Gone To The Clowns

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Lisa's children are grow and have their own lives. it's time for Lisa to rediscover her life as well.

Submitted: March 28, 2017

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Submitted: March 28, 2017



Gone to the Clowns


Lisa missed her children. They visited now and then but not enough. Something drastic had to be done. And that something drastic, was now laid out casually across her neatly made bed. A clown costume. Lisa wasn’t even sure what possessed her to buy it. Except that it was on sale at the local costume shop that she walked by every day and the thought had crossed her mind that maybe it would get the kids talking and maybe visiting.

Karen was the first to notice the outfit, while on a monthly visit, while answering her ever present cell phone. The first reaction Lisa heard as she calmly sipped her tea was, “I’ll have to call you back!”

“Mother what is that on your bed?”

“My new outfit. Wasn’t it you who said I should get new wardrobe?”

“Yes, but, but, but, don’t you think it’s a little ummmm bright?”

“Yep exactly why I chose it. I’m tired of all the browns and grays in my life. Perfect for that wedding this summer don’t you agree?”

That was the end of the conversation and the visit. Karen left sputtering something has to be done.

Lisa just smiled knowing there would  be another visit soon.

And there was, by George. He pulled into the driveway unexpectedly as Lisa was coming home from the library. “Where have you been off to Mother?”

“Been to the library. After all weren’t you the one who said reading was good for the mind?”, said Lisa as she unlocked the door and loudly dropped the books of the kitchen table. George’s eyes grew large as he looked at the titles, books on clowning and magic.

Lisa just smiled innocently as she said “Tea?” George left that day all worked up, Lisa could tell. George do something drastic had to be done.

Then Kevin visited. Shortly after Lisa traded her blue sedan for the bright yellow mini. He didn’t seem too alarmed at first. After all it was good for mother to have visitors. “Mother,” he said as he popped in the door, “having a visitor?”

“No, why would you ask?” She said as she fixed him a snack.

“Well I saw the yellow car in the driveway and I assumed…”

“Oh no I traded in the sedan didn’t I mention that?”

As he ate a cookie he knew siblings were right, something drastic had to be done.

Lizzie was visiting within the week. She didn’t stay long. In fact something seemed to come up after Lisa answered the door with you in the luckily I don’t stress about tomorrow I will get back on the road clown makeup on. Lisa smiled. Lizzie knew her siblings were right. Something drastic had to be done.

They decide they would all visit together, several days later. Taking a day off from work even, to be sure Lisa’s drastic behavior was dealt with. They rang the doorbell several times. Finally a neighbor looked over from her yard next door.  “She’s not home. She does volunteer work at the hospital on Wednesdays.” They all agreed this was a good sign. Maybe she was back to herself. They decided to visit the hospital to see what her volunteer work entailed. .

There they heard the drastic change first. The silly horn, followed by giggles of children. Then they saw the source of those giggles, a clown. Unrecognizable at first. George was the first one to suspect, “Mother?” Yes it was a drastic change, one that they now all new, they could live with quite happily.

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