Zombie Apocalypse

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People disappear after an experiment has gone wrong and turn into zombies.

Submitted: June 15, 2016

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Submitted: June 15, 2016



Zombie Apocalypse


"Make sure you don't do it too early Leo" ordered his boss, professor Sheildon. "Oh, I won't !" exclaimed Leo.

Leo couldn't wait any longer he had waited his whole life for this one moment. He had given the test all he had; time, dedication and money. Disaster or life saving? Billions or huge debt? He had to ask himself these questions before pressing one button that could change the course of humanity.


 He did it and then sirens went off, screaming in their ears forcing  them to cuff their hands over their ears and purple and blue strobe lights were whirring along with the sirens, they were blinding. "Oh no this isn't good", said Leo.

He was able to keep himself from panicking and waited just that little bit longer. The smoke was gone, but lights were still flickering. He looked into the test area at, what was meant to be a genetically mutated ape, but what he was looking at was anything but.

Leo turned his head away for a split second. He flicked his head back and saw the human-like ape drooling onto the floor, which was covered with broken tiles. He tried to lockdown the lab, but then something came across and hit him in the back of the head.

The next day, police were at Leo's lab trying to figure out what was had happened. CCTV footage displayed the mutated monster launching a hammer at Leo' head.


Also the next day Tom, was in a hospital with his mum at his father’s bedside.

"Mum will Dad be ok?" asked Tom. She seemed to be into much of a shock to answer, but she mumbled under her breath "I'm not sure". After a few hours of watching his unconscious Dad on life support, Tom looked out of the hospital room and saw his Mum having a rather emotional conversation with the doctors. They all came into the room and said their final goodbyes before the life support was turned off.



Tom's friends were there to help him through the tough times. They all decided to take their minds off this tragedy so Tom, his brother Ben and Tom’s good mates William and Matt went to the movies to see “Burial Ground”.

As they all went to the sugar station and stacked up on sweets William tripped over his own shoelaces. "Do up your shoes you idiot”, yelled Tom!

 They all lied about their age to get into the cinema. They were allowed in and the movie was on.

 During the movie they were taking numerous selfies and making stupid noises, but then  the cinema was  finally quiet for the last ten minutes.

 All of a sudden everyone started to file out of the cinema one by one mumbling incoherently. Tom yelled out "The movie still has seven minutes to go", but nothing seemed to stop these people from going where they wanted to go.

 Fixed eyes and strange noises were all it took for the group of boys to start to worry. They waited for the movie to end and walked out of the cinema.

There was nobody in the food court, no one at the shops. They continued to walk but then, the idiot William tripped over on his own shoelaces again. They waited in the drop off zone for Tom's mother, who was going to pick them up.

After waiting for fifteen minutes, there was still no sign of Tom’s mum. They looked through the doors of the shops and could hear mumbles from the back. Thirteen seconds later, shambling zombies were coming out of the shop and were stumbling towards them.

"Look they are zombies" yelled William. "Don't be ridiculous, I know we just watched a zombie movie and all that, but c'mon" exclaimed Tom. "No Tom, William is right. Run!!" screamed Matt.

They all ran onto the road and through the traffic lights to get away from the zombies. They were moving so slowly, so the boys all laughed in relief. THEN the same mumbles came from behind them. They bolted as fast as they could, because these zombies had pace. It looked like they were in the clear until William yelled. The idiot had tripped over his laces again. "Run on without me I am fine, just go!" He was surrounded by all the zombies. Bolting onto the deserted road, the other boys were in the clear and had gotten out.

They were done in and couldn't run on, they had made it to a football field. "Sit in the middle of the field, so we can see all around us, we will roster on and off and take turns sleeping", whispered Tom.



"Told ya it would work" yelled Tom. The sun had risen, everything was safe and sound. "We need more people to help us" Matt said. After getting through the antagonizing day they were all bored and hungry.


The sun was just up and some more people came to see what was going on. The boys were stoked and rushed over to them. More people came from all directions. "This is great", Matt exclaimed happily. When the people got closer, Tom was growing anxious about all the people. They got closer and took off their hoods and there before their own eyes were William and Leo, Tom's Dad. "Dad!?"cried Tom.

 All Tom got back in response was mumbles that a dead cow would make. William looked up and pulled back his tattered hood. He looked like he had been devoured by a shark, half his face was bone and gore. He had a pistol in his hand "You wouldn't" Tom said. William raised the gun in his trembling hand and said "I would "………………………………



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