This Is Me U See

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Submitted: October 04, 2007

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Submitted: October 04, 2007



She is mature,tenacious,restlees,curious,
impatient, tolerant, optimistic, persistant,full of charm, mystery, magnetism, and charisma, refined, kind imaginative,romantic and loving partner,generous, very noble and sincere she is a good friend to those who reach her heart.

Never hides likes and dislikes from her friends.

Her heart is soft, and overly trusting

Her pride is weak and is hurt easily.

Promises made are unbreakable and expects the same from other's.

She idolizes each person she loves and can easily be decieved.

She is deeply compassionate with any human or animal that is suffering.

She's sensitive to the needs of others and has a strong protective instinct.

She dosn't enjoy either argueing and will use persuasion to acheive her aim.

She's sensitive to any indifferences and may feel she's always being rejected.

She's respectful to traditions and opinions of other's

Her tempers come with explosions but dissapear as fast as they exploded.

She's attracted to what is forbidden

Emotions quite deep and intense her inner world will never be revealed, and not easily express herself openly.

She has learned from family arguments, and life
that being sensitve means being weak
she felt more secure fighting than showing affection

Her intuition is quite remarkable, knowing ideas and feeling's of other's before one spoken word

She sacrifices her happiness for duty.

She's defensive and afraid of being rejected or of not being excepted

Her greatest difficulty is lack of self- acceptence

She condemn's herself for mistakes she's made

Her communication with others will vary, will only be open with those she is really close.

She try's to see positive side of every story and situation
This is Me You See

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