Three Poems On Death Loving

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Dealing with death among lovers and loves. Love and grief.

Submitted: December 04, 2008

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Submitted: December 04, 2008



Three Poems On Death Loving


Dead-Loving Ending

I cannot deny that I love you ,

Which it seems nothing at all what I am suffering and given .

A little? Was it enough to leave you now in this dark, cold grave?

In flash, I could say anymore for which these precipitous death-endings have left me shaking.

In front of this black cloud that is covered the fine pain of your eyes.

Now I did not know what to do, seeing your there, lay there, in this taciturn afternoon,

Listening the Priest who want to convince me that you

Will become the ashes of the sea. These words implied nothing

To me, that maybe he has never understood the other’s love,

Or before the rights of forgiven passion.

I should decide today, keep coming here, sitting here

As if I were a baby-sitting or loading my tears to fix the last problems

That is still unresolved as the beginning our last ending.


The Last Full-Front Goodbye

At other times, I will be able to hide my face with tears,

Avoiding confrontation with God, following that value

Of life as a recycle and a far-off you will return one day or I will meet you in Heaven.

Not alarmed by the more real realities of what I am here now

Beside this immobile body that appears to be above the ground of carnal moves.

In grief, standing before this, I am trying to understand

This kind of internal blows if I have done all I could to give more,

For that human who seems intact by the time I hold. Or if my love was just many

Or an anticipated demand of garden feeling unbroken by storms.

There is nothing wrong with having tears across my face; thinking

If I have all I could of being a good lover, if I have done all I could to save

The last bed covered with flowers, if my last emotional orgasm

Under no obligations to be rational or even emotional attached to it,

I did it all right to satisfy our body in motion.

Only I know I am standing there alone, watching an immobile lover

Who appears to listening with the eyes close

In the last balance as a body in motion would be able to give.



Lost In Loss

When my lover asked me

If there would be a moment

A remember and being the last

I could not reply to myself

If I can do that.

Only I know recalled

To say that grief never

Really goes away

And much like fear,

To see these big eyes

Empty; I know there was pity

To see a dying fire

Dies away in vain.

I changed words

Not hold the time only makes

It upside down for these

I could not inhabit in the same

Body going backwards

Or otherwise instead to recover

To hope it seems senseless

That lover is dying.

That lover repeated

The words, “I will die soon and promise me

You’re going to remember me forever!”

And the grip of these words

Upon my eyelids made this last

Encounter so difficult.

I tried to move away

Going to another places

Another thoughts and another time

Where both of us were running

And laughing but that lover insisted

That I should swear that I would be faithful

In such a way that love will end

Before that lover’s eyes

Finally closed.

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