6 Poems For Love Part 2

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Love groweth only in hearts that know LOVE. So LOVE is myterious.

Submitted: November 30, 2008

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Submitted: November 30, 2008



6 Poems For Love Part 2




I wept

I want all, my love! I want to cry for you,

To fight for you like a bullied boxer, and staining your fast

Stream into an enormous spice.

I will work for that love! By the loving smell,

Where the clouds will not have an end, rather they will pass

Over the cascades that you have created in endless feast!

There, I dot not care! The pain will be gone, too,

And upon the laid field, I know, my love, I feel it and I will grow!

Love will grow too along the pine of the crimson gold!

Together, undefeated, even broken,

I will be aware that I love one, and in front of me, a world

Will open into the face of empty balm

Where I could say I love one:

A bastard! A beast! An anima!

I cannot care least!



A perfect goodbye

Even though, perhaps, tomorrow,

As a concerto of violins is departing along the clock,

My green leaves will shine away under any given morning’s sun.

My love will be so delicate there. Sweet, like a red apple,

While I, walking back and forth, with my fallen arms

In this dimly room that beyond my eyes I behold the new passion,

Will tell this story that has been shattered by the frightened kisses

I hold.

Who, now, even as I spoke that I am a being who have loved

In the stream, could have thoughts to the day I die.

I will be free with you, my love!

Along the meadow’s line and beyond!


Night, you ask

Have you laid all the shapes

In front of me along with this terrible, ungrounded shadow,

That I identify myself with the spring?

Do not say a word because you and I,

Two shoulders that seem to weight the living time,

Roving and roving

By shifting to a sentimental ego are unknown in front of the whole spring.

Please, don’t say anything else.

Just hold me, my beloved night, and when I am gazing

Into your black beautiful eyes and melting away

What you have taken from me, let me under the unquiet

Countryside to die.



Unrest, waiting moment

Minute by minute, happiness starting to close:

The color of your eyes speaking from down afar

From me where I have to go to die.

To me with a language that only you know:

Though I strapped aside the shelter,

I can see they are still blue.

As I gaze at those eyes, before they have fallen in this

Long grassland of foreplay and mounding, I remember

To be yours before; in fact, some scenes

Poured over me, swallowing me with the best start

Of this unavailingly thought.

Then darkness.


I come from seasons

Let be it before

The summertime’s night is over

And when the legendary fans arise

Making you to satisfy the hungrier moonlight.

So here you and I:

You are straightened yourself up like a dimension

By the praise song you are made of

And I, going to here and there,

Making it being so damned perfect in flame.



By love's cry

Love me!

Somewhere beyond the evening light

Beyond the Eve’s springtime, while I delay it till

The morning’s will or over the ocean

And the roadside but you must know one thing,

I am still a being damned in love.


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