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Alyssa has a conflict going on inside her body and mind...this is one of my older pieces, not exactly my favorite...there needs to be more conflict, I agree. Constructive criticism, please! What can I do to make it better?

Submitted: September 04, 2009

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Submitted: September 04, 2009



Once back at the classroom, Alyssa started towards her seat, but immediately stopped in her tracks when she saw who was seated next to her. It was Justin Tierra. He had to be the most good looking guy in their entire school. He looked up at her and winked. She just about melted when he did that. How can a guy like Justin be interested in a girl like me? Alyssa thought, taking her seat. I thought he was only interested in thin, popular, gorgeous girls. And I am none of the above. Especially not the first one. She thought with a grimace. Sighing, she opened her notebook and started to write about the Middle and Southern Colonies when yet another note landed on her desk. This time she knew who it was from. She opened it, and this is what it said: Hey, you're Alyssa, right? I'm Justin. We have chemistry together, I think, and maybe algebra. And biology. I just wanted to say hey. I see you here a lot, and I was just wondering why a girl like you is in detention? Such a pretty girl should be out hanging with her friends! =] -Justin Alyssa tried her hardest not to get up and scream. Justin had just called her pretty. Justin Tierra. What was going on here? She wrote back: Lol I'm not pretty. I could stand to lose a couple pounds. Or more. But thanks for the compliment! And yes, we do have chemistry, biology, and algebra together. I'm here because I don't pay attention in class. 3rd time this week from Mr. Miguelli. But does he actually think people pay attention in his class? I mean, come on. He is so boring. Anyway, I don't have that many friends to hang out with. What about you, why are you here? =] -Alyssa She folded up the note, made sure Ms. LaKwan wasn't looking, and tossed it casually onto Justin's desk. He looked up, saw the note, and smiled at her. She watched him unfold it and smile, shaking his head. He clicked his pen and began his reply. He looked up, and she pretended to be completely absorbed in her writing, not wanting him to be aware that just seconds before, she had been watching his every move. She thought she heard him fold up the note. Sure enough, it landed on her desk, right in the middle of her notebook. She opened it under her desk, and saw his neat handwriting filling an entire side of the note card they were using to pass notes. Alyssa, in my eyes you are extremely pretty. You just have to be more confident. And the reason you might not have that many friends is because you are so quiet. I'm sure that if you tried talking to more people, you would have plenty of friends. And are you kidding me? You are already extremely thin. If anything, I would think you should gain a few pounds. You are beautiful just the way you are, and I would hate for that to change. And the reason I'm here? That's for me to know, and you to find out. <3 -Justin The bell rang just as Alyssa finished reading it. When she saw the heart at the end she froze, and felt a wave of happiness spreading through her body. She looked up, but Justin was already gone.

LyssaStar125: ...yeah it just didn't sound like u were fine w/ it.
MusicIsLife430: no it's cool. I'm happy for you. I know you like Justin. I mean, who doesn't?
LyssaStar125: Uhhh...lemme think...u?
MusicIsLife430: Well I don't dislike him I just don't really think that guy is good news. I've heard things, Lyss. And I think you should be careful you know, take it slow. He's really good at making people think things.
LyssaStar125: Wat do u mean, think things? N i think sum1 sounds a little JEALOUS. XD
MusicIsLife430: Not jealous, just trying to watch out for my girl. =]
LyssaStar125: Oh, so now im UR girl? Lol
MusicIsLife125: You always were my girl! And you know, by think things I mean he doesn't exactly lie, but he stretches the truth and makes things seem different than they really are.
LyssaStar125: Look, im fine i can take care of myself ill kno if hes lying im good at telling those things like right now u R SOOOO jealous and u suck at hiding it!
MusicIsLife430: Maybe, but please just listen to me. I don't want you to get hurt. =[
LyssaStar125: ok ok ok MOM. Ill listen but i think hes a good guy ur just overreacting and worried. =p
MusicIsLife430: Thanks. I g2g, but I'll talk to you later! ILYYYYY. =D
LyssaStar125: ily2 ill see u @ school 2morrow.

Alyssa was a little confused as she read through it. They always said I love you at the end of their conversations, but in a best friend sort of way. But this time, maybe he had meant it in a different way. Now she was worried about what he had said about Justin. Maybe he wasn't just jealous...maybe what he had said about Justin was true. She would have to talk to some of his ex's and find out. After all, he was coming on to her a little bit fast. She sighed and turned off her computer, laying back on her bed. Slowly she felt herself drifting off, and decided to give in to the sleep.
And shaking and shaking and.....
About half an hour later, she heard a knock on the door. She hadn't really been sleeping, just resting quietly. "Come in." She called softly, not opening her eyes or rolling over to face the door. She heard the door open, and shut behind her visitor. Footsteps crossed the room and someone sat on her bed. "It's me." Her older brother Andrew whispered. "Hey. You wanted to talk to me?" She said softly. "Well, yeah but...could you maybe sit up? It's sort of important." He requested. Alyssa sighed and turned over to face him. "Andrew, my head hurts really bad and I'm tired. Can't I just face you?" She said, a little bit irritated. "Yeah I guess. Okay so here's the deal. I think I know what's going on with you. You don't concentrate, you're always tired, you have a really bad headache, you're complaining of blurry eyesight, and you never eat. Alyssa, I know what you're doing and you need to stop." He finished, with a knowing glance towards her. "You...you do? But...but how?" She asked nervously. "Alyssa, it's obvious. You're on crack." He said, seeming proud of himself. "Oh for the love of god I'm not freaking on crack, Andrew. You are 16 years old. Have a little sense, will you?" She asked. She made it seem like she was angry, but deep down she was completely relieved. "But...all the signs point to it. And you don't have to lie to me Alyssa, I won't tell mom and dad." Andrew said. "Andrew, it's not that. I'm just tired and I haven't been sleeping lately. And no, I'm not hungry, but I don't know why. I'll text you later. But can you please just stop trying to guess what's "wrong with me" and give me a little peace to rest? I really am tired." She said, giving him what she hoped was a pleading look. It seemed to work because he gave in and left. But not before saying, "Alyssa, I know there's something more going on and I'm going to find out. Remember, I'm just looking out for you.""Oh. It's you. I must have fallen asleep and dreamed all that." Alyssa said to her mom, who was now standing over her with a look of....well, Alyssa didn't really know what that was a look of. She sat up and was immediately engulfed in smells of chicken and mashed potatoes. Her head started pounding, her stomach telling her to go downstairs and EAT. But she ignored both. "Uh, mom? I'm not really hungry. I ate right after school, and I'm extremely tired. Not to mention this really bad headache I've been having lately..." Alyssa trailed off and looked up to see her mom's reaction. She looked suspicious, but finally said, "Okay Alyssa, I suppose you can stay up here and nap. I'll bring you some medicine for your headache, and you can eat later, when you're hungry." She kissed Alyssa on the forehead and left the room to go get some medicine. When she returned Alyssa did her best to look sick, which wasn't very hard. She was naturally a pale girl and had become a lot thinner lately than was normal. She wasn't feeling well, and she was so tired that she was having blurry vision. Her mom handed her the pills and a cup of water and told her to feel better. She patted her on the back and left the room.
Leave it to me to trip and fall in these wedges. She thought to herself. She started walking and realized that staying upright was no problem. At the end of the hallway, she saw a figure emerge from the crowds. It was a guy, that much was clear, but who was it? She recognized Alex's favorite hat, and his bright neon shoes. She started towards him, only to realize that, in the light, his face looked a lot like Justin's...She stopped walking and waited for him. Sure enough, he started walking to her, and reached her in 3 long strides. She looked up, even took off her sunglasses. It was definitely Justin. She opened her mouth to ask why he was wearing Alex's clothing, but he just pressed his finger to her lips and whispered, "Shhh. I know what you're going to ask, but it's not vital. What is imporant is the fact that you look very beautiful in the flourescent light." Alyssa didn't know what to say, so she just kept quiet. He tilted her face up to his, and was just about to kiss her when someone yelled, "Dinnertime, Alyssa!" HOLD ON. Why is that so important? It's not like I would eat anyway. She thought, confused. "Do you see what I'm in the middle of?!?!?! " She yelled to whoever had interrupted her perfect dream sequence. They said it again. "Alyssa, I'm not gunna call you more than once! Come downstairs and eat dinner now!" Alyssa recognized the voice. "Mom?" She said, bewildered as to why her mother would be in her school. Someone was shaking her shoulder.

Chapter 1
14 year old Alyssa Ringfield stared into space as Mr. Miguelli, possibly the most boring social studies teacher in the world, droned on in the background. Her long brown hair fell in her face, puffed up from the mass amount of hairspray she used on it every morning. She tried to ignore the intense pounding in her head and the sharp pains in the bottom of her stomach. She tried to calculate how many days it had been since she had eaten a real meal. Suddenly, she heard her name being called and looked up to see Mr. Miguelli looking expectantly at her. "Ummm...4?" She guessed, answering with the first thought that came to her mind. "Good, Ms. Ringfield. But this isn't MATH, it's social studies. Please see me after class." He said in an annoyed tone. Alyssa sighed and slumped lower into her chair. Great, another detention. That's three this week! She thought. She went back to thinking. A small, folded up square of paper landed on her desk. She eyed it curiously. Looking up discreetly, she saw her friend Alex smiling at her from a few rows ahead. She gave a small smile back and unfolded the note. Alyssa, I'm a little bit worried about you. You can't seem to concentrate on anything and you don't look too happy lately. If you ever want to talk, just know I'm here. It read in Alex's perfect script. There was a phone number at the bottom of the note. Alyssa smiled to herself. Leave it to Alex to be a total sweetheart. He cared way to much about everyone, especially Alyssa. She was wondering whether it was a possibility that maybe he liked her as more than a friend, when the bell rang. People all around her started to pack up and leave, but she stayed seated, looking at the folded up note in her hands. Maybe she would call Alex. After all, he was the only person who seemed to show just a little bit of interest in her lately. "Alyssa. Please come to the front of the room." Mr. Miguelli said unhappily. Alyssa walked slowly to his desk. "I really hate to have to do this again, but I'm afraid detention is the only option." He said, not sounding sorry at all. "If you don't start paying attention in my class you're grades are going to drop." Alyssa took the yellow slip from Mr. Miguelli's hand and headed to Ms. LaKwan's room to sit for the next hour in silence with a bunch of dilinquents. She chose the safest looking desk, a clean one in the back with no one sitting around it. She set down her bag and jacket and asked Ms. LaKwan if she could go to her locker. Walking down the long hallway to the 9th grade section of the high school, Alyssa passed many groups of people, laughing, talking, goofing off. She eyed them enviously. Their lives were so...flawless. Lots of friends, plenty of money, perfect bodies, trendy clothes - she wished she had all that. She sighed and kept walking. Once she reached her locker, she took the note out of her pocket and got out her cell phone. She entered Alex's number and saved it in her contacts for later. Than, she got the books she needed for detention and closed her locker. She neglected to lock it, because nobody would be interested in what was in her locker. Alyssa trudged slowly back to the detention room, keeping her eyes down and trying to ignore the pounding headache she had had all day.
Chapter 2
Alyssa walked down the sidewalk towards her house, humming along with the latest single from Paramore that blasted from her hot pink iPod Nano headphones. The long bus ride was always the perfect time to get lost in her music. She watched the leaves swirling in the wind and smiled at the pretty colors fall brought. If there was any word to describe her feelings right now, it would have to be euphoric. Did Justin really like her? Could he really like her? Or was this some mean joke? That last thought stopped her in her tracks. A guy like Justin is too nice to do that, isn't he? And if it is a joke, well then, why me? He barely even knows me. And even if he did know me, what have I ever done to him? Alyssa thought worriedly. She took out her headphones and tucked her iPod into her lime green messenger bag, walked up the front porch steps into her house, and yelled: "Mom, I'm home! I'll be in my room. I have lots of homework and I'm not hungry." Once she got to her room she set down her bag and layed down on her bed. All around her were posters of really thin supermodels, with tons of money, the hottest boyfriends, and trendy clothes. They were her gods. She wanted to be just like them. Thin and pretty. Her favorite was Audrey Kitching. She loved Audrey's bright pink hair and outrageous style. Alyssa's plain brown-with-purple-streaks straightened puffed up hair was fine and all, but she wanted it more like Audrey's. Right now it was up in a large crown around her head, total scene style, with a little pink bow on the side. The bow matched her hot pink skinnies and purple "The Used" concert t-shirt perfectly. She kicked off her neon purple converse all stars and settled into her bed. She pulled out her cell phone and flipped through the texts. Wanna hang out later? I have the weekend off, we could go to Hot Topic and get Twilight shirts! \"\"One from her friend Jenny read. I love Twilight! I'll see if I'm free and get back to you later. =] Alyssa texted back. The next one was from her brother. I need to talk to you later, Lyss. There's something really important I want to say to you. Love you =/ Alyssa sighed and rolled her eyes, deleting the text. It probably has to do with the stupid movie he wants me to go see. She thought. The last one was a picture of a smiling cat, from her friend Brynn, which was just the right thing to set Alyssa off into a fit of giggles. She took out her phone and flipped through the contacts. Aimee, Aleesha, Alena, Alex, Andrew..."Wait!" Alyssa said. She went back to Alex. She could use a friend right now, someone to share the good news with. She hit call. Blue and Yellow by the Used started playing, and Alyssa immediately started singing along. It was her favorite song! In the middle of the chorus, a deep voice answered. Alyssa stopped singing, embarrassed, and cleared her throat. "Ummm...Alex?" She asked, unsure of herself. "Yeah...? Who's this?" He answered. "Oh, this is Alyssa. You said to call if I needed someone to talk to?" Alyssa said quietly. "If this is a bad time..." She started, remembering the annoyed tone Alex had used when answering his phone. "No! Actually, it's a great time!" He said, all the anger gone from his voice. Alyssa sighed with relief. "So, what did you want to talk about? I have a few hours before my dad gets home, so you can talk about anything you want." He said. "Well..." Alyssa began, not sure where to start. She sat up in her bed and tried to think of the easiest way to tell him this. "JustinTierrasaidIwasreallyprettyandthatIcouldhavetonsoffriendsifIjusttalkedtopeoplemoreandhadbetterconfidencebuthesaidIwasreallypretty!!!!" She blurted out excitedly. "Uhhh...I understood about 2 words of that." Alex said with a laugh. "Wanna start over, and in English please?" He joked. Alyssa started in on the whole story of her afternoon in detention and even read him the notes she and Justin passed. Alex waited patiently. "Wow, that sounds...great. Just great." He said flatly. "Hey, ummm...I got to go...cuz uh...well my dad...I'll see you tomorrow." He finished lamely. Alyssa opened her mouth to say goodbye, but the line was already dead. Huh, that's wierd. I wonder what that was all about. Could Alex be...jealous? She thought to herself.
Chapter 3
Alyssa walked over to her desk and picked up her pink IdeaPad S10 Notebook. She took it to her bed and sat down. She pushed the on button and walked into the bathroom, leaving it to warm up. In the bathroom, she turned on her flat iron, took out her hairspray, and did some touch ups on her already perfect looking hair. Then she returned to her bed and sat back down. She logged into her account, LyssaStar125. Her background was a big picture of Robert Pattinson. She had Photoshopped herself into the picture, kissing him on the cheek. It was her favorite one. She logged on to her IM and opened Facebook. She had one new friend request. It was Justin! Why is he all of a sudden wanting to become better friends with me? And talking to me all the time, when clearly people like him DON'T associate with people like me normally. Maybe he actually DOES like me. Alyssa pondered the thought. Nah, it's too good to be true. He's probably just being friendly. She sighed and clicked accept. A new IM popped up. It was from MusicIsLife430. Hey, sorry about earlier. I just had to go do this thing for school...and my dad was on the other line. They typed. Oh, it must be Alex! Alyssa thought happily. Maybe she would be able to finally clear this all up. No it's cool u know i just thought maybe u were mad abt what i said abt justin n detention n all. haha silly me. =] She typed back. There was a pause, and then, Yeah. Silly u. Alyssa frowned. That wasn't very convincing. They talked for a little longer, and then Alex had to go. Alyssa printed out the conversation, to read through later and try to figure out what Alex was thinking. [[This is what it looked like]]
MusicIsLife430: Sorry. I'm just tired today. No, I wasn't mad...why should I be? You can do what you want, right?
Chapter 4
She walked slowly down the hallway. It was dark and felt crowded. Suddenly, the light at the far end flickered on, then the one before that, and the one before that, all the way down the hall to Alyssa. The light above her shone the brightest. There were crowds of students lining the lockers. She looked down at her outfit. Red plaid skinnies, a red off-the-shoulder t-shirt that said Punk on it and had a gold crown in the middle, and black wedges. Her hair was perfect, and she had the cutest big red sunglasses on. She took one step, and all the conversation around her ceased. Students from all groups turned to look at her. She took another step, and realized they were all watching her.
Chapter 5
Alyssa walked up the front steps to her high school and through the front door. Her locker was on the second floor at the end of the hall. Just her luck to get one of the farthest ones. Unfortunately, she hadn't been thinking about her locker when she got dressed that morning. She had gone out and bought red plaid skinnies, a red off the shoulder shirt that said Punk and had a gold crown in the center of it, and black wedges. Oh, and don't forget those super cute big red sunglasses. She had worn it all today, and even put a matching red bow in her hair. She sighed and started up the stairs, hoping she had the same good balancing skills as she had in the dream. The first flight of stairs went well, but on the second she tripped. Just before she hit the stairs, someone caught her elbow. She looked up, embarrassed. It was Alex. "Leave it to you to fall." He laughed. "Leave it to you to be in the right place at the right time." She replied with a smile. "Thanks for catching me." He helped her up and walked her to her locker, telling her about some episode of America's Funniest Home Videos that he had watched last night. She tuned him out, giving the occasional smile or nod. What she was really thinking was, Why wasn't it Justin who caught me? I thought for sure this would be like the dream...I mean, I really like Alex and all but it would have been nice to walk with Justin to my locker. She stopped spacing out when she realized Alex had stopped talking. He had also stopped walking. Alyssa went back to where Alex was standing and followed his gaze to a large group of people clustered about 20 feet from where they stood. In the middle of the cluster was a girl. She was absolutely gorgeous, with tanned skin, long, black, silky hair, and really pretty deep blue eyes. The wierd thing was, she was looking right back at Alex. She winked, and Alex grabbed Alyssa's arm. "Did you see that? She winked at me!" He whisper-shouted. "Yeah, I saw. I'm gunna go to my locker so I don't...so I'm not late." She said, hoping he would offer to carry her books, or walk her to class or something. But he didn't. He just said, "Yeah, sure, see you later." Alyssa walked to her locker and realized she felt...jealous. Was this how Alex had felt when I was talking about Justin or was he really watching out for me? Justin can't be that bad. By the way, that reminds me. I have to get a list of his exes and ask them what their impressions were of him, and how he acted when they were going out. She thought. She got her books and started down the hall towards her homeroom, Mr. Miguelli's classroom. "Oh joy. Another long 20 minutes with the worlds most interesting teacher." She mumbled sarcastically to herself.
Once in her homeroom, she put her books down on an empty desk in the back and walked over to the window. She liked watching people arrive and assessing their fashion choices for future ideas. In truth, this time she wasn't looking at people's outfits this time, she was watching for Justin to arrive. Maybe he's already here and I just didn't see him in the hallway. He's really sneaky like that. I never really do see him come in, he just sort of... "Oh!" Alyssa's thoughts trailed off as someone grabbed her shoulder. "Waiting for someone?" They asked. "Uhhh, well, you see...sort of." She finally stammered. "I can help if you want." The girl said. Alyssa was trying to figure out who this familiar girl was, but couldn't seem to figure it out. She must have noticed Alyssa's confused face, because she extended her hand and said, "The name's Lilli. I'm not in this homeroom, but Ms. Girth isn't here today. I think we have P.E. Together." She said. Alyssa shook her hand. "Alyssa. But call me Lyss. I'm in this homeroom. I'm looking for...a friend. I need to talk to him about something." She said. "Oooh. By the way you talk about him, it doesn't sound like 'just a friend'." Lilli eyed her knowingly. "Well, so far that's all it is. We'll see." She paused, searching the parking lot to make sure he hadn't arrived yet. "Oh! There he is now!" She exclaimed, pointing at Justin. "You mean...Justin Tierra? You guys are friends? Really, Lyss, you could do a lot better. And I barely know you." Lilli said firmly. Wow, that's the second person who's told me he's no good. Maybe I should listen...but he seems nice. Way nicer than a lot of the guys I've met here. Although, maybe it's just sweet talk to get girls, like Alex said. One more person and I'll think about it. But for now, I'm not gunna worry about what other people think. Alyssa thought. "Kay, I'll keep that in mind. You don't happen to know any of his exes...do you?" She asked, trying to keep it casual. "Ahhhh I see. Question the exes, maybe you'll find out more about him? Girl, that trick is a classic. I do know he went out with Amanda Lindenburg. She has social studies with you. You can slip her a note then, asking her to sit with you at lunch or something." Lilli said helpfully. "Kay, thanks. I'll do that." Just then the bell rang, and it was time for math, then social studies. Alyssa grabbed her books and tried to get her mind into a mental state where she could possibly tolerate all of her extremely annoying teachers. So far, she was halfway there.
Chapter 6
Alyssa got to math and set her books down on her desk-last row, farthest to the right. She sat right next to Kimberly Randough, who she was pretty sure had gone out with Justin at some point during the year. She took out a hot pink index card and began to write. Hey Kimberly! I'm Alyssa, but call me Lyss. I know we don't talk much, but I thought maybe now would be a good time to start, because we're gunna be sitting in these seats for a while, you know. =] She wrote, trying to break the ice and become friends before asking about Kimberly's past love life. She folded it twice and set it on Kimberly's desk, right on top of her graph paper notebook. Kimberly picked up the note and put it in her lap without even looking at it, then looked over at Alyssa with a look of confusion. She read the note under her desk, then looked up and smiled at Alyssa. She took out a pen and began to reply. Alyssa waited patiently, and a second later there was a note on her desk. She put it in her lap and unfolded it. It read, Hey Lyss, call me Kim. Yeah, we do have 3 classes together and I heard Mr. T. Never changes the seating chart. So, what's up with you? I love your outfit today! Alyssa started to write back, but wasn't sure how to say what she wanted to say politely. Ummm not much. Thanks! I love your sparkly red leggings. Where'd you get them? I got my outfit at Hot Topic. So...I was wondering. What do you think of Justin Tierra? I think he's pretty hot, personally, and really sweet. She wrote back. She folded the note and sent it back. Kim read it and replied really quickly. Alyssa opened the note and this is what it said. Well, I used to go out with him and he's hot and sweet, that's true, but he can be a real jerk. There's really only one thing he wants from girls...and I think you know what that is. Alyssa did know what it was, and wasn't sure she really cared for it. She wasn't sure what to say, so she just wrote back, Oh. Thanks for the advice. As soon as Kim got the note, the bell rang and Alyssa grabbed her books in a hurry. She walked to social studies as quickly as she could, and plopped down in an empty desk in the front, where she wouldn't be distracted. She hated this class, but there wasn't much she could do about that. It was really hard for her and she hated the teacher, Mrs. DePaul. She took out her note taking materials, and prepared herself for another boring class.
Alyssa stood at her locker, putting her books away, when someone came up behind her and covered her eyes. "Guess who!" Said a familiar voice. "Try as hard as you want, but I'll always know your voice, Alex." She said pointedly. "So, how are things with that new girl?" She asked, not really interested in the answer. "Oh, you mean Melissa? She's sitting with us at lunch. She's really funny, you two should be really great friends!" Alex said. "Yeah, sure, whatever." Alyssa grumbled. "Lyss, is that a hint of jealousy I hear?" Alex asked playfully. When she didn't reply, he became serious. "Come on, I really like her. Just give her a chance. Looks aren't everything, honey." He said. "Yeah, but they're a lot. And don't call me honey." She said, annoyed. "Alyssa, if it makes you feel any better, I like my girls NOT to be stick thin." Alex said, trying to comfort her. Instead, he had done the opposite. Alyssa froze, looking up slowly. She could feel the tears coming and managed only to blurt out the word "Jerk!" before slamming her locker in his face and running off to the bathroom. "Alyssa, I didn't mean it that way!" He called after her. She ignored him and walked into the first stall, tears running down her face. She was glad that for once, the bathroom was completely empty.
She waited for a while, what felt like 20 minutes, then came out of the stall and looked around. Still nobody. She opened the bathroom door and walked out, sighing with relief at not seeing Alex anywhere near her. She turned a corner, and there he was. All the relief was gone. She turned around and walked the other way, upset that this was a free period and not class. "Alyssa, wait. I didn't mean it like that. You're beautiful, you aren't fat. I just meant that Melissa is way too thin." He said, walking really fast to keep up with her. She turned away. "Alyssa, I'm really sorry!" He said. He sounded like he was about to cry, too. She stopped and turned. She was aware of how upset she probably looked right now, but didn't really care. "If I'm so much prettier, than why is everyone flocking around her, and not me? Face it, Alex. She's flawless. I'm not." Alyssa finished sadly, and turned to go to her homeroom. As much as she didn't want to see Mr. Miguelli right now, she really needed to get away from Alex. "She's new Alyssa, and she isn't shy. You just need to get out there more, you know, talk to people. You are so pretty and smart and funny, and people don't realize it because you don't let them see." He said. She ignored him and walked right into her homeroom. Mr Miguelli looked up. "Alyssa, where have you been?" He asked her. She looked towards the door, where Alex was waiting. She opened her mouth to speak, but suddenly the pounding in her head was too much. She grabbed onto the nearest desk. Black spots started clouding her vision, getting larger in number until she couldn't see anything else. Then she fell.

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