*Im not that girl*

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This is about how I wanted everyone to think I was a perfect girl but the truth is im depressed, sad, & angry inside & im tired of pretending im happy.

Submitted: October 11, 2012

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Submitted: October 11, 2012



I have struggled through out my entire life.

Hopeing that one day that I will find my way.

Life is tough & for me it has been pretty tough.

Its caused me so much sadness & pain inside that Im always trying to hide.

I dont want my loved ones to see the pain & hurt in me.

I want them to see that strong girl that they'd want me to be.

Everything thats bothered me, ive kept bottled up inside.

Because I dont want anyone to know why Ive cried.

They think Im alright but if they only knew whats on my mind at night.

That Im not that girl they all thought I would be but Im not because that girl aint me.

The truth is, im the girl who is depresssed because of what ive seen has made me a mess.

I just wanna be free & go find something that I would love to be.

Instead of living in complete misery.

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