Mister Great 5

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic
Always be aware of Ex's, you never know what kind of psycho they turn out to be.

Submitted: September 11, 2015

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Submitted: September 11, 2015



I wake up in a box of room and all I can make out is the various shades of red bricks. I try and remember the last thing. I was fighting Magpie. I remember him being good, very good. I could train for 10 years and still not match him.

He was just about to finish beating me to death when I managed to trick him and knock him out with a lose clump of debris I wiggled free from a wall section. I called in Miss Amazing and it all went black.

I manage to sit up, the dirty orange of the strip light on the ceiling flutters as I do so. I can feel the pain in my ribs, probably 3 of them gone I should think. My face feels like water balloons and my right wrist is broken for sure where Magpie nearly twisted it off. Serves me right for telegraphing that first strike.

I see a window in the wall in front of me and I pull myself up to it. I notice that its reinforced with metal fascias, no doubt they are reinforced too.

What I see on the other side takes my breath away and I instantly feel a fire rage deep inside me. Tied down to an operating table, my partner lays. She appears to be unconscious.

Behind the table a large, burly man in dirty scrubs and an operating mask stands staring at me. I can see the smirk in his thin shifty eyes.

“Glad you could be awake for this Mister Great.”

He says my name with such sarcasm and I feel my anger flare. I punch the glass and feel it do more harm than good.

There's 2 things about Aussie, he is actually from New Zealand and he is Miss Amazing's ex-boyfriend and so holds some resentment toward me.

“I was loath to do any harm to my little bunny rabbit here, but lucky me, you give away your position before I had to do anything. What was even luckier was to find you unconscious already.”

His laugh pierces my skull, I must have taken so many blows to the head I most certainly lost an IQ point or 2. I wonder if there was any part of me that did not hurt.

“You see this?” he holds up a syringe, “this will bring my little bunny back into my arms.”

He laughs again and I start hammering at the window. Ignoring the pain as best I could but the glass does not even flex. I look around frantically as he adjusts the dosage.

I notice that one of the walls has a freshly laid section. Of course, he would have had to get me in here some how and it could not have been that long ago.

As I move over to the wall, I press a button no one knows about, one I am normally loathed to press as I do not like having to rely on outside help. I have pressed this button only once before.

I throw my body against the weaker section and can feel it instantly give way, a few more times and I could be through.

Just as I brake the doorway through I hear an almighty crash. Metal straining under great force as its torn from its welding. I move around the box that was my prison and I see, floating before me in red and black, the from that is Ultiman with Aussie staring up at him. Ultiman is a science experiment to unlock a humans telekinetic ability.

The syringe floats between the two of them.

“Its ok,” he says in his serene voice, “I got here just in time.”

Everything blurs for a second and I find I'm launching myself over the operating table at Aussie as I use my body weight to force him to the ground and start pummelling blindly. Its not until I feel nothing connect that I realise Ultiman has lifted me up out of the way.

“Calm yourself.” He says to me, but he must know that's not going to happen. “I will take Aussie to the authorities, you tend you your partner.”

He flies out the hole in roof with Aussie in tow, I can feel the rage subside. Under all the pain and ache, I feel a pressure in the neck.

“Now you will have no choice but to see things my way.” Magpie says behind me, taking the syringe out of my neck.

© Copyright 2020 Carl Worgan. All rights reserved.

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