The 3 Poems of the Morning-Glory

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The sympathetic mediation with myself for which I am able to identify myself with it. Either by the internal or external sensation.

Submitted: December 01, 2008

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Submitted: December 01, 2008



The 3 Poems of Morning-Glory


I would know for sure

During this fraction of a second a human would die --

A dog would be killed by a drunk car, a virgin would be deflowered with forces --

Within a minute or so which mind me, a police officer would call off,

A mother would cry with pain, and yet the world would keep

Its swift-fleeting sound and life as a untouched flower

Would be the same for a millennium or so.


In this world must have 3 symbols that matter: in the sense of human activity.

Let us say, loss, money , health -- all of that, perhaps, is really

In the mind of many the positive and the constant condensations,

That imply the foundation that we’re so ignorant to figure anything else.


There cannot be a single trinity of structure,

Not the one that has little by the double sense of psychological complications

Or so peculiar, but I do believe a trinity cannot be the needs

Of three dimensions, not literal of transferable, but rather faithful

To ourselves to find somewhat the 4 dimensions which we misrepresent of what we become.

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