Catherine Demise

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Alright. How should I begin?

Well, I’m 15 and my name is Catherine Demise. Yes, my last name is a bit…dark. For those who don’t know what it means, it’s meaning is the end/death of something that used to exist. One of the two reasons why I hate it. What’s the second reason? All of the girls (in my family) with Demise as their last name dies in the same slow tragic way. Sucks, I know. But, I’m not telling you how I could die. I prefer not talking about it. Maybe, in the end you would find out, probably. My life could end soon anyway.

Submitted: March 24, 2012

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Submitted: March 24, 2012



Alright. How should I begin?

Well, I’m 15, I have black hair (curly and long), hazel eyes, and my name is Catherine Demise. Yes, my last name is a bit…dark. For those who don’t know what it means, it’s meaning is the end/death of something that used to exist. One of the two reasons why I hate it. What’s the second reason? All of the girls (in my family) with Demise as their last name dies in the same slow tragic way. Sucks, I know. But, I’m not telling you how I could die. I prefer not talking about it. Maybe, in the end you would find out, probably. My life could end soon anyway.

Just to a small spoiler, (skip this sentence if you don’t like spoilers) I found out something major. Something that has to do with…my life and death. ;)

Let’s begin.

Tuesday, Day 1:

“Catherine. We have to! The seniors won’t notice! Pretty please.” Mollie Pinewell, one of my best friends, pleaded. She’s a long-hair blonde, blue eyed, and slim girl.

“Tsk. Mo-lly…I can’t have Catherine get in trouble. Especially when it’s about sneaking into a senior boy’s party.” Trinity Rosette, my sister-like best friend, said. She has shoulder cut black hair that was in layers, jet black eyes, and a curvy body-type.

I just watched them with a face of boredom. Like always, they’re making decisions that I should be making.

“C’mon! I promise to not let her drink or get in trouble!” Mollie now stood up from her desk and glared at Trinity.

“No.” Trinity responded coolly.

I tugged Mollie’s shirt and told her to sit before the teachers comes over. She didn’t care. She just shrug my warning off. I sighed.

“Your not her mother. Right Catherine?” Mollie said as she pointed at me. I raised my hands as if saying, ‘I’m not getting involved with you guys.’

“I know I’m not her mother but, as her best friend, I can’t allow anything to harm her.” Trinity shot back.

“I’m her best friend too! Also, you can’t keep on making decisions for her. So, she’s coming and that’s final!” Mollie retorted.

“Ms. Pinewell and Ms. Rosette! Mind sharing with the class what your arguing about? Seriously, I give you guys a break to talk and you start arguing. Maybe I should hand out next week’s assignments?” Mr. Duncan said. He’s a really cool teacher but just try not to get on his bad side. It’s creepy.

“We’re arguing about who’s Catherine’s best friend, apparently.” Mollie said as she sat back down while crossing her arms. She tucked some of her blonde hair behind her ear and frowned.

“It’s okay Mollie. Even though Trinity is obviously Catherine’s best friend, Robbie here could use someone to talk to.” The teacher said as he pointed to Robbie, the dorky-that-most-keep-away-from boy. Honestly, I feel bad for him but he seems to be fine with his books. Almost everyday he has a new one. He doesn’t seem to mind either.

“Mr. D! FYI, your completely wrong! I’m her best friend and anyway, I have more best friends than the pimples on your forehead! So, I-don’t-care what you think. Or what anybody thinks.”

“Detention.” He said as he searched in his desk for something.

Mollie’s mouth dropped.

“Whyyy? What did I say?!” She whined.

“You disrespected your teacher. Great job Momo.” Trinity said with a smirk.

The bell rang. I grabbed my bag, pulled it onto my shoulder, and headed to the Cafeteria. Trinity followed.

Wednesday, Day 2:

I was walking from school to my house. Somehow, I said yes to Mollie about going to the party. Great.

I forgot to mention that I live alone with my cousin, Jane. My mother and father are currently in Russia. They help out the homeless, I think. I just know they’re there for some charity program that they created.

Yes, I’m rich, wealthy, or whatever you want to call it. Don’t judge me. Not all rich teens are self-absorbed. Anyway, I don’t care if you think I’m spoiled because if I was, I wouldn’t let my parents go on a trip that takes three years, am I right? Two more years are left by the way.

I heard footsteps behind me. Getting closer.

I turned around.

You guessed it, no one there.

I kept walking.

Suddenly, I felt a hand cover my mouth. I tried to turn and give the person a piece of my mind but it was no use. Samuel always tried to do this every week. I elbow him in the stomach then stomped on his foot. He let me go as he bent over, holding his stomach. I turned to him and pat his head. “Where you planning on kidnapping me?” I joked.

“Maybe I was. I was thinking of hiding you in my basement and blackmail your parents.” he managed to say.

“Ha-ha. C’mon. I might have hurt you a bit too much.” I held out my hand. He took it and straighten up but still held on to his stomach.


“Shut up. I’ll get you some pills at home. I warned you not to do that last week too.”

He put his arm around my shoulders and I led him to my house.

When we got to the door, there was a note pinned to it. I took it and it said:

Don’t suspect the obvious. You just might be surprised. See you at the party.


“What the hell?” I muttered. I shoved the note at Samuel. His confused green eyes, which were kind of covered by his black hair, looked at me.

“What’s this?” he asked.

“What do you mean ‘what’s this?’ I know it was you. How did you know Mollie was planning on going to the party and taking me?”

“Cathy. I swear, I didn’t write this. It’s not even my handwriting.” He said sincerely.

“Then who did?”

Thursday, Day 3:

When I got to Mr. Duncan’s class I saw Mollie and Trinity waiting for me at their desks. I sat at my desk behind Trinity and next to Mollie. I glared at Mollie.

“What? Why are you looking at me like that?” She asked.

“You know why. Don’t act innocent.” I said while turning my head to look out the window. I held out the note to her. She took it and read it.

“This wasn’t me."

My heartbeat froze for a second. I felt pale too.

"What? It wasn't you either. Did you write that Trinity?"

Trinity already finished reading the note and shook her head.

"Who else knows that I'm going to the party?" I asked.

I saw Mollie's eyes open wide.

"Do you know? Mollie?" Trinity asked before me. Mollie nodded.

"Robbie was sitting next to us..." She trailed off.

"Why would Robbie send me a note like this?" I asked in disbelief.

Mollie looked down. Bingo.

"What did you do, Mollie?" I commanded.

"I...threaten could do my project." She mumbled.

"What the hell is wrong with you Mollie?! See how you got Catherine involved!?" Trinity scolded.

"I didn't even do anything to him!" Mollie defended herself.

I searched for Robbie in the classroom. Not here today. I stood up and walked over to Mr. Duncan.

"Mr. D...where's Robbie?" I asked him.

"Oh. You didn't hear? Robbie is at the hospital. He was found in unconscious, two days ago, in the hallway of the school and is probably going to be hospitalized for a month or two."

I covered my mouth to keep from gasping. It couldn't be him. I found the note yesterday.

Friday, Day 4:

The party is tomorrow. I decided that I now was obligated to go. I needed to know who this ‘E’ person was. It’ obviously not a joke anymore. I found two notes today that said:

You will never figure out who I am. You never met me or seen me. But…I’ve seen you. Actually, I studied you. All your life, you’ve been living like a princess. Haven’t you? And I hate it. I hate you.


Just to make things fun, If you don’t come to the senior’s party on Saturday…Your little, stupid, best friends will end up in the hospital. Just like Robbie.


Today, my cousin was out with her boyfriend and as I recall she said, ‘I won’t be here until tomorrow at night.’ Even better. I don’t need to go through the trouble of sneaking out.

I walked inside my closet. Preparing clothes for tomorrow. I decided to wear a black bow button tube dress, black boots, along with a diamond necklace that my mother gave me.

I was all prepared to confront the person.

Except that…I’m scared.

Party night, Day 5:

I stepped out of Samuel’s car and closed the door. Mollie did the same. I could already feel the music’s beat thumping, making the ground shake slightly. Bottles and plastic cups were scattered on the lawn. Some seniors were outside talking or drinking. You even could see neon lights moving around inside the huge house.

“See you later guys.” Samuel said as he started to drive away. I waved.

“Let’s go. There’s someone I need to find.”

I walked inside the house, being welcomed by the blaring speakers and the smell of alcohol in the air. It was disgusting and everywhere I look there were people making out. More like trying to swallow each other. Ew. It was kind of awkward now. Mollie didn’t seem to mind.

“Don’t tell me your used to this?” I yelled over the music. Mollie just smiled and shrugs.

“It’s a normal thing for me.” she yelled back.

“Well I’m going to go to the bathroom. Meet me at the stairs.”

She nodded and headed to a different direction. I walked towards a hallway, searching for the bathroom. There was a door at the end of the hall. I slowly opened the door and stepped inside.

The room, which was a guest bedroom was instantly illuminated. There was a black figure at the window.

A person.

The unknown person turned to face me. She smiled like a maniac.

“Oh my god!” I couldn’t help but burst that out.


The girl…she’s…she looks like….me. Identical. It was like looking at a mirror.

“Catherine! It’s an honor to meet you! We got a bunch to catch up on.”

Her ‘smile’ faded. She walked closer to me, stopping only two feet away.

I wanted to run. This wasn’t real, right?

She grabbed my arm and insensitively pulled me inside the room. Then, she locked the door. Her smile returned.

“My name is Evelyn. I’m glad you came, really. I was planning on how to send both of your friends to the hospital. Damn, it could’ve been fun too.” She paused. “Your looking at me as if I was some ghost. Well…I understand. You never knew you had a twin sister, did you?” She cocked her head to the side. Waiting for a reaction. “Or that our parents gave me away to some abusive family?” She laughed and turned to me. “I was living in hell while you were being happy with mom and dad. You know, I thought that you were somewhere suffering the same pain…but no. When I ran away and came back, I saw you with them. Ouch. But that‘s not what I‘m here for. I don‘t even give a crap about them.” She put a hand on her chest and pretended to look hurt. It was difficult for me to take all this in.

“So your taking revenge on me? I didn‘t even know!” I finally said

She stepped closer and grabbed a handful of my hair. “You got it all wrong, sis. You know that there’s a curse in the demise family right? All the girls die, painfully, bleeding to death out of nowhere. Well, I found a way to stop all that. And trust me, I will do whatever it takes to stop the curse. Do you know how…to stop it?” She crossed her arms and smirked, barely giving me time to answer. “By sacrificing a twin in the family. Also, That’s why I was sent away. So that we never find out how to stop it and not try to kill each other.” Now, she took out a piece of cloth with some strange bitter smell.

“Shall we begin?” She said coolly.

Quickly, I ran to the door, unlocked it and started down the hall.


I looked back and saw Mollie running towards me. The music was still loud.

“We need to go now! Hurry!” I yelled while still running.

I bumped into something and fell hard on the cold floor. It was a group of people blocking my only exit.

Something was off.

They all were staring at me like zombies. Not moving just staring. And since when did the music turn off?

Someone grabbed me by the neck and pulled me up. My feet were hanging, not one inch close to the ground. I was about to yell at the person until I saw who it was…Mollie.

“What are you doing?!” I gasped, trying to push her away.

She didn’t respond.

Suddenly, everyone around me started to shake violently.


I woke up and found myself strapped to a chair. It took me a while to adjust to the brightness.

“Your awake, sister. You put up quite a fight in the room. I almost had to use more of the liquid to get you unconscious.”

Oh no…wait. What?!

“B-but I ran out the room. What are you talking about?!” I finally said.

“Oh. That’s just an illusion that the drug makes.”

“Where am I!?”

“On a boat. Somewhere in the ocean. It makes it easier for me not to get caught if I just throw you in the water.”

I felt tears in my eyes.

“Mom and Dad will notice I’m gone!”

She started laughing.

“No…because Catherine will still be there.”

“What? Your making no sense!”

“I know how you act and everything. It wouldn’t be hard to pretend to be you.”

She walked behind and pushed my chair closer to the edge of the boat.

“Enough. It’s time to stop this hell of a curse.”

Next thing I knew, salty water was pushing down on me. Then, violent waves hit me, making me lose the air I had left in my lungs. I tried to move, to escape from the chair’s grasp but it was impossible. The more I tried to fight, the more I was being swallowed down into the darkness of the ocean. My lungs were aching and burning for air, too. I felt heavy and cold. My tears dissolving into the water.

Even though I knew there no chance of surviving. I kept fighting. My heartbeat slowed, muscles relaxed, and even my mind was slowly fading away. I felt numb and helpless. The pressure of the water increased as I kept going down.

My life was fading away. No chance of living now…

I smiled.

Maybe there is.

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