Artemis Parker gets into the car of her brother one day only to learn the tragic untimely death of her parents. Before her eyes she is whisked away from her home in Chicago to small, secluded town called Stone Willow to live with her brother. Then she begins having dreams, dreams so terrifying that they seem real. The characters in them all visit her every night to fight the all feared Fire Queen. Artemis dismisses them until one day, the dream swallows her up. Will she ever complete a task with help from her ever-so irritable friends to wake up from this never-ending nightmare? Or will she be doomed to live and die in the dream realm, never to see the real world again?

Table of Contents

A Rude Awakening

The horrifying dreams that visit Artemis get worse and worse until the unthinkable happens. She is swallowed in one. She soon learns the daunting truth: she may never wake again. Read Chapter

Spies, lies, violet eyes

  Chapter Two: Spies, lies, and thimbles too… Stone Willow Library stood firmly in front of Artemis as she regained consci... Read Chapter