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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
A rare view what we perceive the unknown against what we know and what we are still lost to comprehend what we are really know against the visualization of knowning

Submitted: December 21, 2008

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Submitted: December 21, 2008






The Wisdom of the Unknown


The only way in which a human being can make some approach to knowing

the whole of a subject is by hearing what can be said about it by persons

of every variety of opinion and studying all modes in which it can be looked at by

every character of mind. No wise man ever acquired his wisdom in any mode but this.--John Stuart Mill

It's paradoxical that today, when the sciences are advancing by leaps and bounds and when the

earth is being transformed by scientific discoveries and technological applications, a strong

antiscience counterculture has emerged...

--Paul Kurtz


Up to today, all seem that everything has a path of knowing, and the close relationship between the unknown and the known, and the means in which this relationship presses toward our psychic have been identified as the emotional rigidity of our destiny, especially in early religion and the extend of occultism. In other word, we fear that our position in front of the unknown may be devoid of meaning and purpose of knowing it, rather not unknowing the truth and that we may have identity or reason for being capable to known what is beyond the limitation our experience. It should be remembered that the original purpose of this essay is to discover one or two reasons for the sake of knowing, and the characteristics of some said there is nothing to know, simply because "everything" has been already discovered.

There are several couples of points we would like now to pinpoint as well as its compatibility with pattern of the widening gulf which has increasingly angry the black arts and the zest of imagination for occultism, spiritualism, and numerical phenomenon of the universe that seem to be connected together to the truth of our maker and emotion, and the fraud of magicians. It leaps to the thinking of the occultists, their promises in a mysterious mumbo-jumbo attraction to the hidden meaning of life, seemed to fascinate us poetically, and sometime violently in the relationship between God and us and the universe. Its cabalism, in which they themselves become a force of their own invisibility and struggle, effect us the pleasure conviction to see the generous truth through a crystal but purposely glass of our mind. They do not think about the magicians who have their own agenda and need to draw the world into a different pathway of merely magic and outrage suggestion; but this relating set of psychological enforcers who have the same synonymy of black sorcerer, by many other occultists, and their rituals that are saturated with sex and blood to an extent which, to part it madly, scarcely fits the normal conception of white magic, a little that the white magician like to be called, which will not insure honesty of purpose. The finding is excellent, as high-minded white magicians for which they disagreed that they are the persons who have become so totally oriented through unknown paths that there is no difference between the roles they play and the blackness beyond the depth they want to conquer, the potentially rewarding is the conviction closely related to the dangerous power, and the summoning power over God. By forcing it in a perfectly image to appeals to God as offensive, certainly the performed as necessity an accurate future of denial and to mastered it as an embedded super charges.

Spiritualists have such relationship and it has attracted more interest and support in the last decade than at any time since the Renaissance. People from of any part of life have become oversocialized, and somewhat overgeneralized, to this circle of appearance, with fraudulent angels telling you all of kind of stories of hope and fascinated by such unanswerable surprise of our life. There has been vivid support to the unleashed force, and it has unified a mental "medium-baiter" of present time with whom respectable scientists have defined it as "prague". They could be also the occult, and since otherwise of hatred, lust, pity, and urge ceremony in which the force tale possesses such madness and disrespect to the powerful meaning of God and His availability. The occultism, having an idea of belief, concentrates it to the effect of a whole and it replies according to the unfair scale of twisting and changing. Against the impact of spiritualism, which it takes a new approach of spiritualism, trying to explain in a source of Bible contexts and mechanism approach techniques, there is a way to communicate and bring ones to death and there is an infinite intelligence, and that the phenomena of nature, physical and spiritual, could be attached to that medium force. Even though the widely advertised of spiritualistic event is spread only by tricks and psychic forces (or psychological sittings) these and that coming always by trance and the typical materialization of ectoplasm. This thing is disgust for which it sees coming from the mouth and the body of the medium. This one thing is often more to an individual's ignorance than is exhibited in the rules he believes. Especially in complex societies as of American society, or the African or Cuba society as well as Haiti, their interest are more deepened into their psychic of their peoples, or the complexity that has been connected, properly performed, to the imagine one.

Like many spiritualists, and by the admissibility the so-called occultists, the illusionists are belong to this general perception of re-establishing beings beyond the affection of God. In world of experience of mediumistic fraud from any direction you look at it, or the magic of attraction, the universe as if it were a human organism on a enormous depth. Just as the all facts of a man's character and behavior are aspects of a single personality, so all the phenomena of their universe are of one thing which underlines and connects them with this engage of struggling to make us to believe. I've taken this concept from Richard Cavendish in his titled, The Black Arts, even so this is an explanation that is behind the "trying" of magicians' power to be part of that successful God's finding, and it's a point to the produce nation of this "doing will" and attraction [The reference will be reproduce in the end of this article]. As the unknown seems to be buried by these and more, so it's the symbols, of course, we must have this skepticism that occultists do not believe that "demons" can be dismissed as products of overreaction human imagination. The lead behind this psychological point of view, which come up from the deeps of evil and God, is the strange connection that any intelligent being can figure it out by doing the right need to believe otherwise. In the Indian Mythology if all things have not properly been encountered as a structured and complex adaptation of life could see as a significance of evil, or beyond. Usually, anything small, creepy and crawly if you want to undergo a transformation of primary qualities of life can be changed as devil's. All along the trail of witches, raven, fetish things or Indian feathers, or grain of rice are effectively tool of breathing evil and more creativity and flexibility to the treatment of emotional.

Each of us, however, through the crisis of spiritualism and being a person to exist for illusion only and the presumption, as a free mind attached to something inexplicable, or the application for God, a developed idea of who God is, or the image that God has over us, this internalized has the imagination of the unknown. In society this is a character that has the same interdependence and what we have as individual and this image is defined as a crisis identity. Unlikely the complexity of six elements of God, the agnostic and the cohesive things of evil, the Unknown meaning of horoscope, and the ideal of aspect what we know is not the belief to conjunct a dynamic theories and the necessity preliminary need that classify between the inexpert and the willingness, but the assessment that links the position beyond such proportions in which the unknown is combination of intellectual and ignorance. Most people know whether they want to be believers to the basic concepts of a horoscope predictor or the Gospel, or whatever the astrological sigh has transit in the same degree of Revelation of the "watching-opening" seal. We are all alike to have the embellished quality to dream to an unknown or to invest it, as a position as far as unknown desire, or to master the significant factor that has done the spiritualists or the paranormal seers. However, there is the fixed point or angle that all required a firm ground to believe, the above. In making predictions about numbers, or horoscope or watching the eclipse of the moon, including that the importance of God is based by the interpretation of these things, we cannot be certain to our emotion. Always remember that is a retrograde beyond any potential motion that is against the motivation and the misdirection to God; but we must certain to understand the ephemeris of this.

The belief in the existence of the unknown life and death as a reflection of incarnation (Indian philosophers) and immortality (spell of Egypt) and the position for which we both are attached to that kind of concepts and assumptions is the contest that ultimately turn what we believe into a chaos; but the predictions do not end there, for which always is based somewhere in the link of invisibility. It ends, however,

in a different desire of falsehood that work so irresistible in the psychic of human. Whatever the reason or circumstance, if you may consider it to identify yourself with the same dilemma if there is life beyond God, the unknown feeling let to reward to competition and inspired but to wasting maneuvers. Death is not an initiate of the unknown or spell, or be infused with a spirit of gratification, as Indian thinkers believed, but a transformation toward freedom or independence that there doesn't exist any association to incarnation or friendly encounter. You may now wish not to accept this as a normal rule, or seem to be, as a usual thing to say those who died going to a "heavenly" place -- or a place where the physical energy is not important as the spiritualists say, but the stimulation that it emerges from the body, and we are talking about our soul. It's resistant to believe it. It calls upon to measure that is the only way to give a name to the unknown. The magicistism that is based in the theory as "above-below" position, and they have an explanation and it escapes to predicts that there is a response to this, others believe it a danger of what is the unknown beliefs, the above-below, and the chattering god who has over us -- or emerge as a natal shadow the hands of these careless drivers. But there are also the spiritualists, who have proved by "turn table" and "inaudible songs", have the right illusion to bring dead people to life or closer to the loved ones. Intuition or instincts may dictate one thing for sure while the facts point to another illusion, we should question ourselves if that real. It means you may question whether they really can bring dead people to live or live closer to you or all is just innocuous assimilation hallucination, and this is pretty fair approximation to the accepted attitude of ghosts.

We all wonder what is up there, including physical touch or danger one, because this is the nature of the curious human. It has been told that all curious persons died trying. Unfortunately, this is not true; because if an opposition occur in our mind that there is something else in the backyard or across the street, our character transits from that impossibility to the current actions to know, but there is the consequence to pain or the "hastiness" of explain, as Bryan Farha presented it quite well in his "phantom" newspaper in Looking Up to Logic. Whatever is the punishment, you will be feel rewarded of what you have done and accomplished, and that is the truth. This emotional satisfaction at this time do not transform our perception. This illustrate the kind of situation you may be up against our belief during this transformation of intuition and mental efforts. The appraisal of religious communities and efforts are stronger than God himself. My friend Walter Smith, an aspirant writer, in his unpublished article titled, The Sad Manifestation of God, which he has trusted me to read, stated, "By making a transformation of belief in every faith against the denominationalism of cult and beyond, against science of foundation and beyond the illimitable divinity, we are playing the silly role of God in a way that is dangerous and greedy as final manifestation to our faith. This is alone able to interpret the unknown as a material mess of what we couldn't perceive."

In her unpublished thesis about the enlightenment of the unknown, Gertrude Moffett, another friend of mine, who I have given the honor of reading it, she explained that all crucial moments of unknown including the unsettling of scientific works and the innovation and the indication of paranormal phenomena is just an application to failure to understand the opposition principle as they cannot explain the truth what we believe and what we create the unknown, and the interpretation must be the courage to extend it to extreme. In other word, it "is based by the 'freesonsory' idea what we already know about its conscientiously partake of its illusion."

In the book of Paul Kurtz, who complains the irrational growth of antiscience, he understood that "world today is a battlefield of ideas", and he added, "as far as they can do these other fields, especially to ethics, politics, and religion". But it's a very small percentage of transformation has been in politic or ethics, where large city of United States is a new opportunity of multicultural battles and some of these are not to the unknown point to understand the generalization about what another culture is doing. In politic, however, is really a mess. While this process is the "human knowledge", religion different has grown in proportion unless it does not corporate to the power of God that seems overshadowed, to a whole end of speculation. But symptomatic belief is not only about "para-God" or "partake of illusion", but the disrupted by whether it clarify another force we can bring a courage winning to God himself. To make it clears, I quoted from a unpublished article of Manzia Hanmais, titled, Light & Unknown: The Superstition of the Unknown, another friend of mine, that is saying:


People who worship the Devil they have not done anything about him, and the discreditable unknown rebellion is obvious to the so-called lovers of evil are more than the same demonstration of God Himself. Hence the opposition of this and the enmity of the Unknown God or Devil, whatever it goes first, it's the pride which we know as by a conventional meaning of love and happiness, for which I call it the 'unknown attribution of evil' that in time and in present to those worshipers the unknown become a mess in front of them. Another strand in the superior force of speculation and the magical principles that excess to uncontrollable takes, the unknown is the consciousness who we are.

Do we pray to the "unknown" as a risky business? Can be more easily discouraged ourselves previously conducted our mind in position that is really a different approach to God? Whether this position is known or unknown could exalt us or not, whether life has another beyond the horizon, or whether Hanmais is resisting to say that the unknown is part to that responsibility of rebellious ideas and abnormal perception, the scenario that's unwittingly served as a part it becomes either from within a sad stimulation of measure or just a troubled soul seeking its own bounty.

The being of unknown has come down the center of fascination inquiries. The most thorough exposure of this could be the feeling that the mind has against the sunlight when one cannot see the streams of light through the horizon and one seems to experience a second near-death reaction. In that course of that one feels naked and with an altered state of conscience, which it emerges as a heavenly organism that could length for several hours. A friend of mine who believes in the paranormal phenomena and UFOs he is objectively considered it as opposition. "We do believe," he says," but we ourselves give us the choice to it as truth and we are not accept the extraterrestrial objects as stars or as you and I."

Also he points out in his school paper several months the following:

Others, however, continued that the u n k n o w n is part of an illusion state that the mind has created or invested and any hypotheses are not having any abduction. To my understanding, the unknown is not an invisibility tool but it is the visibility of what we see, touch, smell, and breath.

While I was interested to write a piece about the unknown but away from that "abduction" of Xiomara de la Cruz-Paterson, which I maintain it with open mind like a beautiful naughty of knowing first and what it is, second and then identify it to God, as third, what isn't it, and what it is, de la Cruz-Paterson do not sustain life is part of this or God could not be a detectable logical being to known the unknown, but the impure and tiny body for which we grounded ourselves. She is going on. There are two kinds of admonitions: The Unknown and The Known... Every one of you will choose soon or later the known...but you'll be headed, not matter what you do, to the unknown and you will go over and over against ones of this by whose identity... we can discern the reality or unreality around us -- without this we cannot see the other part of what we do not perceive. The unknown is the only by which we are fantasying it and have great pleasure.

She also snuffed out that the unknown life is not belong to God or to anything else, but the building blocks around It, and that the only explanation to It is the independent forms of UFO or the martyrdom of occultists or whoever will come first something extraordinary. "We're very, very unpredictable animal," I quoted her. "That's the occult in front of it, who have been taken for centuries the astronomers or illusionists or spiritualists beyond any comprehension what we can handle and there is no escape for what we expect if such chain of inconsistent waves exploded."

After the last discussion, for which it was only certain proportion of our meaning, the condition of recognition was beyond what I was expected. Let say that she believed more on the "block of life" that the present one I thought I could identify with, and the unknown or immeasurable universe is nothing compare for what I imagine or feeling. Whatever what is the thinking is not impossible to understand her observation and my efforts to light it up in good pleasure. As much as possible during this period of knowing the truth ahead, if possible the present wave of modern time, I try to simplify it as a result of confession, and I must recognize that the unknown production of mind has such dimension with the unknown wisdom and the ominous forces what Johnson believes and he says, "It is better to avoid any bigamy and to the understand the significant expression of our individualism."

But there is another impact into the battlefield of idea that has significance to our psychic. It's the wave of mysticism of Yoga meditation as a mean of cultural core and fulfillment. Such fulfillment may not come automatically or appear in an obvious way, so you may have to search more deep to the unknown limitation to find the answer what Johnson try to accomplish today. This is to say about the magic unknown numbers and meanings. The numbers have the sole characteristics allotted to it as an outgrowth of the heaven and represents the classical method to worship a "god" whose concept of the real are more complex and the real consumption of rules and power is reduced to combination and reduction. One of the most interesting survivals of this is god's qualification and universe theories as number and the manageable religion as the truth that god's rules do not conceal the magic numbers as underlying feeling. A respectable religious would not attempt to refuse the magnitude of numbers that St. Augustine, who was a believer of numerologist, found it irresistible when he spoke about the animals of God. Rather by choosing carefully words that is significant to the devotion of his doctrine. But does he believe what it beyond the refusal of God? Can he be able to understand the occult word of societies and assumptions for which these societies are made of and the science spirit of God? We presumed he did, and the fact we are so fascinated by the unknown is sometime that the Bible of reasonable pathways has mirrored it and its explanation that God's a composition of Himself as the meaning of law and principles, it represents then the ignorance of high intelligent individuals.

One is for ordinary, each opinion about the unknown, and beyond, has its own meaningful personality, regarding to the mixed difference we approach the everyday reality. It may be a choice of the task, whether we are religious incorrect, or whether we have not any inspiration to the mean of idea or identify ourselves as the images of God. If the unknown is an individual who is a step ahead of us, it's likely that soon or later we are going to catch him and we are going to ask the question everyone would like to ask, "Why is the reason of being unknown to us? Whatever it would be the answer of such objection, we would be sure we are not going to be satisfied.



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