; incoherently tug at the maturely bohemian fingers; of my ebulliently anticipating palms.

He boisterously suckled milk from her sacred chest; when he felt intermittently hungry; even at the most inexplicable moments of the day and all throughout the
perilous night,
While to be recounted his favorite rhymes of mystical adventure and frolic; all that he had to do was; innocuously stare at my compassionate eyes; as the rain fell in tranquilly from the fathomless skies outside.

He danced in her poignant lap with uninhibited tandem; rejoicing the most pricelessly grandiloquent moments of his freshly born life,
While to be apprised of the outside world; march on his own tiny feet outside; all he had to do was; immaculately flood my ears with his euphorically mesmerizing and incongruous sounds.

He snuggled unassailably close to her pristine belly; whenever he felt even the most inconspicuous iota of fear lingering diabolically in the atmosphere around,
While to be taught how to prudently discern words and language; all he had to do was; kiss me impeccably on my bearded cheeks; as the seductive songs of the cuckoo; greeted one and all; at gloriously ethereal dawn.

He gleefully plucked at the strands of her silken hair; joyously banging his diminutive fists into her chin; whenever he felt strung by winds of overwhelmingly uncontrollable mischief,
While to be scrupulously washed of all the abominable dirt adhering to his eternally brand new visage; all he had to do was; inarticulately wink at the ecstatically
obliging contours of my face.
He fabulously emulated in front of her all the voices he had an absolute infatuation towards; nibbling her Omnipotent ears with his softly developing teeth,
While to be indefatigably tickled on his blissfully endowing ribs; all he had to do was; naughtily play hide and seek with my profoundly twinkling eyes.

He smiled the smile of the angels in her vivaciously resplendent arms; irrefutably accepting her unconquerable breath and sweat; as the sole tonic to survive,
While to be taken round every cranny of our dwelling; as well as unrelentingly explore the sprouting garden outside; all he had to do was; gently pat me on my fervently awaiting and already bent shoulders.
He intransigently adored her celestial countenance for being the most beautifully bountiful on this entire planet; immortally imprisoning her invincible picture;
for infinite more births to come; in his heart; mind; and righteous conscience,
While to be bequeathed upon even the most infinitesimal of desire in his life; all he had to do was; passionately address me by any name that he wanted; forever he would always remain as my blood; as my heavenly child.

And although he sporadically probed her for something; and at times holistically leaned upon my demeanor for that object eluding his timelessly Omnipotent senses,
He had impregnably bestowed upon both of us an honor which made us exist as the richest organisms for countless more births of ours yet to unfurl; O! yes an indescribable richness of being his Only; Father and Mother.

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