This Is my Voice

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A political essay about our current political environment

Submitted: January 17, 2017

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Submitted: January 17, 2017



This Is My Voice

This is my voice

One of millions

Alone a whisper

Together a scream

My voice

 Is Muslim

And Christian,

and Jewish

and Buddhist

And Sikh

And Athiest

My voice is


And Middle Eastern

and African-American

and Asian

and Native American

and Indian

and every wonderful melting pot color between


I will speak up against registries

and pussy grabbing

and mocking

and attacking of true heroes

and allowing my fellow human beings to get sick to appease someone’s political agenda


Our voices are  watching

and speaking out

and protesting

against those who work for me,

who I hired

and through an election, can very quickly fire again


I speak of for equality

For justice

For free speech

For fairness for all


I speak out loudly,


Enjoying the rights

of being the voice of dissent

That has been granted to me

By every cross in Arlington Cemetery

This is my voice

the voice of dissent

The voice of your fellow Americans

Equal in every way


The voices of our nation’s conscience

It reverberates loudly in the halls

Of every public building throughout the land

The voice of reason

Listen clearly

This is the voice that says

We will not go back

Forward only

Forward always

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