the killer clown ( re done)

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this story is about four girls who go away on a vacation to a cabin for a week but while there are there they run into some trouble with a killer clown and they saw something they were not supposed to see and then the killer clown starts to go after them to kill them and they have to fight to save their selfs and eachother

it is a beautiful summer night and four girls Emily Shailene Tracy Ashley are hanging out at a lake cabin for a week 
Emily: this place is awesome how did you find it
Ashley: i found it on this website and it was pretty cheap 
Tracy: well that is good so since it is dark outside and we can’t do anything outside do you want to watch a movie
Emily: yes and i have the perfect movie for us to watch 
Tracy: what is it
Emily: we can watch Jason 
Ashley: again what is it with you and these Jason movies 
Emily: i love how the guy just pops out of places and scares you and then kills people
Ashley: ok we can watch it but next time can i pick the movie 
Emily: sure now can you turn the lights off it is better to watch it in the dark
Ashley: sure.
Ashley turns the lights off and the girls sit down and watch the movie then two hours later Ashley has to use the bathroom
Ashley: i have to use the bathroom i will be right back.
Ashley goes upstairs she walks past the window and she sees a guy across the lake walking around in a clown suit Ashley runs down stairs and tells the girls
Ashley: guys look outside hurry 
Emily: why whats wrong
Ashley: there is a guy walking around in a clown suit across the lake at the other lake cabin over there and he was holding a dead body
Tracy: Ashley is this some kind of joke are you trying to scare us 
Ashley: no why would i joke about something like that just keep looking out the window.
the girls keep looking out the window and they all see the guy in the clown suit this time and they see him picking up another body and take it back in the cabin
Ashley: see i told you i was not joking
Emily: well what do we do 
Ashley: we should not do anything we should call the police and let them take care of it because it is not our problem
Emily: well i am going to go check it out because what if those people are not dead what if they are just knocked out they could still be alive i am going over there and checking it out
Ashley: Emily that is a stupid idea
shailene: i will go with you
Tracy: so will i Ashley you can come or you can stay here by your self 
Ashley: fine i will go but i am telling you this is not going to end well.
Emily shailene Tracy Ashley go outside and start to walk over to the other lake cabin then the guy in the clown suit walks out of the cabin and sees the girls he stands there and looks at them and then he starts doing a creepy dance
Emily: what the freak is he doing 
shailene: i have no idea but that is creepy
Ashley: that's why i hate clowns ok i told you from the start this was a bad idea
Tracy: lets just go back inside and just act like we didnt even see him
Ashley: he knows we saw him that is not going to work
Tracy: just start walking back inside.
the girls start to walk backward so they can keep there eyes on the guy in the clown suit then the guy in the clown suit starts running towards them Emily shailene Tracy Ashley run in the house and lock the door 
Emily: what do we do
Ashley: run upstairs and hide
Emily shailene Tracy Ashley run up the stairs run in a bedroom and hide in the closet the guy in the clown suit kicks the door down and skips in the house and looks for the girls he looks in the kitchen and in the living room but he does not find them so he walks up the stairs and starts looking for them he looks in the bathroom and does not find them then he sees a bedroom door cracked open and walks in and starts looking he looks under the bed and behind the door and does not find them but then he sees the closet he skips towards the closet door and looks at it then he opens it then Emily kicks him in the face and he falls on the ground Emily shailene Tracy Ashley run out of the room and down the stairs and out the font door and into Stallone's car and she drives off fast.
the guy in the clown suit gets off the ground and runs down the stairs and out the door and sees the girls are getting away in the car so he runs to the lake runs and jumps into the lake and swims fast to the other side back to the other side of the lake and runs into the middle of the road and stands there shailene does not see him in time
shailene swerves off the road and into the ditch and get knocked out the guy in the clown suit walks over to the car and pulls them out of the car and ties ropes around their ankles and drags them into his cabin and tie them up in chairs and keep them in the basement the girls are knocked out for an hour then they wake up.
Emily: where are we 
Ashley: we are in his cabin in the basement he is probably going to do the same thing he did to those girls
Emily: don't think like that ok we are going to get out of here 
Ashley: how
Emily: we just have to get out of these ropes
Ashley: they are too tight there is no way we are getting out of these ropes 
shailene: i untied my self
Emily: how did you get out of those ropes
shailene: it was easy
Tracy: ok now get us out.
shailene unties Emily Tracy and Ashley then the guy in the clown suit walks back into the basement and sees the girls have escaped.
guy in clown suit: come out where ever you are slappy wants to play.
the girls stay in there hiding spot until slappy leaves he leaves two minutes later
Emily: that was close
Ashley: his name is slappy that is the perfect name for a killer clown
shailene: Ashley calm down he is going to hear you and come back down here 
Ashley: how can you calm down at a time like this there is killer clown named slappy and he is going to kill us if we don't get out of here
shailene: ok we are going to get out of here just follow me.
Emily shailene Tracy Ashley open the basement door and walk out slowly they look around and start to walk to the front door but there are locks on there that need a key 
Ashley: what do we do now
shailene: i think i saw a back door when we came out of the basement lets try that door its the only chance we have.
Emily's shailene Tracy Ashley start to walk to the back door but there is room they have to get by and slappy is in that room
shailene: we have to crawl by slowly and quietly
Emily: i will go first.
Emily crawls by the door first and she makes it Tracy goes next then shailene goes now it is Ashley's turn but Ashley does not go shailene waves at Ashley telling to crawl over but she still sits there shailene waves at her again Ashley finally crawls over but not in time slappy opens the door and sees Ashley kicks her in the stomach then that's when shailene comes up behind him and hits him in the head with a glass vase and he gets knocked out and the girls escape and go back to their lake cabin
Ashley: ok tell me why it was a good idea to come back over to where he can still find us 
shailene: well we do not have a car so we do not have a choice
Tracy: wait Ashley you said you found this place online right
Ashley: yea why
Tracy: because if you found this place online that means someone must have let you rent this cabin for week which means there could be a car here
shailene: Tracy your brilliant
Emily Shailene Tracy Ashley go to the garage and there is a car in the garage they get in the car and the keys are in Emily starts the car and and they drive away and drive to a police station when they get there an officer sees them right away 
officer: ladies what happen
Emily: some guy in a clown tried to kill us but we got away 
officer: how did you get away
shailene: i hit him in the head with a glass vase and knocked him out and we ran out the back door and came here
officer: is the guy still there
Emily: as far as we know yes
officer: what is the address
Tracy: 19675 oak street
officer: you guys stay here me and a team of officers will go check it out.
the team of officers leave and go check it out when they get there they don't see slappy just dead bodies they call in a medical team to take care of it the one officer goes back to the police station and tells the girls the news.
Emily: so did you catch him
officer: when we got there we did not see him there was nobody there just two dead bodies nobody in a clown suit
Ashley: that's not possible when we left he was still there 
officer: well he is gone I'll tell you what i will have a patrol car sit outside your houses so if he tries to kill you again a cop will already be there but if i were you guys i will stay together tonight just to be safe
Emily: that sounds like a good idea 
Ashley: well if we are all staying at her Emily's house then why don't you just send patrol car since we are all going to be at Emily's
officer: ok that will work now you guys get out of here and go home and lock all doors and windows if that guy is out there he will strike any chance he gets.
the girls go back to Emily's house and lock all doors and windows and then they get some dinner 
Emily: guys i am really scared what if he tries to get us when we are sleeping at night 
Ashley: we will be fine ok now lets eat i am starving.
the girls eat the food they made and while they are eating the lights cut off 
Emily: what just happened
Ashley: i have no idea 
Emily's phone rings
Emily: it is an unknown number 
Ashley: answer it 
Emily: why do i have to answer it
Ashley: because it is your phone now answer it
shailene: give it to me i will answer it.
shailene takes the phone out of Emily's hand and answers the phone
shailene: hello who is this
nobody answers
shailene: i said who is this
slappy is on the other line and then he does a creepy laugh and he keeps laughing in the phone and then he hangs it up 
shailene: it was the guy in the freaking clown suit
Ashley: slappy 
shailene: i don't care about his name 
Emily: where did the call come from
shailene: i don't know let me look
shailene looks and see’s where the call came from 
shailene: oh my god
Ashley: what
shailene: it came from my house 
Emily: are you sure
shailene: yes i am sure guys my mom is there i have to go warn her
Ashley: do you know how dangerous that is it could be a trap 
shailene: i don't care that's my mom i am going help her i am pretty sure we all know what he can do and i don't think she can Handel him by herself i am going to help her and you are not stopping me
Emily: ok we will come with you
shailene: ok then lets go.
Emily shailene Tracy Ashley go to shailene’s house when they get there the lights are off and the door is cracked open 
Emily: he is already in the house.
then suddenly they hear shailene’s mom scream shailene runs in there Emily Tracy Ashley run after her but they don't see her they looks in the living room and the kitchen but they don't see her they hear her scream again and the scream is coming from up stairs Emily shailene Tracy Ashley run upstairs and they look around they look in the first three rooms but they don't see then they walk in shailene’s room and her mom is tied to the bed and she has been stabbed several times 
shailene: oh my god mom 
shailene’s mom: shailene its a trap get back
shailene: i know it a trap but i am not leaving you here now come on
shailene’s mom: SHAILENE WATCH OUT
slappy run out of the closet and towards shailene with a knife in his hand shailene ducks out of the way and slappy misses her slappy goes for her again and he still misses shailene gets her mom and starts to run downstairs Emily shailene Tracy Ashley follow behind them slappy skips down the stairs after them they run out into the car and drive off slappy runs out the door and throws a knife at the car tire and the girls swerve but shailene gets the car under control and she drives off 
Emily: where do we go now 
shailene: we can go to my parents beach house he should not be able to find us there
Tracy: what are we going to do with a flat tire and we don't have a spare
shailene: there is a car at the beach house if we need it we can take it but right now we have to get my mom to a hospital before she bleeds to death.
shailene drives her mom to a hospital and the doctors take her in and shailene leaves and goes to her parents beach house and they are going to stay there for a few days
Emily: do you think he will find us here 
shailene: he should not find us here would should be safe here for a few days
Tracy: ok well i am going to go get a shower and then go to bed
shailene: ok.
Tracy goes up stairs and goes in the bathroom when she gets in the shower she turns around to get the soap she looks in the window and she thinks she sees slappy in the window but then when she looks back she does not see anything so she finishes her shower and then goes to bed meanwhile downstairs Emily shailene and Ashley are watching tv then a few hours later they fall asleep its 12:00 at night and they are sound asleep and some how slappy finds the beach house they are staying at he walks up to the beach house and looks inside the window and sees Emily shailene Ashley sleeping he does not see Tracy so he walks around the house trying to find another door but he does not find one so he goes back to the front door picks the lock shuts the door quietly and hides in the house until morning.
Next morning the girls wake up and get some breakfast and slappy is still hiding in the house 
Emily: so what are we going to do today
shailene: we can go for a boat ride
Tracy: yea i could go for a boat ride
shailene: cool lets go.
Emily shailene Tracy Ashley finish their breakfast and then they go outside and get on the boat then slappy comes out of the closet and watches them ride on the boat for a few minutes then he takes his phone out and starts taking pictures of the inside of the house a few hours later he is done and the girls are done with their boat ride and go back in the house and get warm clothes on and makes some hot chocolate because it was cold outside once they get their hot chocolate they sit down and watch a movie and slappy is still in the closet while the girls are watching the movie he watches them from the closet and then does his creepy laugh.
Emily: did you guys hear that
shailene: hear what
Emily: i thought i heard something come from the closet
Ashley: Emily we didn't hear anything
Emily: i could have sworn i heard something from the closet
shailene: i am sure it was nothing 
Emily: yea maybe your right.
the girls continue watching the movie then slappy takes out his phone and send the girls a picture of the living room in the beach the girls get the text a few seconds later.
shailene: guys this is a picture of the living room that someone just sent to us
Ashley: who sent it 
Emily: it says unknown
Tracy: you don't think it is
Emily: no there is no way he knows we are here.
slappy sticks his arm out of the closet and takes a picture of them and then sends it to the girls they get the text a few seconds later .
Emily: this is a picture of us and it was just taken someone is in this house watching us but where are they
shailene: you can tell from where the picture was taken if you look at it carefully.
the girls look at the picture carefully and they find out where the picture was taken.
shailene: it was taken from the closet
Emily: i told you i heard something in the closet i knew i was not hearing things
Ashley: ok you were right 
Emily: i am going to go open it
Ashley: no don't open it don't you see this in movies nothing good ever comes from opening the closet door 
Emily: Ashley calm down.
Emily walks towards the closet and puts her hand on the Handel and opens it really fast and slappy pops up in her face Emily screams and falls back on the floor slappy walks out of the closet and does his creepy laugh Emily crawls back in the living room and gets off the floor.
Emily: how the freak did get in here 
shailene: he must have picked the lock last night when we were sleeping and hid in the closet
Ashley: i told you nothing good ever comes from opening the closet door
Emily: seriously you are going to rub that in my face right now while there is a killer clown in the freaking house.
Ashley: yes i am because i told you not to open the door and you opens it
Tracy: guys seriously is not the time for that.
slappy starts to skip towards them and then he pulls out the knife and he still skipping towards them and he does his creepy laugh again and still skips towards the girls.
Emily: ok now would be a good time to run 
shailene: good idea.
Emily shailene Tracy Ashley run up the stairs and hide in the first bedroom and in the closet.
Ashley: why is it that every time we hide from this guy we always hide in the freaking closet
shailene: because it would be stupid to hide behind the door and under the bed so the closet is the only choice we have
Tracy: guys quiet he is coming.
the girls sit in the closet and then slappy walks into the room and looks behind the door and then under the bed and then he stares at the closet door and then her put his knife and holds it in the air and swings the closet door open and gets ready to stab the girls then Emily kicks him in the face and he falls on the ground and they run out of the room and down the stairs and in the living room slappy gets up and follows them the girls run out the door and slappy runs behind them.
Ashley: what do we do now
shailene: get in the boat
Emily: what is that going to do
shailene: we are going to ride it out of here.
the girls run into the boat and shailene starts the boat and goes to drive away but not in time slappy jumps into the boat and attacks Emily. Slappy and Emily fight on the boat Ashley and Tracy try and help but slappy kicks them and they hit there head and got knocked out Emily and slappy still fight Emily kicks him in the face and then slappy punches her in the face they go back and fourth then they both fall in the water shailene stops the boat and looks in the water but does not see them.
Emily does not come back up but Tracy and Ashley wake up 
Tracy: where is Emily
shailene: she fell in the water while i was driving 
Tracy: how did she fall in
shailene: she was fighting slappy
Ashley: is she still down there 
shailene: yes.
Ashley gets up runs and jumps into the water and goes after Emily she is under water for a few minutes then she comes back up with Emily.
shailene: thank god you both are ok where is slappy
Ashley: we don't know i went down there to get her but i did not see him
shailene: well lets get out of here before he comes back.
Emily shailene Tracy Ashley go back to the beach house and shailene checks Emily out to make sure she does not have a concussion. 
shailene: your going to be ok
Emily: guys there is something you should know
shailene: what is it
Emily: when we were underwater fighting his clown makeup didn't even run off or anything and when makeup gets wet it runs and his did not run
shailene: what are you trying to say
Emily: i am trying to say that its like this clown guy is not human 
shailene: come on that sounds crazy and ridiculous 
Ashley: it has been in movies ok it could be possible
shailene: did you just hear what you just said you saw it in a movie so that's means its not real.
suddenly slappy comes out of the water and runs up to the house.
Tracy: guys he is back 
Emily: seriously
Tracy: yes.
shailene goes in the desk in the living room and gets a gun out of the desk and puts some bullets in the gun
Emily: where did you get a gun
shailene: it is my dads he keeps it for safety reasons now go down the hall and into the garage and close the door its time to finish this.
Emily Tracy Ashley run down the hall and into the garage and close the door slappy runs into the glass door and breaks the glass door and goes towards shailene shailene shoots him twice and he does not fall she shoots him two more times and then he falls to the ground shailene walks towards him and checks to see if he is dead she bends down and checks for a pulse and he does not have one shailene walks away but then slappy gets back up and goes after shailene again but just before he tackled her shailene turns around and shoots him five more times and he does not fall and shailene is out of bullets so shailene runs to the garage.
shailene: get in the car now 
Emily: why what happened
shailene: he did not die i shot him nine times and he stood back up like it was nothing 
Emily: maybe he was waring a chest protector
shailene: what happened you your he's not human theory
Emily: yea that just sounded dumb and did not make any since 
shailene: ok get in the car hurry is he is coming.
the girls get in the car and shailene drives out of the garage slappy kicks the door down and sees the girls leaving so he runs through the ditch and into the middle of the road shailene stops the car.
Tracy: run him over
shailene: what
Tracy: if you want this guy to leave us alone for good then run him over go.
shailene steps on the gas and drives towards slappy she gets closer and closer and then she hits him and keeps driving.
shailene: i cant believe i just ran someone over 
Tracy: it was for a good reason.
shailene does not say anything and keeps driving Tracy's house they get there a few hours later.
Tracy: are you guys hungry
shailene: no i am going to get some sleep i am pretty tired
Emily: me too
Ashley: yea i am going to get some sleep too 
Tracy: ok well there are some spare bedrooms upstairs.
Emily shailene Ashley go upstairs and get some sleep and Tracy stays down stairs and watches some tv Emily shailene Ashley sleep for a few hours meanwhile slappy is still laying in the road but he is still breathing when shailene ran over him she did not kill him slappy gets up and goes back to his house and turns on the radio and listens to some music and gets some thing to eat then he goes back out and sees what the girls are up too.
meanwhile at Tracy's house the Emily shailene Ashley are finally awake and they all get some dinner.
Emily: its been a few hours since that slappy guy has not messed with us do you really think he is finally dead 
Tracy: of course he is shailene hit him with the car we saw blood on the ground he is dead.
suddenly the lights go out.
Emily: what just happened
Tracy: i don't know
shailene: do you have any flashlights
Tracy: yes they are in the desk over there by the lamp.
shailene goes in the desk and gets a flashlight and when she turns it on slappy is standing right there and he has Ashley and is holding a knife to her neck
Emily: oh my god 
Tracy: let her go take me instead
slappy: i don't think so want your friend
shailene: oh my god he talks
slappy: i am going to take your friend and you are not going to follow me if you do i will cut her throat and she will die 
Emily: she did not do anything just let her go please
slappy: no.
slappy leaves with Ashley and takes him back to his house.
Emily: now what are we going to do he is going to kill her 
shailene: we are going to go save her that what we are going to do
Tracy: you hear what he said if we follow him he will kill her
shailene: that's why we have to move quick
Tracy: how are we going to get in without him seeing us and he probably has the doors locked
shailene: i don't know we will figure it out when we get there now lets go.
Emily shailene Tracy leave and go to slappy’s house and they look in the windows and they see Ashley in the basement and slappy is just standing there looking at her with a knife in his hand then he walks away then that's when Emily shailene and Tracy look for a way to get in they try to get in the front door and it is locked they go to the back door and it is locked.
Emily: there is no way in the doors are locked and we don't have anything to pick the locks with
shailene: wait i think there might be a way in
Tracy: where
shailene: do you see that ladder over there that could lead inside the house.
Emily shailene Tracy climb up the ladder and there is a way in and it is not locked and there is a window on the latch and they don't see slappy so they open it shailene climbs in first Emily climbs in next and Tracy climbs in.
Ashley: shailene Tracy Emily i knew you guys would come and save me
shailene: you didn't think we would leave you to die would you
Ashley: no 
shailene: now lets get you out of here.
slappy walks into the basement.
slappy: she isn't going anywhere and neither are you
shailene: are you going to stop us
slappy: you will regret asking that question.
slappy runs after them with a knife but the girls duck out of the way of the knife and he misses
shailene: stop you don't have to do this
slappy: yes i do now i am going to give you a second chance to leave and if you don't i am going to kill your friend in front of you then i am going to kill you guys
Emily: i don't think so.
Emily grabs a hammer and hits him in the head with it.
Emily: untie Ashley and get to the roof i will meet you there go.
shailene Tracy untie Ashley and get her to the roof and Emily is still fighting slappy she hits him in the head six more times and he does not die.
Emily: what are you.
Emily runs to the ladder and gets to the roof.
Emily: lets get out of here he just will not die 
Ashley: i told you he is not human and you guys would not listen
Emily: right now is not the time for that i thought that for a minute but it sounded crazy but now i am starting to think it is true.
Emily shailene Tracy Ashley leave and go back to Tracy's house and lock the door.
Emily: it wont be long before he comes here and i think i have a way to kill him
shailene: what are you thinking
Emily: we have to cut his head off that is the only way he will die nobody can live without a head 
Ashley: where are we going to find a knife big enough and sharp enough to cut his head off
Tracy: my dad actually has a sword in his room 
Emily: why does your dad have a sword
Tracy: safety reasons. 
Tracy goes in her dads room and gets the sword and goes back down stairs.
Tracy: ok i have the sword now we just have to wait for him to get here
Emily: we don't have to wait he is already here and he is driving a car towards the house and he is not stopping
Ashley: WATCH OUT.
Emily shailene Tracy Ashley run and jump behind the counter and slappy crashes into the house and Tracy dropped the sword when she jumped behind the counter.
Tracy: i dropped the sword by the couch when i jumped over the counter
Emily: are you serious
Tracy: yes
Emily: i will get it.
suddenly slappy gets out the car and starts shooting Emily slides back behind the counter.
Emily: now he has a gun
Tracy: now how are you going to get it
Emily: i will slide on the floor.
Emily starts to slide to the couch and she sees the sword in the middle of the floor by the couch she gets up and leaps to the sword and and slides behind the chair.
Ashley: did she get it
Tracy: yea she got it.
Emily sits behind the chair for a little bit longer and then then slappy stops shooting that's when Emily makes her move she gets up on her knees and looks around the corner of the chair and she does not see him she stands up and starts to walk back over to the counter then slappy starts shooting again Emily leaps behind the counter but she was shot in the ankle.
Emily: i got it now we just have to wait for him to run out of bullets.
the girls wait for slappy to run out of bullets they wait for a few minutes and he finally runs out of bullets and Emily is ready to make her move she gets up and she does not see him she walks out from behind the counter and walks into the middle of the floor and then he jumps out of nowhere and tackles Emily and she drops the sword and slappy starts to bang her head on the floor over and over again.
shailene: she needs help i am going to help her.
shailene runs out from behind the counter and tackles slappy off of Emily shailene and slappy start to fight for a few minutes shailene punches him in the face over and over and bangs his head on the ground over and over then he kicks shailene in the stomach and rolls over on the floor and slappy gets on top of here she puts her hands on his face to keep him from hurting her.
Tracy gets up and gets the sword and walks over to slappy and stands over him and puts her hands in the air with the sword in her hand.
shailene: CUT HIS HEAD OFF.
Tracy swings her hands down and cuts his head off and now the head is in shailenes hands she looks at his head and then throws it.
shailene: that was close is Emily ok
Tracy: i think so Ashley is checking on her
Ashley: she is ok 
Tracy: what do we do with his head and body
shailene: we burry it.
Emily shailene Tracy Ashley get up and grabs slappy’s head and body and buries it in the back yard and after that the girls go to the hospital and get checked out meanwhile at Tracy's house slappy’s body is buried in the ground then suddenly he starts to move when the girls  his head with his body it reattached and now he is alive again and he disappears 
that is how it ends leaving mystery and suspense.

Submitted: December 06, 2015

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Hey, carlette. This version is so much better. It was easier to read being separated like that. You definitely got the idea, great job. Please let me know when you post new work. I also like to invite you to become a member of the Love Bugs house. We read each others work and offer constructive feedback. Great job and happy writing.

Mon, December 7th, 2015 9:04pm


very good if u made a second 1 it would make for a amazing read

Tue, December 8th, 2015 11:01pm


thank you both for your comments i am glad you liked it i will be making a second one once i think of it anyway thank you

Thu, December 10th, 2015 6:50pm

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