Mister Great 8

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The final part of the Magpie chapter.

Submitted: September 17, 2015

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Submitted: September 17, 2015



 She runs pretty fast, I almost forgot how fast she is but she is not fast enough. She darts down a dark alley, I was almost not expecting it, there's a reason I call her my little rabbit.

The alley quickly opens up into an area behind a large supermarket where all the deliveries are made. Several large blue and plastic skips line a wall to the right.

With a flick I launch one of my night sticks at her and it gets tangled up around her ankles, sending her flying and head butting one of the skips. She flops to the ground motionless and I launch myself into the air at her. As she turns I land on her and plunge a knife deep into her heart. She looks at me with sad eyes and I feel a pang of guilt as I wrench the blade free.

“Very well done,” I hear the familiar raspy voice behind me. “Killing your partner has proven yourself to me.”

As I spin round to look at Magpie, my other nightstick leave my hand and it cracks him in the jaw. I will not underestimate him this time, no holding back and before he is able to recover from the nightstick Miss Amazing has thrown a CS pellet bomb that bursts on his chest sending the vapours directly into his face.

He recovers quickly and I just catch a flash of a shiriken and move in time for it to skim my hood. I feel pain in my collar bone. I did not see the second one, it embeds itself deep and I can feel it cut into the bone.

A skip moves on its own. Flying across the alley, even Magpie is caught out by it and is flattened by the force. The skip slams on top of him and is crushed by an invisible force, pinning Magpie to the ground. Ultiman floats down from his hiding spot.

“Time to see what we have here.” Miss Amazing says.

She pulls off Magpies cowl and revealed to us is the aged and grizzled appearance of Trevor Allison, known as The Shadow, one of the first vigilantes and a founder of the Consortium. He looks at me and laughs.

“My lady will have her vengeance upon you Mister Great, mark my words.”

I look down at him, his pupils are barely visible and his iris' are stone grey. He looks at me and through me.

“Strange,” Psyclopse says coming round the corner, “he is not under any psychotropic affect, it seems like his mind is just locked away and a new presence has moved in.”

“Can you not unlock it?” I ask.

“With you it was a simple case of countering the effects of a drug, convincing your mind to ignore its affects. For him it would be like trying to lock pick a dead bolt with a paper credit card and even if I was successful, there would then be a duality within him.” He says.

“Then we have no choice but to take him back to HQ and keep him locked up until we can figure out how to free him.” Ultiman says.

Psyclopse places his hand on Trevor's head and he falls asleep, the grin subsides but is still there, I can see it in the corner of his mouth. Ultiman and Psyclopse take him away.

“So, a lady huh?” Miss Amazing says, “apparently one with the facilities to alter ones state of mind.”

“It would seem so. But for now, I just need some rest.”


Miles away, hidden in the basement of a cottage, a rudimentary laboratory has been set up. Strewn across the desks various blueprints and scrawled on blackboards are sums and equations. A young woman sits hunched over a workbench, her red hair tied back into a messy ponytail. She suddenly sits bolt upright.

“HA! It is finished. Now Mister Great will know the wrath of Siren.”

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