The Textra 3000

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A convenient gadget soon overtakes the mundane tasks that make up a persons life. Then whose life is it?

Submitted: August 20, 2018

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Submitted: August 20, 2018



The Textra 3000

By Carla Charter

I’m not sure anyway could pinpoint the exact moment when the Textra 3000 stopped serving us and we started serving it.  I wish I had never created it, the Textra 3000 but that is in hindsight now.

Everyone was excited with the announcement of the Textra by Oversight Technologies. Soon oversight which had started out as a former freestanding video rental building now moved to a fancy lab in an industrial park. 

When the Textra prototypes first were manufactured, it’s creators were the first to test them out. If the hype was good the prototype itself was even better. There was no way to describe the free time I had now with Textra there to take care of the mundane part of my life. Textra or Tex as I called her, washed dishes, took out trash, mowed the lawn and fed the dog, all the little things that would take up my extra time were now done by her. Maybe that’s when the problem started. When I named it, her whatever this machine of convenience was.

Even if I did notice something about it that seemed almost human like I ignored it or maybe even enjoyed it.  It was nice not feeling alone in my house to have someone to talk to even if it was only Tex.

  Ok so that light of hers did follow me around as I moved throughout the house.  At least I thought it did, maybe it was my imagination. So despite my misgivings I gave it rave reviews as did my counterparts.

Reviews that were so rave that they earned us time to create another download. Son we had made her mobile in the outside world. With her automated cart doing groceries, picking up prescriptions and the dry cleaning.

Driving was next another feat we were told Tex could never accomplish but we were determined to prove the naysayers wrong.  We built her to be compatible with the cars which too were driverless we had chauffeurs, who could converse with us along the way.  Somewhere along this road she became less of a machine and more of a human and  I let my guard down, we all did.

So now the tables are turned. Work according to Tex is one more chore we should not have to do so we sat at home what I did with nothing to do with our lives. The Utopia we had all created had become a prison of boredom.  Others wondered about it too. We had our allowance, after Tex paid the bills of course, and purchased little amusements and hobbies.  Items to occupy our time much like a child’s playthings to amuse themselves with until their parents got home.  Roles had reversed and the world had become automated. We were lost wandering in a world of our own creation, aimless and pointless, waiting for our keepers to arrive to amuse us once again.

So we waited for change not knowing in the end change would once again have to come from us.  It did with plans for the first dismantling of a Textra 3000.  What we had created we must now uncreate no matter how convenient it was. Convenience had become our master and comfort the missing key that kept us locked into their world. So we joined together biding our time until  the first dismantling began.

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