Together we Stand Dividing

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Those who divide and conquer

Submitted: November 20, 2012

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Submitted: November 20, 2012



Hey everybody how you doin' today?
I hope everything is okay and things going your way
Remember that whatever they do and the things they say
They wrong and you're right all the way to the grave

Why should you reconsider it's not your fault
Not your responsibility to bring injustice to a halt
This is your place you've been here from the start
You should remove all that deny, c'mon give em what you got

We only want some fancy cars and nice clothes
Jewelry, bitches, you know how it goes
I go to my job, work until we close
Repeat that shit until I die or I'm old

And I don't wanna hear your shit
I don't care about you and I don't care about your kid
You're poor, I'm rich
I put you in a ditch
Work for me and you might live, bitch

Oh what's that? You don't agree?
Who's got billions of dollars, you see?
If it ain't you then it must be me
I got the power and run the company

Come back when you got your own damn money
It's a made up thing anyway, ain't that funny
You fools actually think you have us running
But we're in the back brainwashing mommy

You're a Christian and shit I'm Jesus
Kneel down all believers
I choose Wallstreet people as my holy preachers
I take your talent and give you feces

I give fake democracy and free speeches
So y'all just fight between us
It's hilarious how you can't see us
You stand alone and we're the organized deceivers

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