The Bankruptcy

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Donovan discovers that characters who escaped his imagination years ago have now been let loose on the world

Submitted: March 27, 2017

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Submitted: March 27, 2017



The  Bankruptcy


It had been twenty five years post procedure and still Donovan wondered how they were getting along.  It was part of the deal, part of the contract.  Once his characters had become real, flesh and bone, he would forget about them.  As if they never existed, except in his stories, but he still wondered. 

  It had  all begun with an internet ad.  A small classified ad, albeit intriguing, on a writing website he frequented. It read Study Participants Needed.  Writers preferred for a study in imaginary reconfiguration.  For details contact Scientific Foundry Study.

It was a scam, it had to be.  Except that Scientific Foundry was in his town, one of the new start ups that he'd read about at the time.  Finally on a whim, as a joke almost, he had sent an e-mail.  Never expecting a reply. 

The reply came though, and only when he received the response did he find out the full extent of the study.  And by then he couldn't resist.  What writer would give up the chance to meet their characters in person, created by the scientists into living beings.  That one experiment had led to the most intriguing, thrilling and fear creating moments of his life.A time he would never forget.  Yet it left him years later at the bar, wondering.

To distract himself from his thoughts, he opened the paper, something he always read cover to cover daily.  Browsing the legals was when he first saw the bankruptcy notice for Scientific Foundry .  If they were bankrupt though, what about the village.  That was his one condition, his part of the contract too.  That  the characters he had created, would be locked up.  Kept safe from the world.  Or that the world would be kept safe from them more likely.  There had to be a provision in the bankruptcy paperwork, a clause, something to keep the village and its inhabitants safe.

Donovan quickly put on his coat and folded the paper under his arm.  He opened the door, about to leave,  when the hair suddenly stood up on his neck at the laughter of a voice he hadn't heard in twenty five years, but which echoed every day in his mind.He turned slowly to see him.  Gunder, older, wiser but still with the same psychotic mind gleaming through his eyes.  Gunder raised a glass toward Donovan and smiled, “Celebrating a bankruptcy! Care to join us?”

It was then that Donovan knew, the world was no longer safe.  Then that he knew he had to somehow save the world from his own imagination. There was no provision.

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