See You Soon (Coldplay fanfic)

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Fanfiction of Chris Martin and Coldplay. Based off in parachutes era.

Submitted: August 08, 2012

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Submitted: August 08, 2012



Chapter 1 See You Soon

1996 September 3rd

I moved to Britain at the young age of 14 in 1996 being 'mentally advanced' than average people skipping grades and coming to 'University College London.' I could have gone to more expensive schools but I didn't care then I just wanted to go to London and get out of Detroit and escape my abusive home. My parents weren't the greatest. I wore dark clothing and considered myself to be very edgy it made me feel like a badass and feel like I'd been through it all. I chose to study art instead of some mumbo jumbo smartass degree that would probably help me succeed in life. I enjoyed art, I painted and sketched quiet often and would consider myself pretty good. I felt like it was another way of escaping when I made art, I could escape in the colors and the mood of the scenes. I had straight dark brown hair that was actually naturally light blonde. I wore heavy eyeliner and people would think I was older than I was. I stared at myself in the public restroom scratching my head. I twisted my nose stud and kicked my leather boots. My fingerless leather gloves began squeaking. I sighed and fixed my eyeliner. The bathroom's grime around me made me feel at home. My skin was actually perfectly pale and blemish free. My body was underweight according to the scale but overweight to my mind. I rolled my suitcase out of the bathroom along with me and walked to the front of the college. I was told to meet with one of the professors at the front of the school. \"Wow, I feel so fucking welcome here they are gonna love me.\" my brain sarcastically said. An older woman approached me and I assumed she was the professor. She forwarded her hand to mine to shake \"Hi you must be Brooke! the 14 year old genius! I'm Professer McClarke they told me to greet you with a very warm welcome\" I shook her hand wrinkly and all as I stared at her yellowish teeth as her pink lipstick covered her prune like lips. \"You'll really like it here, Im supposed to give you a guide to your dorm. So if you'll follow me we can get this done fast!\" I knew she wasn't interested she would much rather be watching 'Golden Girls' than helping me out. She came off nice but I could tell she was an absolute fucking cow. She guided me down hallways. \"Ahh Ramsay Hall dearie you'll be staying in this dorm right here with an...\" she looked down at her clipboard flipping the pages licking her fingers with her floppy, gross, slightly white tongue. \"Ahh yes, Ashley Curdrow age 18.\"  she blurted. She smiled. \"Thank you.\" I replied as she walked away. I shook my head in annoyance walking into my dorm seeing one bed, one dresser, one side table, one desk, a desk lamp and 2 closets. Close to a smaller hallway leading to a kitchen and to the right a bathroom and another bedroom similar to it. started unpacking my stuff and set everything neatly in one dresser and one closet. I set all my paints and art supplies in the bottom drawer of the dresser along with my makeup/cosmetics at the top. My skinny jeans , underwear, bras, ect. In the closet along with my leather boots. I heard a girl come in with multiple suitcases. 

\"Ahh, bloody fucking hell!\" she yelped. 

\"Oh, need some help?\" I asked politely. 

\"Please.\" she said high pitched. I picked up one of her suitcases weighing about roughly the weight of a 5th grader. She got through the door smoothly and stared at me. 

\"Hi my name's Ashley, you're Brooke right?\" she blurted in very English accent.

 \"Yeah,\" I replied. I sat down on the white beanie bag by the two closets and sunk. Ashley was very beautiful she had dark skin, full lips, mysterious eyes and a flat nose. Her hair was like ebony flowing to the middle of her back. She had many curves but was definatley not overweight.  

\"What's your major?\" she said unzipping  her suitcase  on the floor. 

\"Oh me, I'm studying in art and then I'm moving on to Acient world studies, so I'll be here for about 4 and a half years.\" I replied. 

\"What about yours?\" She began fussing with another zipper on her pink suitcase  \"Well I'm here to study Physics and then I'm moving onto Mathematics.\" she exclaimed finally getting the zipper to move. 

\"Cool.\" I said not thinking of anything else to say. I soon fit into the college very easily. I felt grown up even though I was only 14 years old, a lot of men hit on me but then backed off after I told them my age. I passed my classes with flying colors. I found two outlets to express my bottled up emotions at the end of the day; music and art. Ashely told me that I had a beautiful voice and I should sing more often. I told her I would never go chasing after a dream that would never happen. Ashley and I grew closer over the first two years of college. We were there for eachother whenever we were crying or smiling. She was my sister not in a black racist sense but I felt like me and her were really related. The teachers loved me and I hated them. I usually came up with nicknames for them behind their backs such as fuckface. I finally finished my art major and moved onto Acient world studies it was 1998 and I was 16 years old and unknown of what would lay ahead of my future.

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