Mister Great 4

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QR codes can take you any where, even to your grave.

Submitted: September 07, 2015

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Submitted: September 07, 2015



Technology is an amazing thing. It allows us to complete so many tasks with ease. It allows us to navigate vast distances and makes us coffee as it does so, it even tells us where to go.

We follow technology so blindly that we do not see the dangers that lurk underneath. The new dangers we have not become familiar with.

Sure, no one in their right mind would allow the Nigerian Prime Minister access to their bank details. But tell someone to look out for QR codes that give the location of a secret under ground rave and they're all over it. Most of the codes took you to the party, but there were some that took you to a completely different kind of party, one where you would be dead on your feet.

The guys name was unknown to me, my partner simply refereed to him as the QR Killer. She has a great imagination.

I managed to locate one of his codes that led to an abandoned tin mine just outside town. A ruined building with barely half its original structure standing. The chimney was in tact and erected high.

There I could see the victim strapped to a chair, gagged and either unconscious or sedated. A young male, barely out of his teens, in his tight jeans, how the hell do they run around wearing tight jeans.

The QR Killer comes out from round the side of the ruin, where he had parked his van. He was carrying a brown roll that he placed on a crumbled wall and opened the roll to reveal a line of shiny blades. That is when I make my move.

I jump down from the top of the chimney and land with a heavy thud. I hope he feels the ground shake.

He turns and thrusts a small 3” blade into my stomach. He was faster than I gave him credit for. I feel the force of the blade punch into my flesh. Fortunately, my armour is stab proof and reinforced with carbon fibre.

He does not notice and he still wears a sly smirk as I punch him in the side of the head. A blow enough to lay him out till the cops get here. I move to check the kid, still breathing.

I feel the ground shake.

I turn fast and he is there faced away from me, hunched over the resting body of the QR Killer.

“It would be so easy, one thrust and the threat is eliminated.” I can barely make him out, is he talking to me or himself?

“Don't even think about it.” I tell him in my strongest voice.

“Oh no, this one is yours. Finish him properly or he will just return, like The Headmaster.”

“Yeah, but I stopped him”

“I saw. But one day, there will be one you will not stop.”

He lifts his arm to fire his grapple. Not this time, I have had enough of him dropping in when he feels like. There is only one place to go and anticipating, I throw one of the QR Killers knives and slice the rope as it shoots off into the night.

“Very well, lets do this then.” He smirks under his beaked cowl.

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