Does She Love Me?

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Never leave it too late to tell someone.

Submitted: September 02, 2015

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Submitted: September 02, 2015



I look desperately into her large blue eyes awaiting her response; the light reflects off the wetness and gives a sparkle as if containing magic.

Her thin red lips quiver slightly and my heart skips a beat as I anticipate, the corner of her mouth slightly turns up into a smile, or a smirk. Is she mocking me?

The wind whips her dark hair across her face and she looks down as a hand comes up to brush her fringe behind her small ears. The pony tail she wears is messy and is just another reason why I adore her so much.

I have known her for such a long time and always admired her from afar. Never have I been able to pluck up the courage, until now. People have always told me that I should just dive in, say something or I would regret it. If only they could be in my shoes.

It’s easy to be on the outside looking in, it’s easy to just tell someone what they should or should not do. But try it for yourself and see how quickly you fumble or how long it takes you to work up the courage.

At least before I could live in the fantasy, always know that there is a possibility and to dream. “But dreaming is not healthy”, some would say. “Life is not a fantasy or a day dream.”

A fantasy cannot break your heart; a fantasy can feel as good as you want it too. You can live an eternity in a fantasy and not know a single shred of pain or regret, why would you not want to live in such a place? There is no end to your desire being fulfilled.

She looks back up at me with her goofy little smile and my heart melts away to nothing, my head spins and reality seems to break away to a dull grey. She said something.

All I hear is a dull warble; it was neither yes nor no. She is saying something to me and I wish I could hear her soft, intoxicating voice. A voice that I have listened to so many times and every single time it gives me butterflies and makes my head spin.

But this time my head is not spinning from her hypnotic tones, the brain tumour finally reaches its apex and takes me away.

I was too late.

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