Labyrinth- Labyrinth

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shoart lierary poems during my college life...

Submitted: January 16, 2013

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Submitted: January 16, 2013




By: Yueh Kheizukhen


Where is it? left or right?

No one knows so hold on tight

In the middle of walls is a mystical question

Opens another sequel of a mission


Where is it? North or South?

No one knows, so shut your mouth

An answer should cry in the midst of silence

Before the daybreak of a big pestilence


Which do you prefer? Cake or Chocolate?

Choosing between the two is a very big fate!

But you have to decide for your wet tongue

A delicious bite for your sharp fang!


Which do you prefer? Yahoo or Amazon?

Don’t tell me even Google and Babylon?

The server says… too many connections…

Until it’s over… lost connection. T.T


Which do you prefer? Portrait or landscape?

The important, in picture, your face is there!

But of course, wanted to be the largest in capture

Zoom plus photoshop, boom! an edited picture!



Which of these?  Happiness or Loneliness?

Choose only one, Hey!  Be fearless!

Under the midnight sun, be prepared

To face the consequence, don’t be scared!


What is it? Oh! A Borderland!

Contrasting ideas meet in a middle land!

Are you still enjoying the view from here?

Eenie meenie, mie ni moe, well, much the same…


But the end of the day, you have no choice

There is no exemption in DEATH of course…

In the labyrinth of life please, be careful

Think… so you can’t see yourself as a fool…


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