No Turning Back From Here

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Sorry I haven't posted in a while!!!! My computer's being silly again. Anyways, this was for a challenge so... enjoy! I hope... this will be converted soon into a novel I think, but lately on top of the computer problem I've been so busy. And had everything I had written originally got deleted and....ack. I'm sorry!!

Submitted: January 15, 2010

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Submitted: January 15, 2010



Once long ago, before the world was formed

God and Goddess stood tall

One of Thunder, other of Water;

Overseeing all

The Goddess, Moana, she was called

Was loving and tender

But lonely as well

So the world was put together

With the plants and animals

And creatures of all kinds

Everything came out well

Like what she had in mind

The God, Thredel, however

Was very jealous indeed

Fire burned within him,

So he planned a horrible deed.

Thoughts of destruction

Upon her creation

Grew with his anger

Fed on his frustration

Lightning began to rise

Crackling and buring

Against the humble earth

His fury unfurling

"Stop!" Moana cried

Protective of her ‘child’

Power growing strong

Eyes becoming wild

The battle had begun

But neither gained ground

Thunder verses water

Round after round

At last, Moana devised a plan

To protect what she held dear

An amulet was created

To calm her fears

It shielded the world

From Thredel’s wrath

The only problem was,

It wasn’t built to last

But no matter how much he tried

He couldn’t destroy it

But had released enough power

And with a crack, it split

In horror Moana watched,

Unable to continue

For her power was too weak

She didn’t know what to do

However, Thredel stopped and sighed

Weakened to the core

But he knew he’d be back,

With even more vengeance than before

But for now, he’d rest,

And build up his strength

A plan was being made

He could afford to wait

In fear, Moana cried

Her tears rained on the land

She took the broken pieces

Of the amulet into her hand

She too, would wait

And be ready for his return

She hoped she would win;

Water’s healing against fire’s burn

For now she would hide,

In the refuge of her world

And become one of her own

That were made after her

So she became human,

A girl with no conscious memory

And took of the name, Anahera

Who would soon discover her destiny...

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