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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

A lot of dreams and passion. A lot of anger and emotion

The Picasso Picture

The Flock -- your honey --

Where I die --take me, beloved -- my Season's Summer

Where I count you -- Woman, alone --

Like the Snappy lover who runs away!

Collecting all

My Guests -- Death

Your Virginal Torments!

The Brisky Moon

Not too far

Till I hold

The form --

You are

The last drop

Of myfancy

And my blood.

Thee, like a living

Scarlet --

Your face!

The Mouthful Morning

I whispered with force

Like a wounded animal --

I went as far from you -- Silence,

The stone that is watching us --

And there is no mercy for my tears!

How can I have you

With the stem -- with force

Under the Steal's volcano, in lava --

Emily, in the Fall, grows!

Cool Dreams

A pair of beings

Should be together

By the Honored Mushroom of God

As a cleam bell -- Oh, the Sounds --

As the smell of the rain

Asa waking

Exploring underneath

The Sheets!


You doomed

Alone --unsoiled --

In the Homely Breath--

Regarding as a Woman, a Man--


To whom the Cloud afar

Behind the utters

Left all of themdried!

Could I feel

The Joyful --that tremulous body--

For whom the Formula

Of love --joy -- is just a doomed


Away -- near --far --

In the distance

Nothing from you haveleft a remember.

If you believe me-- as you have done before-- Immortality,

The recollection of Sunrise --

You supposed to be here --

Between my fingernails -- between the choosen Words

That Delights!

Bleeding Mystery

Bound the fullness --

Here, there -- with the content of sleeping birds--

The most ceaseless --

To roses!

I look at you -- my Crowded gardens --

The blind bee --

Who has dared to toss

You away from me!


I know I'm dreaming, my angel --

I know how deep with it I go!

Ghosts are welcome in this Hawaiian Cottage--

Nearby the October's Sun.

Night rans in dsdain eyes

None of you are here --

I know itfor fact -- because I belong to it --

Just as it is bleeding me -- away

Where , my angel, if I turn, I will die against the wind --

Where can I find you then --

Uninterrupted body

As an inducted rose --

We -- despair -- before me

Who have died many hours before you evenreached me

I will die thenby holding your bloody hand.

The Lighting

Eagle -- Sea-- Hope -- the long Wave --

Slowly -- to the Acorn --

From where Million goodbyes

As the beat of a deflowered rose -- drives all our passion away --

Deep in and out --

It will beimpossible I'm going tomeet you again!

Nevertheless I read your long letters --

Breathed -- Organic glory --

Sublime ectasis -- they all were belong to -- belong to meinpoison --

Chanted -- the perpetual given!

The Glory Desire

At last you are here --

Naked, ready -- against the Beggar --

A dream explores -- Little by little, all night along!




The Deforming Wounds

There are two virginal loves --one -- the halves --

Whose danger is sided, inland.

The second is the second halves of the first -- splashing

Behind Horses.

Either black or white

But yellow emerges from itlike the dying Moon

Whosehair is floading andtaking all what I got for both

Of them.

Submitted: September 15, 2008

© Copyright 2020 Carlet la Lovecraft. All rights reserved.

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