Mister Great part 3

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

Magpies last sudden appearance has got the duo spooked.

 In the morning, on a clear day, light streams in through the small bedroom window. It is so bright that the little girl that sleeps within put up black curtains, with intricately sewn white flowers on it, in an attempt to dull the light. Her dad would not allow them to have blinds as they were expensive.

The curtains did nothing to hold back the sun light and every morning, without fail, the light wakes her up. Normally the dark haired girl would just throw her duvet over her head and try and brave the stifling air under the covers.

On this occasion, she was roused from her slumber. The light had an eerie orange glow to it. Not like it does when the sky is burnished by the rising or setting sun, this was a deep orange that seemed to dance on the ceiling.

The girl sat up and looked about her small room, the light was definitely coming from outside and she looked up at the curtains, the silhouette of the window flashed erratically.

Apprehensively she pushes herself up onto her knees and reaches for the divide. She suddenly becomes very aware of how load her breathing has become and her heart thumps hard in her chest.

Holding her breath she draws the curtains aside and instantly expels when she witnesses the scene before her.

On the other side of the window she can plainly see the town laid out before her, like her home had been placed on top of a viewpoint. The whole place was ablaze. There wasn't a single building that was not licked by flame.

She can feel the panic and fear emanating from the town in waves, hitting her like a punch to the chest that takes her breath away. She fights to control her breathing and it's not until she does that she sees a figure hunched over on a rooftop at the centre.

She feels that she recognises the man. The dark outfit with the hood, so dark and black that it seemed like an endless void. No features are visible within the silhouette of the figure.

She gets a disturbing feeling that the figure knows she is there and that she is looking at him, that by merely looking at him was giving her location away.

He turns his head and looks at her and she can see his eyes blaze under the hood, the only feature that she can make out. She does know him, but he is not wearing his usual red and white suite, how could she have recognised him without his proper suit?

“Mister Great?” She whispers.

As if in response, the figure bounds off across the roof tops. Each leap takes him unnaturally far and he seems to linger in the air before descending and landing. She cranes her neck around the window to see where he goes out of sight.

A small Magpie slams into the window and the girl falls back onto the bed and its squawking wakes her up.

In another dark room where the sun always seems to shine in through the window brightly, a dark haired woman sits up from her sleep. She can feel the perspiration on her skin. Beside her a man stirs.

“You OK?” He says softly.

“Yeah, bad dream. This Magpie guy has really got me spooked.”

She lays back down and he puts an arm around her and pulls her in close.

“I can't sleep either.”

Submitted: September 06, 2015

© Copyright 2022 Carl Worgan. All rights reserved.

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