Proof of Love

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How far would you go to prove to someone you loved them?

Submitted: October 06, 2015

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Submitted: October 06, 2015



What’s the hardest thing in the world to achieve? The answer all depends on who you ask. The adventurous type might say climbing Mount Everest, the realist might say world peace and the pessimist might say a fair and equal society.

For me it would be to prove to a girl how much I loved her. Oh that’s easy, you might say, but not for me, I don’t do simple flowers and taking her out to a fancy restaurant is far too clichéd. I am also very awkward in such situations that require one on one interaction and eating.

I am much more akin to the big, grand show of affection. If I could, I would fly to the moon and write a big “I love you” on the surface that could be read from the ground. I would go out and found some undiscovered land and name it after my heart’s desire.

So you can see how I would have trouble in showing someone how much I loved them. Cooking dinner, fetching flowers or a fancy show all seem trivial in comparison to the love I truly feel.

Now, this one girl I fell so madly in love with recently was what some would call a difficult catch. That’s not to say that she was playing hard to get or was not interested, because she was. It was more to do with the situation she was stuck in.

No matter what happened or how I tried, she would always get stuck because of other people and not with me. So I told her that I would wipe out everyone in the world so that it was just her and me and we could finally be together. She laughed and said that if I were to do that for her she would love me forever. So I did, or rather, try.

It was quite the feat to undertake and I admit now maybe I should have thought on it a little more. But after extensive research and time, I was able to get my hands on some bio weapons that not even terrorists like ISIS were crazy enough to use.

It started off quite well. I figured that if I started somewhere big it would have a greater impact and better chance of spreading. I was not wrong.

I had managed to wipe out nearly 1.3 billion in China, quickly spreading to Russia, killing another 97 million and I had just rooted in America killing 200 million when I was finally caught.

By the time I stood for trial in front of the world court, I had wiped out 4 billion of the world’s population. They have sentenced me to hang in the morning, but at least I got to spend one night with the girl I love, also solved the overpopulation problem.

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