The Soundtrack of Life- Essay

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essay using the titles of American and Japanese songs.

Submitted: January 16, 2013

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Submitted: January 16, 2013




By: Carl Joseph Lanada

As we stood on the Borderland, we keep on thinking about the Complicated Prophecy of our life. Can we pass this Serment? As long as we live, our life is still Unfinished until the Daybreak’s Bell. But what will you do if you can’t find the Beam of Light of your future because of your broken Linkage to the Heaven?

The lonely song originates from the throat of the crow… creating a Crimson Sky, Agony, Lamentations, a state of PSI-Missing, and a Seed of an Innocent Sorrow to one’s heart. But there’s still a ray of hope… a Shooting Star of an Unyielding Wish from the Ark of Epsilon to open the Door of Paradise.

Problems come and go. When there’s any, only two possible things that you may do. Make a Runaway or you will just Stay and be Numb. In this world of Timeless Time, we are only living in a short Borrowed Time full of not only Sentimental Moments and Precious Mosaic Memories but also with Eternal Flames of problems that will set your life in Blaze. And as the fire goes too big, you are about to face the Edge of World End and the only One Thing that you can do is to Cry at the Same Ground.

Don’t be too nervous to the Jointed Trill of catastrophes. Look at the cancer patient facing the dawn of his life at the hospital. While waiting his time, he made a Note to God containing his wish to have Re-Sublimity of his life and to Go The Distance to see the Fireworks under the Blue Sky waiting for another Tomorrow and to see the birds Chasing The Sun. Look also at the street children at the bottom level of the Triangle of life having no food to eat for days and having no Home to stay. They are like aliens from Another Planet so Nobody in Sociometry wants to help them. Try to look also at the church for about 25 Minutes to see a bride Being left alone with no groom arrived. She is weeping in Red Tears with her Wedding Dress, thinking about the broken Promise that is Lost in the Echo. But remember, you are still Lucky that you are facing only a partial Eclipse in your life.

Think that if you have a big problem today, how about the people that have more problems than you.  Are they still laughing? Or they are now crying in Portamento? 

Life is full of Colors of choices so we have to choose correctly. As you make your Pyramid of your original Masterpiece, Hold On and look for it by yourself… No Buts about it. You have to Light Your Fire and Burst the Gravity to See Visions of Radiance of future. Always Believe in Heaven as you Change the World of Unsymmetry. Masquerade of problems should not be taken too seriously. Look up at the sky… you have nothing to fear because Angels Brought you Here…All in Good Time.  If you want to become successful, you have to face it with the guidance of Universe. Heaven Knows that you are strong to Square the Circle of possibilities, to set your life having No Boundaries to go a Thousand Miles in Crossing Field and Return to that Place again having only One Last Cry in your meaningful soundtrack of life.

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