The Rape I Experienced

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Dancing round in the bar,
flirting with the guys.
Beating them at games of pool,

Submitted: November 29, 2007

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Submitted: November 29, 2007



The Rape

Dancing round in the bar,
flirting with the guys.
Beating them at games of pool,
sometimes taking on a few.
Music blaring in my ears,
the room begins to spin.

Next thing I know I'm in a car,
going to a place I've never been.
Throwing darts through the air,
as I drink a few more beers.
Then my shirt is ripped open,
and three men begin the sin.
I get thrown into the bed,
my skirt ripped from my legs.
Screaming no you can't do this,
then there was a blow to the face.

I wake up in this awful place,
not knowing were I'm at.
A smelly man on top of me,
his breath reeks of dope.
I find my skirt on the floor,
and put pull it back on.
My face is pounding very hard,
my eye is swollen shut.
There is blood dripping down my leg,
and refuses to stop.

I walk out of that awful place,
trying to remember the way we came.
I walk about a half a mile,
and come upon a store.
I take out a quarter from my purse,
and dial my boyfriends number.
He says stay where you are,
I'll be there in a few.
I can not do what he says,
I need to get away.
So I return to that lonesome road,
cold and numb as can be.
I jump into the ditch,
each time a car passes by.

He never found me on that night,
I was to scared to be seen.
I finally made it to his house,
he was mad for I didn't wait.
But in his arms all day long,
he held me as I weeped.

Author notes

Option 1

I don't remember much of what happened but i know it happened. I remember bit's and piece the before and the after all to well. I never told anyone about this besides him I was to ashamed. People would have just told me well you shouldn't have been in a bar. But that's no excuse . i often wonder how many times they had done this to others I should have told. Now I can't even remember their faces to point them out for it has been to long and i have blacked it out till recently i re-read a letter from my husband. I don't even know if all three had done this to me. And Thank God I never got a disease from this.

P.S. I do not want to talk about this. I'm still am ashamed of it. So please don't, Please don't ask.
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