Radiance- Radiance

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inspirational poem when facing problems

Submitted: January 16, 2013

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Submitted: January 16, 2013




by: Yueh Kheizukhen

As I see the beam of light

Of the moon that is so bright...

I felt lonely and sentimental

Thus making my heart like a cold metal…

The sky is cold, somewhat shivering

In the middle of darkness, I’m still dreaming

The bad memories I have in many years…

Must be kept in the past with no more tears…

As I see the beam of light

People found and lost in confusion

And they will be like vanished memories

As the moon and sun meets both on horizon…

A day ended…yet a day’s introduction

The pain in the chest becomes a safeguard

Anger and sorrow makes my knees hard

Once more I’m looking at this world

Ready to open the stories that are still untold

As I see the beam of light

I remember the love, dreams and simplicity

And let everything echo eternally

My feelings, my shadow, even my heartbeat

I definitely feel it as a soundtrack above my feet

As the moon and sun meet again on horizon…

The compass tell, directions can’t be found

But I will not lost for I light my fire

I’ll continue my journey under the crimson sky

As I see the beam of light…

Sorrow flickers softly in the distance

I should be careful, there’s no second chance

Without carrying anything, I’ll go on

For nothing will destroy my determination

No more no less…I’ll follow my starlight

For that is my guide through the day and night

The light… deep within my heart will always sparkle

I’ll call it radiance… of my life… of my future

© Copyright 2017 Carl Joseph Lanada. All rights reserved.

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