Absolutism, Fantasy, or Revelation/ The Transcendental American Idealism

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A certain sense how American ideal and participation to the world is perceived by many as fear.

Submitted: December 01, 2008

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Submitted: December 01, 2008




The Transcendental American Idealism



Kantian absolutism is real in Hollywood’s market; the Hegelian fantasy is not what American history of porno and slavery questioning on being in needs, and by all mean of what Kierkegaard holds to the word revelation. That is the conception of truth, then there cannot be any transcendental idealism in American freedom whether in its free of speech or in its  autonomous science of individualism has the real seal of human salvation.

So, where the real America stand? Somewhere in the perennial discovery of our silly arrogance. But there is more. History is positive and cruel. Here we are going to find all kind of “ism” pools: rationalism and idealism and existentialism because they seem to rise the same denomination of intensely discovery who we are and who we are not. However, British failed to give us any proposition for which George Washington or John Adams might be nourished by such regret of mental different. In fact, they either confirmed their own position dogmatically how a future will be in front of us. For instance, Negroes, Homosexuals, and Abortion all that lay down from the standpoint of the Constitution.

Now this is tragedy.

Suppose that all doctrines of neorealism and critical realism and rationalism and Marxism may be attached to the capitalism of American mentality. Not as history, as we recognize the real America, but the validity of American spirit. Can we call it illusion? An overwhelmed reality? Or an effective tool of American disenchanted to world? Whatever it sounds, which it is the absolute presence of America in front of the world, we wish to focus now on the unity of that fear.

We are afraid of trying being an American. Because our paradoxical truth is difficult to sell in human values such as individualism and within the framework of American Constitution and thoughts. More danger to our thoughts, which in its development little by little seems to be fulfilled more and more with irrationalistic and subjectivistic. A pool of fear and corruption.

Here lies the essence of America to the world. The powerful thought of changing, the overlooking perception from the above sense of rational position. A question rises, however. Is this a fact that appears antithetical of human choice? Can we find now that American Constitution is a character only from the true freedom or from the fatal transformation of being an American under the autonomy rule? Only this confirm that a type of freedom cannot be attached to the ability of domination. SOMEONE will find is an intentional of blindness, a religion sense, and not an identification of reasons.

Nevertheless, in our mind, it seems to us that America has a speculative thought which it is divided by such dimension on humans. If naturalism, democracy, and religion in the American eyes has a critical and theoretical line in front of the world (“as fragmentary mind”) then America will be a dangerous enemy to every human who differentiated themselves as individuals in their own choice such as the differences of what we are in the world outside of American circle.

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