6 Poems Crying For Love Part 1

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More love and pain by LOVE itself.

Submitted: November 30, 2008

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Submitted: November 30, 2008



6 Poems Crying for Love/Part 1




Ah, drink again

It sucks the peace that reflect

The blunting star I hold, and when I rise to cry,

Like the wind along with the waves of the ocean,

That are licking from your feet to your soul, I wick my heart

In reply, Who I am by the bliss?

There is no quotation for the night ahead,

And the fire beyond all change and mortal,

I cry down by the dumped hours.

I try to tell you what I was dreaming along

The blue cascades, along your unkind mind,

Marked by the comforting feeling of cupping dreams.



The twilight, a mystery

The breeze from the last night’s coming

Through the window, advancing in fire

Like a kiss-watery mouth raising questions of who are you?

Over the ocean, the rippled desires rowing

In delicious circles.

I stand up, and I begin to shake

That even the waves of this Ocean are backing up

In a foaming haze. Do I ready to fall in love? Do I ready to make love?

Like a waterfall that streaming from my soul the distance

Of the depth, my drive force?


The melting hours

Just because your desire is part

Of this night, dappled with invisible time and entrusting thoughts

I do not think I will step ahead without how it.

As far as my eyes can see, you are still thinking of the unregenerate love

That I can delivery.

Is this what Mozart’s notes are saying? Ah, memory and light

Cannot cover any heart with dust or whatever that means in love.

Only what I have, and what I can create inside my heart!

Anything else is just the dust!

The wind!




Tumultuous thoughts, away

Come, Ghost mine! Let you and I dance

Between the waves and the dwindled feather of our dream!

In this narrowed path where the stars and the night

Will flow through our skins.

Come, Ghost mine! Let you and I drink

The nectars of our heart by the edge of the moonlight.

Let you and I make this night ours that has made us to cry

Without knowing what it is!

Let’s to celebrate!

Let’s fall in remember and that past of despair.



From above, beyond that

All my life, oh God!

I try to please this chain of fate.

As it appears to call the pretty spring the song I sing.

Would you hear my song from this plum-flower hide in my heart:

You are mine in dream as the Mountain needs of the sky.

You are mine as the River needs of the rain.

You are mine as the Streaming blood of my body needs

To melt such proteins of living!

You are mine as the Green light of the Needs you fail to light in front of me!

Is this my song? Yet it will be yours if you tell me

Which road I should take?


Astonishing rush, night

I cannot believe that a smile will hurt you

And cancel all what you already have created

Like a superstitious fearful bridge to be separated by both:

The darkness & the question who had built it.

I wonder if there will be a place to hold myself

And yet moving along the way to be able to give love.

I do not understand if that is the reason of being who am I.

I won’t allow myself to smile or cross

Over my boy, gazing into the sun what I miss.

Is that love? I mean, is this real love? In crying, in waiting or in waste?

Is this my love, actually? A windowless that only it’s

Rolling it like a curtain! Believe it or not it’s love!

That dark side all artists fight to conquer!






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